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Dylan Gwinn is a sports talk radio host and the author of Bias in the Booth: An Insider Exposes How the Sports Media Distort the News

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So, just when you thought network television couldn’t mangle the sanctity of the American family any further…I give you NBC’s Heartbeat.

So, because I apparently wronged God at some point, I was tasked with watching the worst television show ever Tuesday night.  You know it as The Real O’Neals.

Profiling was the topic du jour on Sunday night’s edition of The Carmichael Show, on an episode titled ‘New Neighbors.’ When spying, from the front room window, on the new neighbors moving in across the street, they see the new neighbors are Muslim.

Just weeks after MLB openly begged for a gay baseball player to reveal himself, to not be the only major American sports league without an openly gay player, it seems they will now try to one-up the NFL and NBA by playing host to the first female player in major American sports history.

The Gray Lady might be spending and/or losing a ton of green dollars in the near future. That is, if they choose to ignore the NFL’s demand to retract their story labeling the NFL guilty of faulty concussion research and ties to the Tobacco industry.

The Real O’Neals continued their weekly, televised Jihad against the Catholic faith this week. Except, this time with a twist.

So, The Fosters decided to give up on their 8-10 episode run of trying to be a real drama, complete with compelling story lines and witty dialogue, and instead reverted back to what they do best: LGBT activism and indoctrination.

It turns out a TV show actually exists out there that presents topics near-and-dear to the heart of radical leftists --and yet!-- does it in a humorous way that leaves you not feeling nauseous.

Details of the worst kept secret in the National Football League have finally been released: that the NFL secretly lobbied teams to draft Michael Sam. Yet, until now, no one knew the Ram’s pay-off. What did the NFL offer the Rams to entice them into drafting a pass rusher onto a team already overloaded with pass rushers?

Have I mentioned that The Real O’Neals is the worst show on television? If I haven’t, don’t worry. I’ll show it to you.

Baseball is a game of stretches. The 7th inning stretch, pitching from the stretch…you get the picture. Though in the whole long storied history of the game. There might not have been a bigger stretch than this.

A weird thing happened on Sunday’s edition of E! Channel’s I Am Cait, titled ‘Partner Up’. Okay, let me rephrase that. An exceptionally weird thing happened on Sunday’s edition of I Am Cait, as Chandelier (don’t ask) and Candis make their way through the South on the tour bus.

Sunday night’s edition of The Carmichael Show, titled ‘Perfect Storm,’ wasted no time paddling the shallow waters of post-sex sitcom pillow talk.

The award for objectivity in headlines this year will most certainly not be going to Pro Football Talk.

According to ABC, racism is funny, so long as you’re making fun of white people.

The show that seems to exist only to shame and smear the Catholic faith continued it’s unfunny, zero depth nosedive into crazy on Tuesday night.

Take a bus ride, they said. We’ll even pay for transsexuals to pose as your friends they said. It’ll be fun, they said!

After Duke University administrators slandered innocent coaches and players, falsely accusing them of being Neanderthal racist rapists and lording their privilege over those that they oppress, there apparently will not be any outpouring of grief and remorse.

College is an ideological and intellectual “safe zone.” That is unless you’re a university that disagrees with the social justice warriors currently running the LGBT movement. Then it’s a kill zone.

Major League Baseball does not have an openly gay baseball player. But Major League Baseball really, really, really wants to have an openly gay baseball player. At least, that’s the story as told by USA Today’s Bob Nightengale.