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Warning: This article contains explicit language.

The writers of Hulu’s Difficult People feel no shame in trumpeting their complete disdain for the President and his supporters. Tuesday’s episode, “Rabbitversary” had main characters Julie (Julie Klausner) and (Billy Eichner) call “f*cking” Trump supporters “racist” “pieces of sh*t” without any prompting. Bitter over their lack of decent jobs, Julie and Billy go from complaining about their lives to complaining about Trump voters. After performing a skit for a New York City tour bus, they act as if all the tourists are “f*cking Trump voters” and swear at them. Showing how liberals like to caricaturize all Trump supporters, the two call them “homeschoolers” and even make a jab at Sarah Palin.

In the second to last episode of NBC’s The Carmichael Show, “Three Year Anniversary,” a threesome supposedly makes Jerrod Carmichael a better man. On Wednesday night’s episode, Jerrod and his fiancée Maxine (Amber Stevens West) celebrate their three-year anniversary by having a threesome with a random woman they meet at a restaurant. The next morning, basking in their post-threesome glow, the couple discuss how they can “accomplish anything together now.

The first episodes of the third season of Hulu’s Difficult People were comprised almost entirely of liberal tirades against conservative politicians. The show, which revolves around the lives of the self-absorbed Julie (Julie Klausner) and her gay friend Billy (Billy Eichner), had a field day delivering anti-conservative blows in its first three episodes, which were released on August 8.

Liberal TV loves to bash Christianity any opportunity it gets and Monday night’s episode of TBS’s People of Earth did not disappoint. The episode, titled “Gerry’s Return,” portrayed the relationship between a married woman and a priest that became sexual at the end of last season. One of the opening scenes of the episode had Chelsea (Tracee Chimo) enter the confessional to tell Father Doug (Oscar Nuñez) that she misses him. She flirts with him through the screen, saying she’s having “impure thoughts.” The two plan a rendezvous before Father Doug tells her to “Go in peace, my child” and “make reservations.

Although the third season of Hulu’s Casual has been filled with constant Trump-bashing, climate change hysteria, and other liberal propaganda, Tuesday’s season finale, “The Hermit and the Moon,” ended with a pro-life message. After a one-night stand, Rae (Maya Erskine) discovers she is pregnant with Alex’s (Tommy Dewey) baby. Surprisingly, for a show as liberal as Casual, when Alex suggests abortion, Rae is repulsed at the idea, insisting, “Nobody wants to have an abortion.” She cites “physical and psychological agony” as part of her reasoning, an argument constantly ignored by pro-abortion feminists.

For the liberals at Freeform, female empowerment means one-night stands, watching porn, and stripping. Tuesday’s episode of Freeform’s teen drama The Bold Type described stripping as “true empowerment” and praised a particular stripper as a “feminist icon.” In the episode, “No Feminism in the Champagne Room,” Jane (Katie Stevens) writes an article on Morgyn Stanley, who left Wall Street for the strip club because apparently stripping is more “empowering.” In her article, Jane describes the woman who takes off her clothes for money as “strong, sensual, powerful,” and “free.”

NBC’s The Carmichael Show has tried to break the stigma surrounding drugs, euthanasia, and now stripping. Although Wednesday night’s episode, “Maxine’s Sister,” began by condemning stripping, the episode takes a hard turn and ends by having the loudest voice against exotic dancing at a strip club’s amateur night. Right after Maxine (Amber Stevens West) announces, “being a stripper is nothing to be ashamed of,” she learns that her sister, Casey, is a stripper.

Wednesday’s episode of NBC’s The Carmichael Show, “Intervention,” ended with the star of the show giving a PSA encouraging people to “use substances, don’t abuse substances,” then lighting up a blunt.

The latest season of Netflix’s Canadian teen drama, Degrassi: Next Class, perfectly captures the left’s social agenda for 2017. The show’s 4th season, which was released July 7, features a character to represent every social issue liberals obsess over. More than half of the characters on the show are queer and/or non-monogamous, and the liberal propaganda in the show ranges from Syrian refugees (one of whom is a lesbian), to a gender non-conforming girl, to lesbian prom queens, to three students participating in a polyamorous relationship.

Hulu’s Casual has turned into one big public service announcement about climate change. Last week’s episode had a 9-year-old boy announce that “Global Warming’s gonna get us,” and Tuesday’s episode, “Fresno,” called for a permanent moratorium on oil drilling for the sake of “community health.” Laura (Tara Lynne Barr) and her liberal boss, Casey (Nadine Nicole), attend a city council meeting to demand a city ban on oil drilling, following in the footsteps of Beverly Hills.

Wednesday night’s episode of NBC’s The Carmichael Show, “Shoot-Up-Able,” which revolved around a mass shooting, was predictably anti-gun and anti-police. The episode was supposed to air June 14, but got pulled due to the shootings in Alexandria, Virginia and San Francisco that day. After Jerrod (Jerrod Carmichael) survives a mall shooting that resulted in 4 people getting killed, including the shooter, his family gathers to help him cope. But what starts as a humorous conversation about the identity of the shooter (a “29-year-old woman born and raised in the United States”) turns into a swipe at Republicans and the NRA for “blocking sensible gun legislation time and time again.

Hulu’s Casual, although meant to be a comedy, has consistently infused itself with liberal propaganda. Climate change is one chosen crusade, with almost every single episode of the season so far containing mention of how climate change is destroying the earth and how people can help. The most recent episode, “Venus,” which aired Tuesday, had a little boy remark, “Global warming’s gonna get us.” While Alex (Tommy Dewey) watches over his boss’s young son, the 9-year-old mentions to Alex that global warming will destroy the earth. Although Alex agrees, he attempts to calm the boy by explaining that apparently Florida will be the first to go, implying that Democrats will have more votes in the Electoral College so they can save the world!

Syfy’s new show, Blood Drive, centers itself on a dystopian world destroyed by climate change. As a result, anyone who wants a decent life must partake in a gruesome race using cars powered by human blood. Syfy's description of the show is: “The Future: where water is a scarce as oil, and climate change keeps the temperature at a cool 115 in the shade. It’s a place where crime is so rampant that only the worst violence is punished.” Wednesday night’s episode, “Welcome to Pixie Swallow,” revealed that fracking is what led to the violent, depraved world that exists in the show

Wednesday night’s episode of NBC’s The Carmichael Show, “Cynthia’s Birthday,” presented a unique perspective on the use of the n-word. Jerrod Carmichael's family is appalled that his white friend, Drew, who owns the fancy restaurant they are going to for Cynthia's birthday, greets him as “my nigga.” There is discussion about leaving over the remark, but Jerrod defends his friend, saying that he’s “completely cool with it.” Jerrod’s father, Joe, (David Alan Grier) on the other hand claims that Jerrod was “racially slurred,” an occurrence “much worse than a terrorist attack.”

The liberal taxpayer-funded PBS focused June 19’s episode of its Independent Lens film series on a teen’s transgenderism. Bennett (or Ben), formerly known as Rachael, transitioned from a girl to a boy because, as he it summed up, “I am a boy with the wrong body parts.” At 19 years old, Ben started taking testosterone to begin his transformation into a boy. But he says his decision was a long time in the making. He even claimed that when he was younger, he “hated using the women's restrooms.

In the wake of this morning’s shootings in Alexandria, Virginia and San Francisco, NBC pulled the episode of The Carmichael Show set to air today, “Shoot-Up-Able,” which was supposed to revolve around a mass shooting. Instead, NBC aired “Lesbian Wedding,” a more light-hearted episode originally set to air on June 28.  Unlike last week’s episode which promoted a clear liberal political agenda, having Joe (David Alan Grier) and his sons help Joe’s mother commit suicide, this week the show remembered it’s a comedy and offered some funny dialogue about a family member’s lesbian wedding

The writers of Hulu’s Casual are determined to stick in liberal propaganda wherever they see fit, as shown by Tuesday’s episode, “Troubleshooting.” While Valerie Meyers (Michaela Watkins) gets drinks with an old friend, the girlfriend of a man Valerie slept with confronts her at the bar, chastising Valerie for breaking “girl code.” Valerie responds, “Girl code? Really? Did you see who we elected as president?” Apparently Donald Trump’s election means it’s okay to cheat. Too bad Hillary Clinton didn’t win, or else Valerie could be off the hook completely

NBC’s The Carmichael Show has become the latest show to join Hollywood’s trend of endorsing euthanasia. On Wednesday night’s episode, “Grandma Francis,” grandsons Jarrod (Jarrod Carmichael) and Bobby (LilRel Howery) help Grandma Francis, suffering from Alzheimer’s, kill herself with painkillers. Grandma Francis receives pushback from her son, Joe (David Alan Grier), after she declares she’s going to “take matters into my own hands and end my life myself.” She insists, “I got to make this decision while I still can."

Ever since Donald Trump entered the political sphere, liberals have loved comparing him to the sleazy, power-hungry Frank Underwood (Kevin Spacey). Released in its entirety on Netflix on May 30, the fifth season of House of Cards contained some eerie parallels between the Underwood White House and liberal fantasies of the Trump White House. The Hollywood Reporter tells us, “If this season of House of Cards feels prescient, that's because the minds behind the critically acclaimed series did their research.” The show runners “looked into what could happen based on what has already been simmering in America.” 

The season 3 premiere episodes of NBC’s comedy The Carmichael Show, “Yes Means Yes,” and “Support our Troops,” aired Wednesday night and presented a refreshing change from the liberal agenda driven TV shows we’re used to. The show managed to discuss numerous issues, including rape, Iraq, the troops, and slavery, in a comical yet meaningful way. First things first, both episodes have to attack President Trump, apparently obligatory for entertainment TV nowadays. Although the show has been pretty even handed in the past, the premier episodes took multiple shots at the President.