Year in Review: The 10 Most Outrageously Liberal TV Scenes of 2017

This year, TV writers made no effort to conceal their liberal biases. Show plotlines were riddled with left-leaning political views, ranging from attempts to destigmatize abortion and euthanasia to caricaturizing Republicans as poor-hating racists.

Here are 10 of the most outrageously liberal TV scenes from the year guaranteed to make your blood boil:

1. Degrassi: Next Class (Netflix)- Teen Drama Celebrates ‘Brave’ Abortion with Ice Cream

The year started strong—in January, Netflix’s Canadian teen drama series, Degrassi: Next Class, tried to strip the stigma from abortion, neglecting the fact that thousands of woman have come forward detailing the regret and horror they’ve experienced due to their own abortions. But when Lola explains that she feels no shame, and her friends reassure her to not be ashamed of not being ashamed, the gang goes out for ice cream to celebrate. How cute and fun!

Lola: Do you think I’m a bad person?

Yael: Because you made a difficult decision?

Lola: It wasn’t difficult for me. Scary, yeah, but not difficult. And afterwards I didn’t feel sad...

Yael: Well doesn’t that mean you just made the right choice?...The point is, a lot of women have abortions and feel no shame.

Lola: I feel like I’m the first.

Yael: Because the world makes everybody too scared to talk about it.

Lola: Well, they should talk about it.

Yael: Maybe you could. Camera’s rolling.

Lola: My name is Lola Pacini. Yesterday I was pregnant, and now I’m not. And I’d like to talk about it. [On video] There’s so many things I want to do in high school and being a mom is not one of them. It might not be everyone’s choice, but it was mine. And I’m not ashamed...

Frankie: Making that difficult choice and standing up for it, you’re courageous. We should go out and celebrate. If you feel up to it...

Shay: So what are you thinking, ice cream?


2. The Mick (Fox)- 7-Year-Old Transgender Boy Asks if He’s a Lesbian

In addition to the absurdity of a 7-year-old boy who thinks he’s a girl walking around in a dress and asking if he’s a lesbian for liking a girl, Fox’s The Mick proceeds to ridicule the parent (through sexual assault threats) making the case that girls and boys should use different bathrooms.

Ben: What are you doing here?

Mickey: Hi! I just came to see your principal. I see you made some new friends.

Ben: Yeah. I really like this girl Jennifer. Does that make me a lesbian?

Mickey: You don't have to worry about labels, buddy. Just like who you like.

Ben: Good. 'Cause I also like this kid named Brad from my old school.

Mickey: Sweet. Keep your options open. See you in a bit... Hope this is some sort of an emergency. I was in the middle of an important meeting.

Rita: This is Gene, a parent here. He has some concerns regarding Beth.

Gene: You kept me waiting, so I'm gonna get right to it. My wife and I aren't comfortable with our daughter sharing a bathroom with a boy in a dress.

Mickey: I'm sorry, I don't know anything about a boy in a dress. I know about a darling little girl in a dress-- is that who you're talking about, Gene? ...

Gene: No. I'm just looking after my daughter's safety. I mean, come on, it's common sense, all right? That's why we have a boys' room and a girls' room.

Mickey: I got news for you, friend. The world is a dangerous place. Nobody's safe. It does not take a little boy in a dress to molest your daughter. I use the girls' room. I could easily molest her any time I want.

Rita: Uh, please, let's not make this personal.

Mickey: I'm not done, Rita. I won't do it, Gene, okay? But maybe... Not only am I a sexual predator, maybe I'm liar. So maybe I will do it.

Rita: Whoa. Okay. Stop for just a moment. I understand this is a very emotional issue. We thought we were ready for this, but clearly we aren't.

Mickey: What?

Rita: So I'm sorry. Beth has to leave Barnsdale.

Mickey: (Groans) No. No. This isn't over. You tell your daughter to watch her back.


3. Switched at Birth (Freeform)- Black Lives Matter Student Claims ‘Media is Biased Against Us’

In February, Freeform’s Switched at Birth had a black student claim, hilariously, that the media is biased against black people, while chiding a half-black BLM-supporting student for being “raised white.”

BLM student: 'While articulate, strong-willed, and passionate about her cause, it may be surpsisng to learn that Watkins was born to a white father and attended an exclusive private high school in a suburb where her family home is appraised at almost a million dollars.'

Iris: So what? How is any of that relevant?

BLM student: You were raised white. Living a white life.

Iris: My mom was black...

BLM student: You know the media is biased against us! Do you remember Hurricane Katrina? The press said that black families were looting food but white families were finding it.

Iris: Don't lecture me.

BLM student: Mike Brown gets killed by the police and they print the scariest picture of him they can find. But that Boston bomber kid, who terrorized a city gets his Facebook picture on the cover of Rolling Stone, good kid gone bad...They want to write us off in any way possible!


4. Dear White People (Netflix)- Students Bemoan ‘Institutional Racism,’ Ridicule Republicans

While complaining about the “institutional racism” at their school, hipster white Ivy League college students in Netflix’s Dear White People scold one of their own for having Bush-supporting parents and caricaturize Republicans by saying things like the deck of their yacht “is made of endangered rhino bones” and they think caviar is “like the salty tears of poor people.”

Milo: I knew we were dealing with institutional racism, but at least have the dignity to code that shit....

Vanessa: It's hard enough for POCs to even get into a place like this. And then when they do they're still subjected to the new Jim Crow?...Gabe are you finally paying penance for your parents' support of all the Bush's? Including Jeb.

All: Gasp! ...

Milo: Can you even imagine the Republican Gabe? 'Chad, come summer on my very big boat. The deck is made of endangered rhino bones.'

Vanessa: 'Roland, you must try the caviar. It's like the salty tears of poor people.'


5. Mary Kills People (Lifetime)- Not Allowing Euthanasia is a ‘Form of Torture’

Lifetime’s cleverly titled euthanasia drama, Mary Kills People, praises Mary for killing sick people, terminal or not. The finale calls her “one of the good ones” and likens “refusing to let people die” to medieval torture.

Patient: When I was younger, I developed this obsession with medieval torture, like the Judas Cradle. Did you ever hear of that?

Mary: No.

Patient: They sit you on this triangular metal point, and you slowly become impaled, or they strap you to the iron chair with hundreds of tiny little spikes, or they tie you up in the town square, and you die the slowest death imaginable on display for the whole town.

Mary: Nice. Why are you telling me this?

Patient: Because in 100 years, they'll look back at now and say that the most popular form of torture was refusing to let people die. Dragging it out. Give people false hope, false relief, hook them up to machines. You know, something that should take months to kill them would take years. Those people? They're the bad guys. But you? You're one of the good ones.

Mary: Do you really think so?

Patient: Oh, yeah.


6. Difficult People (Hulu)- Lead Characters Cuss out ‘Racist’ ‘Trump Voting Pieces of Shit’

Liberal bias doesn’t have to be tied to the plot—shows can bash conservatives for literally no reason. Hulu’s Difficult People cussed out Trump voters in August (and then did the same to Christians in September).

[Language warning]

Julie: Gonna fucking blow my brains out when I get home.

Billy: Fucking Trump voters.

Julie: Trump voting pieces of shit.

Billy: Pieces of shit, fucking racist.

Julie: Homeschooled, Sarah Palin is their beauty icon.

Billy: Fuck you.


7. Broad City (Comedy Central)- Florida a ‘White Supremacist’s Wet Dream’

Broad City joined liberals in dismissing the opinions of an entire section of the country. The Comedy Central show, which bleeps out the name “Trump,” had a November episode where Abbi and Ilana decide that Florida is full of white supremacists, and the two yearn for Trump/Pence-hating New York.

Abbi: I'm sorry, I'm sorry... Even the type of fish salad they like is white. I'm now realizing that, that the only non-white people I've seen in the last few days have been, like, nurses and gardeners and, like, the various dudes driving ambulances that have come in and out of the (bleep) Community.

Ilana: Dude, shaming other white people for their racism is, like, my thing. I've been in a haze! New York may be rough, but at least it's not a white supremacist's wet dream. Get me back to New York where everybody hates Donald (bleep) and Mike Pence.

Abbi: This place is so scary. It's, like, there are no gay people. There are zero interracial couples. Literally only, like, straight white people. What are we? In a goddamn Woody Allen movie?


8. SMILF (Showtime)- The Virgin Mary was Raped

Christmas came early for Showtime, with a late November episode of its anti-Christian comedy, SMILF, claiming Mary, the mother of God, was raped. Of course, the character who’s supposed to be defending Christianity against the severe statements can’t seem to give one defense that doesn’t come off as silly. That’s part of the reason SMILF made MRC’s Naughty List this year.

Bridgette: I'm not gonna pray. I'm not gonna pray to God. I'm sorry.
Tutu: Yeah, well, you know what? You tell that to God, because he carried that guy across the sand, and there was one set of footprints, Bridgette. Remember that.
Bridgette: That's the dumbest thing I've ever heard.
Tutu: Then, here, how 'about this? You pray to the Virgin Mother. She's my favorite.
Woman: Mine, too.
Bridgette: Mothers cannot be virgins.
Woman: Well, Mary can--she was blessed by the Holy Spirit.
Bridgette: Mary was forced to have that baby.
Tutu: Bridgette!
Bridgette: I'm sorry, but Matthew and Luke and whoever did some stuff to her...
Tutu: I don't wanna hear it, Bridgette.
Bridgette: And then called it an angel baby.
Tutu: Okay, listen to me. That is the mother of God you're talking' about.
Bridgette: Now we're all stuck praying to this "Angel baby."
Tutu: What are you talkin' about?
Bridgette: I am on Mary's side. I am Team Mary.
Tutu: There are no teams. There are no teams in the Bible.
Bridgette: There are teams. You are helping them get away with it.
Tutu: Bridgette, it's just blasphemous, that's what it is, and I don't really like it.


9. Chelsea (Netflix)- Sarah Huckabee Sanders a 'Harlot,' 'Trolloped Out' With 'Summer Whore Lipstick All Over Her Face'

Netlifx’s Chelsea, which also made the Naughty List, does a great job portraying the hypocrisy of the left, particularly regarding feminists. Handler claims to support other women, but at the beginning of this month, she slammed Sarah Huckabee Sanders not for her ideas, but for her looks.

Chelsea: That harlot that they are dressing up and trolloping out every day? I mean, one day she has no makeup on at all, the next she’s got 6’ long eyelashes, cleavage, and summer whore lipstick all over her face. Can you believe what they’ve turned her into? A proper trollop.


10. I Love You, America (Hulu)- Jesus Depicted as Pro-Choice Liberal, Loves Health Care, NFL Kneelers

Last but not least is Sarah Silverman’s Hulu show, I Love You, America, also included on the Naughty List. In the final episode, in addition to giving the Media Research Center a shout-out, Silverman talks to Jesus and learns that He’s actually a flaming liberal. Who knew! Apparently conservatives didn’t even get it right on abortion—Jesus is pro-choice!

Jesus on healthcare: “If someone’s sick, you take care of them. Oh, right, but this is the country where if you’re poor, you die if you’re sick. What a great way to treat someone… not!”

Jesus on kneeling NFL players: “It’s a beautiful way to get your voice heard.”

Jesus on abortion: “I’m against it, but that’s just me. I’m also against the squashing of the tiniest bug, so whether or not you squash a bug or kill an animal or have an abortion, that’s up to the individual. But I could never harm one of Daddy’s creations.”

In 2017, wedging liberal political opinions into a TV show, no matter how ill-fitting, was not just permissible, but inevitable. And I have a feeling 2018 won’t be any better.

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