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Welcome to NewsBusters, Exposing and Combating Liberal Media Bias 24/7, a project of the Media Research Center (MRC), America’s leading media watchdog in documenting, exposing and neutralizing liberal media bias.

In August of 2005, the MRC launched the NewsBusters blog to provide immediate exposure of national media bias, unfairness, inaccuracy, and occasional idiocy. National talk-radio stars often read from articles on the blog, touting the latest nugget from “our buddies at NewsBusters.” Even the Washington Post has noticed the “feisty blog” run by “the best-known and best-funded conservative watchdog.”

With a sophisticated 24-hour recording operation and a huge archive of broadcast and cable news recordings dating back to 1987, NewsBusters plays a leading role in both short-term outrages and long-term trends in liberal media tilt.

> MRC Bulldog Awards for outstanding performance in seven categories, presented annually each May starting in 2022..

> Annual “Noel Sheppard Media Blogger of the Year Award.” 2015 honoree: Mollie Hemingway; 2016 honoree: David Rutz

> Photos, on Facebook, from the 10th anniversary party for NewsBusters held August 3, 2015

> Archive of NewsBusted, a once or twice a week comedy show featured on NewsBusters from 2008-2016.

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Media Research Center

The Media Research Center's mission is to bring balance and responsibility to the news media. The MRC was founded on October 1, 1987 by L. Brent Bozell III, who set out to not only prove — through sound scientific research — that this bias exists, but also to neutralize its impact on the American political scene. NewsBusters.org is a project of the MRC's News Analysis Division, led from the founding in 1987 by Brent Baker, the MRC's Steven P.J. Wood Senior Fellow and Vice President for Research and Publications. For NewsBusters, Baker serves as Editor at Large. The division produces daily, weekly and special reports that document and counter liberal bias from television network news shows and major print publications.

NewsBusters Publisher Ed Molchany is also the MRC's Senior Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer. Tim Graham serves as Executive Editor of NewsBusters. Geoffrey Dickens is the MRC's Director of Media Analysis and Scott Whitlock is the MRC's Director of Research. Both are Senior Editors.

The MRC's other Web projects

NewsBusters, the News Analysis Division’s fast paced and popular blog, is the leader in documenting, exposing, and neutralizing liberal media bias. Its team of expert news analysts monitor all the major media outlets 24 hours a day and produce comprehensive bias analysis as well as post showcasing the most ridiculous examples of leftist bias in the media.
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CNSNews reports the stories the liberal media refuse to cover. Under the skillful editorial stewardship of long-time conservative writer and Pulitzer Prize nominee Terry Jeffrey, CNSNews has emerged as the conservative media’s lynchpin for original reporting and breaking news.
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MRCTV is the multimedia division of MRC featuring original content and aggregated videos of the news, people, and events conservatives care about. The site features all of the MRC’s television appearances and serves as an online platform for conservatives to share and view videos on topics ranging from breaking news to political analysis and humor.
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Free Speech America
Free Speech America reveals and fights the systematic campaign of online censorship against conservatives by the Big Tech companies. Provides online educational materials and proof of specific examples of censorship in its CensorTrack database.The database contains over 5,000+ verified cases of censorship against conservatives.
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MRC Latino
MRC Latino advocates for comprehensive, fair, and accurate news coverage in U.S. Spanish-language media by exposing and countering bias against conservatives in this significant segment of American media. MRC Latino's ongoing content analysis and special reports are featured in both English and Spanish.
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MRC Culture
MRC Culture fights to preserve and restore America’s culture, character, traditional values, and morals against the assault of the liberal media elite, and to promote fair portrayal of social conservatives and religious believers in the media. MRC Culture is dedicated to correcting misconceptions in the media about social conservatism and religious faith. Provides online educational resources that inform the public on how the media elite are targeting America’s traditional values, character, and culture.
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MRC Business
MRC Business is dedicated to advancing the culture of free enterprise in America. MRC Business is the only organization dedicated to correcting the media's anti-free enterprise biased reports, reporting the truth about the American economy, and promoting a fair portrayal of the business community in the news and entertainment media.
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MRC Action
Comprised of hundreds of thousands of patriotic Americans, MRC Action makes a powerful impact as it fights liberal media bias and stands up for American values. MRC Action, the grassroots arm of the MRC, boasts hundreds of thousands of patriotic members. Provides online educational information on critical issues and encourages public active participation.
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NewsBusters Staff

President and Founder of the MRC
L. Brent Bozell III

Vice President, FSA and MRC Business
Dan Schneider

Ed Molchany

Editor at Large
Brent Baker

Executive Editor
Tim Graham

Senior Editors
Geoffrey Dickens

Managing Editor
Curtis Houck

Associate Editor
Nicholas Fondacaro

Contributing Editors
Jorge Bonilla
Mark Finkelstein
Michael Morris
Joseph Vazquez
Gabriela Pariseau
Luis Cornelio