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Dylan Gwinn is a sports talk radio host and the author of Bias in the Booth: An Insider Exposes How the Sports Media Distort the News

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This week, on an episode titled ‘Confronted With Hate,’ we learned that, despite being threatened and hated by the world around him, Jazz is totally above it all, and not at all concerned with anyone’s petty issues.

Earlier this week we brought you the story of Tim Tebow, and the Delta Airlines flight he was on. Where an elderly man on the flight suffered a heart attack. Tebow went to the wife of the passenger and comforted and prayed with her.

Most parents take their kids to the doctor, or to have operations, for football injuries, really bad cases of strep, perhaps the kid fell off their bike? Or, had some kind of mishap in the pool? Or, maybe your transgender son, who thinks he’s a girl, needed his testosterone blocker switched out, and gets an erection during recovery? No?

If you were under the impression that the #1 topic among African-American sports fans in America was sports, well, you have been sorely mistaken. At least, according to Fox Sports 1’s Jason Whitlock. Because, Whitlock is convinced the #1 topic among black sports fans is…wait for it…white women.

Apparently nothing is beneath the snark and clownery of Deadspin. On Monday, Deadspin writer Tom Ley posted an article that referenced an incident involving an airplane, a near-death situation, prayer, and Tim Tebow. What could go wrong?

Herschel Walker has attempted, finished, and excelled at many things in his life. But he’s finding supporting a Republican candidate in America in 2016 to be particularly hard. How, specifically, is the NFL legend suffering for his public endorsement of Trump? Well, as Walker explained it to TMZ, a lot of people basically don’t want to invite him to speaking gigs anymore:

Just when you thought Hall of Fame Dodgers announcer Vin Scully couldn’t possibly be any more awesome…he goes ahead and delivers this gem during the Dodgers game against the Brewers on Friday night.

The American transgender community is actively recruiting the next LGBT athlete. Except this time, unlike Michael Sam, they would like said athlete to actually be good.

Tuesday night marked the premiere of ABC’s new comedy Uncle Buck. Pretty much the only even remotely interesting part of this very non-funny comedy is that Uncle Buck, instead of being a delinquent ne'er-do-well white guy (John Candy) like in the original movie, is instead a ne'er-do-well black guy (Mike Epps). Until the 55 minute mark of the episode, when something truly awful that I did not know existed, and now cannot unsee, appeared on my screen

If you thought Tiger Woods was done objectifying and causing distress to women, well, according to USA Today’s Christine Brennan, you couldn’t be more mistaken.

The theme from Wednesday night’s edition of TLC’s I Am Jazz, titled “The Hate Is Real,” is that delusion, high drama, and child-drugging are apparently not only acceptable, but parent-approved.

Former Major League pitcher, and former ESPN MLB analyst Curt Schilling launched into an impassioned Facebook rant against the man he wants very badly to be a former President.

The TLC Network is not exactly shy about proudly carrying the banner of radical transgenderism into your family’s living room. On Wednesday night’s TLC lineup, following something unfortunately titled Transgender Kids, was a sneak peek edition of I Am Jazz: More Jazz. The behind-the-scenes, inside look at The Learning Channel’s reality show about a 14-year old boy, Jazz Jennings, who is convinced that he’s a girl.

Donald Trump found himself in the crosshairs of NBC’s The Carmichael Show on Sunday night. But then again, so did Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton. In fact, if this episode was meant to resemble a political smack down, it was more of a “Three Stooges” type smack down, where everyone took an open-handed swat.

Just in case you missed it, or have been living in some kind of cave where the powers of media are incapable of penetrating, HBO’s Real Sports is neither really real, nor is it even really about sports. On Tuesday night’s episode of Real Sports, the investigative arm of HBO’s leftist sports department took exception with the AR-15 rifle.

The hurt is still quite strong within the sports media, in the wake of the Washington Post poll declaring that 9 out of 10 Native Americans are not offended by the word “Redskin.” This particular episode of sour grapes comes from NBC’s Pro Football Talk, headed-up by Mike Florio, who was one of the first members of the sports media to stop using the word “Redskin.”

True to its name, TBS’s comedy The Detour, detoured from an otherwise hilarious episode and instead derailed completely, in a ridiculous attempt to smear gun owners, the 2nd Amendment, and the U.S. Constitution.

So by far the scariest part about AMC’s new show Preacher, is that this television adaptation of the twenty year old comic series is, according to reviews, far less violent than the original story. Again, this is the apparently toned-down and family-friendly version of Preacher.The show takes place in a West Texas town called Annville, portrayed as every bit the arid, backwards hell-hole that West Texas is always portrayed as.

The revelation, that 90% of Native Americans are in no way offended by the word Redskin, may not have swayed the uber-leftist panel of ESPN’s Around the Horn to change their minds about the Redskins name. However, it apparently has caused at least one member of the mainstream press to drop his opposition to the team name.

I was torn over whether or not to write this post. However, as my perfect wife always says, any shot against feminism is worth posting. And since every wife/mother gets whatever she wants on Mother’s Day, here we are.