Goodbye 2020! A Look Back at the Year's Top 10 Worst Television Scenes

January 5th, 2021 7:00 AM

2020 was a dumpster fire in so many ways, not least of which was the cultural rot of network television and streaming service "entertainment." Hollywood pushed pedophilia, anti-Christian bigotry, Trump Derangement Syndrome and hateful BLM rhetoric, among other things. 

So, without further ado, here is Newsbusters' list of the top 10 worst left-wing scenes to grace our television screens in 2020. The year was particularly terrible in terms of Hollywood's exploitation of children and the list reflects that fact.

1. Cuties - Twerking 11-Year-Olds Compete on Stage

This year Netflix outright advertised its disturbing pedophilia problem with a promotional poster for the French film Cuties. The film, which Netflix premiered in September, could form a 10-worst scenes list all on its own. All of Hollywood has a problem with sexualizing minors, but Netflix pushed the envelope the farthest with this creepy flick about sexed-up 11-year-olds. I will not embed the video from the most disturbing scene from the film below, but let's just say the final twerking competition where adults hoot and holler as the children grab their crotches and "dance" seductively epitomizes this jailbait "art."

2. AJ and the Queen - RuPaul's Drag Queen Dramedy Sexualizes 10-Year-Old Child as a 'Top'

Even before Netflix promoted twerking 11-year-old girls, they began the year with a series that sexualized a troubled 10-year-old child. The girl, A.J., travels across the country to gay bars and drag shows with star RuPaul. In one backstage scene, one of the drag queens calls little AJ a “top,” a term in homosexual male culture that refers to the man who sexually penetrates the “bottom.”


3. Transhood - Unitarian Churchgoers 'Affirm' 4-Year-Old's Gender Dysphoria 

Since promoting child abuse and exploitation is all the rage among the left, it is unsurprising that a major cable network premiered a documentary in which the audience watches children be psychologically manipulated or encouraged to reject their own biological sex. HBO's documentary Transhood included many troubling scenes, but a particular one went viral. A mother brings her preschool son up to the altar at a Unitarian church where the minister and pew-sitters "affirm" the 4-year-old's new "identity" as a "girl." This little boy ultimately rejects the gender confusion later in the documentary and insists he is a boy. Sadly, the other children in Transhood do not escape the gender dysphoria pushed upon them or enabled by their parents.


4. F is For Family - Character Tells Holy Trinity 'F*** All Three of You' 

Hollywood elites who sexualize or sexually confuse children also naturally hate orthodox Christian beliefs. Therefore, it is no surprise that Netflix's F is For Family, a show that regularly devolves into animated child porn, contained a scene this season in which a character yells about the Holy Trinity: "Fuck all three of you!" Hating holy things goes hand and hand with mocking and sexualizing childhood innocence, apparently.


5. Filthy Rich - Fox's Anti-Christian Drama Uses Baptism to Advertise Porn Site 

Anti-Christian bigotry was everywhere on television screens this year, from a Netflix dramedy in which a teen loses her virginity while quoting scripture to The Simpsons mocking Christians as "right-wing ding-dongs." However, Fox's vulgar Filthy Rich took it to a particularly sacrilegious level by using a baptism scene to advertise a fictional porn site (a site run by the televangelist character's out-of-wedlock daughter).


6.  The Bold Type - Teen Drama Blames 'The Patriarchy' for 'Fear' of ‘Pegging’ 

Hollywood loves sexual perversion and it is hard to keep up with the latest fetishes they push in teen dramas each year. This year, one teen drama, The Bold Type, had a scene that promoted "pegging." If you do not know what this is, consider yourself lucky and do not look it up. But needless to say, according to the scene the only reason a woman could possibly feel reluctant to do this activity with her man is because of the patriarchy. What else could it ever be?


7. I May Destroy You - HBO Series Shows Graphic 'Period Sex' Scene 

Making bloody 'period sex' a normal part of television programming is another feminist goal because feminists are weird. The previous year had closed out with Showtime's The L Word: Generation Q including a period sex scene. That scene made last year's Festivus list of grievances in which I begged Hollywood "please don't ever put period sex on television again." Alas, my pleas went unheard and by summer 2020 I had to watch another, far more graphic, period sex scene on HBO's I May Destroy You. In this scene, the boyfriend even plays with the bloodied tampon. Here at Newsbusters, we are not going show you this scene. I really hope I do not have to include period sex again in next year's list of awful television shots, but I am not optimistic.

8. Family Guy - Opening Scene Imagines Trump Hanging Himself in Prison

Moving on from bizarro feminist fetishes designed to smash the patriarchy, 2020 saw plenty of Trump Derangement Syndrome on television. When not believing Trump was a secret Putin plant, leftists spent the last four years wishing for his assassination. So, of course, we could not get through 2020 with at least one television show indulging in sick Trump death fantasies. Family Guy's fall season premiere opened with a scene in which the Griffin family is reading about the imprisonment and suicide of Donald Trump. The episode also later imagines the imprisonment and suicide of First Lady Melania and Vice President Pence.


9. All Rise - CBS Drama Pretends BLM Protests Aren't to Blame for Destruction 

No list would be complete without mentioning the way television pushed the BLM narrative all fall. It was hard to pick the worst scene, from a television comedy comparing law enforcement to slavery to scenes in endless police dramas that portrayed cops as evil racists. Ultimately, I chose a scene from CBS's All Rise because the victims in the scene, whose business was destroyed by BLM riots, actually praise the protesters. Hollywood BLM gaslighting does not get any worse than that.


10. 72nd Emmy Awards - 'Black-ish' Star Demands Jimmy Kimmel Shout ‘Black Lives Matter’ So ‘Mike Pence Can Hear’

Although this is not a scene from a scripted series, one of the oddest BLM television moments happened during 2020's 72nd Emmy Awards. Anthony Anderson, star of ABC's Black-ish, demanded that host Jimmy Kimmel repeatedly say 'Black Lives Matter.' Without a television audience, the awkwardness of the interaction between Kimmel and Anderson could not be drowned out by fake laughter or applause. In the end, Anderson's race-centered views and 'comedic' bullying of Kimmel left a nasty impression on the viewer.

That is all for 2020. Let us hope 2021's year of television and streaming sees less child exploitation, lying about BLM violence, or hatred towards conservatives and Christians. Knowing Hollywood, I am not holding my breath.