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The NBC sitcom Perfect Harmony can be a charming show that often shows a positive, loving image of rural Christian churchgoers. While the show also goes off-key at times in its portrayal of rural Christians, it has steered clear of pushing contemporary sexual agendas.

In the past, the middling NBC sitcom Superstore has compared an employer asking for a social security card to 'Nazi Germany' and regularly "winked" at the hiring of an illegal immigrant named Mateo. The show pushed the immigration envelope again this week, in the episode "Favoritism," on January 23.    

Showtime’s The L Word: Generation Q is usually a love letter to left-wing hedonism, promoting a radical matriarchal vision of sexual revolution. (I say “matriarchal” because straight men do not exist in the show except as villains or annoyances who briefly pop in and out now and again.) That is why it was surprising to see the show spotlight the heartbeat of an unborn child in this week’s episode, “Lose it All,” on January 19.

Here at MRC Culture, we increasinlyg have to type the word "throuple" into the keyboard when writing about television. Polyamory is the emergent radical sexual revolutionary idea that is popping up on everything from cable shows to police dramas. We can now add network "television comedy" to the growing list of Hollywood junk pushing this idea.

On Friday, January 10, Netflix premiered a new show co-created by drag queen RuPaul titled AJ and the Queen. RuPaul is the host of the popular show RuPaul’s Drag Race. AJ and the Queen is about a 10-year-old child who accompanies Robert (RuPaul), a gay male drag performer who goes by “Ruby Red” as he travels across the country performing in drag shows at mostly gay bars. What could go wrong?

The NBC sitcom Superstore regularly carries water for liberal causes ranging from illegal immigration to unionization. This week, in the episode “Lady Boss,” on January 9, the show pulled out all the stops for radical feminism. The feminist push began when Jonah (Ben Feldman), the store’s resident left-wing activist and all-around annoying busy-body, desperately looked for a cause to latch onto now that the store’s unionization hopes have died.

Seth MacFarlane loves mocking Christians. Family Guy has called them “stupid people” and “idiots” and mocked Jesus. MacFarlane often makes a point to mock Catholics and Catholic priests, in particular. He has used the stale “pedophile priest joke” in the past. MacFarlane must be running out of material because he reached for the pedophile priest “gag” again this week on Family Guy.

Polyamory is the next frontier in the radical left’s sexual revolution. Every left-wing medium from the New York Times to network television has been attempting to “normalize” and desensitize the public to polyamory.

Dear Hollywood writers, to quote Festivus founder Seinfeld's Frank Costanza, "I've got a lot of problems with you people, and now you're going to hear about it!" Since its December 23, it is time for Newsbusters to air its many grievances with television in a proper Festivus spirit. So I’ve grabbed my aluminum Festivus pole to give you all a piece of my mind.

Showtime’s The L Word: Generation Q is a weekly left-wing propaganda lecture with nudity thrown-in. It is the sort of show Shonda Rhimes would create if she did not have the restrictions of network television. This week, just in time for Christmas, the show threw in dialogue comparing a lesbian minister’s relationship with Jesus to an open sexual one.

Merry Christmas from Family Guy, where you can reflect on the Christmas spirit with an episode of…an underage Meg orgasming on Santa’s lap?

Last week, Showtime premiered its reboot The L Word: Generation Q, with an episode that included lesbian porn and period sex, among other things. This week featured transgender sex.

The NBC sitcom Superstore consistently promotes propaganda that is both pro-union and pro-illegal immigration. The “Superstore” of the title is meant to be a stand-in for Wal-Mart, a regular punching bag of the left that has actually raised the standard of living for Americans living in poorer areas.

On Sunday, December 8, Showtime premiered The L Word: Generation Q a reboot of last decade’s lesbian series The L Word. The latter series included an "unauthorized abortion of W" sculpture so one could only imagine what the reboot was going to do.

The CBS drama God Friended Me tends to push a more “progressive” vision of Christianity in which those who hold to traditional biblical views, particularly regarding sexual mores, are portrayed as the bad guys. In a previous episode, the Reverend Finer (Joe Morton) , father of the main character, lost leadership of his Episcopalian church after he said he saw “God” in his daughter’s homosexual journey. As NewsBusters pointed out after that episode, the scriptwriters clearly did not know that the Episcopalian church is one of the most "progressive" churches in the country on matters of homosexuality.

The ABC comedy Single Parents has both mocked feminists and tried to turn male characters into them. This week, in the Thanksgiving episode, “Every Thursday Should Be Like This,” on November 20, they had a "woke" public school teacher who greets the children with "Happy Genocide Day."

It is almost impossible to keep up with the constant hypersexualization of children’s identity in current entertainment. The legalization of same-sex marriage opened up one of the next frontiers in the radical LGBT agenda -- the idea of locking children into a homosexual identity before full sexual maturation.

Left-wing “establishment” newspapers like the New York Times have been promoting polyamory within their fading pages. “The class of people — educated progressives — who run the Times won the gay marriage fight. They won the transgender fight. This is what they’re going for next. You watch,” warned Rod Dreher in The American Conservative. You only need to watch the latest episodes of network television to see how this cultural push is insinuating itself into our society.

It is 2019 which means that all childhood innocence must be sexualized and weaponized for the LGBT movement. Introducing the latest entry in this slow-burn of Western Civilization: a viral car commercial. The new ad for the Renault Clio in the UK, released on November 7 and titled “30 Years in the Making,” begins with a sweet childhood friendship between two girls.

This season, Netflix announced with fanfare that its reboot of the classic 1980s cartoon, She-Ra and the Princesses of Power, would be introducing its first “non-binary” character, “Double Trouble” (voiced by Jacob Tobia). In a previous season, She-Ra had two gay dads and included a lesbian subtext in one of the cartoon relationships. Post-Obergfell, the LGBT movement has gone full-speed ahead in trying to hypersexualize children and their identity formation.