CBS’s ‘Blue Bloods’: Encounters Between Cops, Black People ‘Don’t End Well’

There is no meme/talking point/attack line that I wish would die a quicker, and more painful death, than that most favorite of BLM lies, which says that African-Americans are deliberately hunted down by the police.

But given the current state of our country, and the Social Justice Warriors who run it, this is unlikely to change. And so, on Friday night’s edition of Blue Bloods, titled ‘The Extra Mile,’ the vacuous rallying cry of the radical left was given air once again, as Detective Danny Reagan (Donnie Wahlberg) interrogated a black suspect who clearly has clearly spent far too much time reading DeRay McKesson’s timeline on Twitter:

Suspect: I didn’t do it.

Reagan: Oh, that's a new one. Never heard that before.

Suspect: Yo, I ain't playing. I didn't do it.

Reagan: You didn't do what?

Suspect: Whatever it is you jumped me for.

Partner: Then why'd you run?

Suspect: 'Cause you was looking for me.

Partner: How'd you know that?

Suspect: I know what a cop look like when he's looking.

Reagan: Listen, if you didn't do nothing, you didn't have nothing to worry about.

Suspect: Oh, please. Black lives matter.

Reagan: Excuse me?

Suspect: You heard me.

Reagan: No, I didn't hear you.

Suspect: I ran because every time a black man gets stopped by a white cop, that ain't never gonna end well.

Reagan: That's funny, 'cause she's not a white cop.

Suspect: Cop period.

Partner: So, you running was a political statement?

Suspect: Yeah, you could say that.

You could say lots of things. But if you’re going to expend the effort to speak, why not say things that are actually true? As that bastion of right-wing fundamentalism known as “Think Progress” has shown, when broken down by race, the vast majority of people killed by police in 2015 are white, not black.

Now, Think Progress tries to get cute by saying, “the number of people of color killed by police — Latino, black, Asian, and indigenous people — surpasses the number of whites.”

However, this is problematic on a number of fronts. After all, the movement is called “Black Lives Matter,” not “People of Color Lives Matter.” Second, isn’t it kind of racist to group all non-whites together into one collective group? After all, are all non-whites from the same place, speak the same language, have the same religion and customs? I don’t think so.

So, when you think about it, if we lump all non-whites together into one group, under one title, isn’t “people of color” just a fancier way of saying “those people?

I thought we weren’t supposed to be doing that anymore?

The Think Progress piece also tries to say that young black males are 21 times more likely to be killed by cops than young white males are. Yet, this also makes no exception for the fact that there are a disproportionately high number of high crime areas in black neighborhoods. As opposed to white. Which is going to result in more police interaction with black males. Which is going to result, not surprisingly, in more violent encounters.

So, in conclusion, in order to try and prove the lie that cops are deliberately hunting minorities, you must first…well…lie. Then you must turn yourself into a flaming racist by looking at all people who aren’t white as “those people.”

No, thanks.

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