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Dylan Gwinn is a sports talk radio host and the author of Bias in the Booth: An Insider Exposes How the Sports Media Distort the News

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Michael Sam believes that the fact that he came out as gay, played a “huge part” in why he is no longer in the NFL.

NBC’s Heartbeat is a show that deals with conflict. A main character, who is a female, runs around acting like a man. An ex-husband of the main character, who is so incredibly over the idea of getting back together with his former wife, becomes gay. And on Wednesday night’s episode, titled ‘Permanent Glitter,’ a man who is convinced he’s a woman defies his genetic gender, in order to continue taking hormones that he thinks make him a woman.

If you ever wondered why Russia, China, North Korea, Iran, ISIS, Al Qaeda, and the Taliban all believe that they can collectively, or individually, kick our butt…this might explain it.

Michelle Obama made a special appearance on NCIS Tuesday night. The episode, titled ‘Homefront,’ centered on a military family that was being stalked, and had their house broken into. In her scene, Obama hosted a discussion at the White House about how much the Administration cares about veterans and their families.

On Friday night’s edition of Blue Bloods, titled ‘The Extra Mile,’ the vacuous rallying cry of the radical left was given air once again, as Detective Danny Reagan (Donnie Wahlberg) interrogated a black suspect who clearly has clearly spent far too much time reading DeRay McKesson’s timeline on Twitter.

Admittedly, I’m torn as to whether what happened on Wednesday night’s edition of Blackish constitutes actual bias or just a really bizarre commentary on the self-perception of African-Americans in society.

USA Today totally respects and acknowledges your right to freedom of religion. Until it doesn’t. At least that seems to be what they’re getting at in an article titled, “When Religion and the LGBT Collegiate Athlete Collide.”

TBS’s new comedy, The Detour, swerved into the Spanish Empire’s colonization of Mexico on Monday night’s episode, titled ‘The Restaurant.’ After much debate, the road-tripping family of modern-day progressives, led by father Nate (Jason Jones) and mother Robin (Natalie Zea), decide to pull over and feast at a culturally insensitive theme restaurant called ‘Conquistadors.’

The first transgender kiss in the history of I Am Cait went down on Sunday night’s show, titled ‘Houston We Have a Problem.’ And…it was every bit as awful as you would expect.

To say that my hate for ABC’s The Real O’Neals burns with the heat of a thousand suns, would be…well…an accurate statement. Tuesday night’s episode, titled ‘The Real Book Club,’ is a good example of why that’s the case.

USA Today Sports wants you to know that they believe it’s very important that everyone has a right to say whatever it is they believe. Right before they accuse you of causing transgender people to commit suicide because of your beliefs.

Because this series is running out of ways to completely gross out and mortify what few, very few, remaining viewers they have left, this week’s showing of I Am Cait, titled ‘Kiss and Make Up,’ decided to go down the road of transgender adoption.

Feminism and lesbian weddings were on the docket for Wednesday night’s showing of Blackish. But…on second thought…it was a lot more about feminism.

Okay this was actually funny. On Wednesday night’s edition of Modern Family, titled ‘Man Shouldn’t Lie,’ Cam (Eric Stonestreet) and Mitch (Jesse Tyler Ferguson) resort to unorthodox measures to generate income, by renting out their upstairs room to a rock band. A Christian rock band.

Because this is the job of a sports reporter, Brian Alee-Walsh, who covers the New Orleans Saints for the Sun Herald, reacted to the death of former New Orleans Saints defensive lineman Will Smith by…wait for it…calling for gun control.

In the wake of the murder of his former player, defensive end Will Smith, this weekend, New Orleans Saints coach Sean Payton issued a challenge to Black Lives Matter, to stand-up and protest black-on-black violence, the same way they protest white-on-black violence.

Actually, he’s not. That would be helpful. Instead, he’s calling for a gun ban.

Very little needs to be said about Sunday night’s edition of ‘I Am Cait,” other than the fact that the ratings must be every bit as bad as reported if the producers felt the need to pull this stunt.

So quite possibly the worst idea in the history of foreign relations happened on a show modeling itself after Hillary Clinton.

Because someone using the 1st Amendment to pay tribute to God and the U.S. military, while openly advocating for a true Christian to ascend to the White House, is apparently terrifying, Deadspin lost their collective excrement mind and launched into what amounts to a hissy fit in response to Phil Robertson giving the invocation at a NASCAR race in Texas.

Blue Bloods dipped the proverbial toe in the dangerous waters of immigration and border wall building on Friday night, on an episode titled ‘Blast From the Past.’