El canal Fusion ha atravesado muchas versiones y cambios de formato a lo largo de su breve existencia como afiliada angloparlante de la cadena Univision. No obstante, la cadena ha sido consistente en un aspecto: su defensa de políticas y causas de extrema izquierda. Su reciente oda a Planned Parenthood no es sino el ejemplo más reciente.

Unborn babies with Down syndrome in Iceland are being aborted in astonishing numbers – but that’s not how CBS reported on the news. On Monday night, CBS News On Assignment investigated Down syndrome “disappearing” in Iceland with correspondent Elaine Quijano.


It’s a rare sight when a Hollywood star challenges an argument for abortion. But then, this is an argument so incomprehensible that even the most strident abortion supporters are likely shaking their heads in dismay.

In the August 8 episode of Somewhere Between, "Fate Takes a Holiday," the writers got surprisingly real about abortion. While popular culture largely tries to portray abortion as something a woman can simply do and forget, or even as something empowering, this ABC drama was honest about how a woman's choice to abort is not always her own and the trauma that choice can leave behind. 

Appearing as a guest on Tuesday's New Day on CNN to discuss polling showing that many Americans do not trust President Donald Trump, after the issue of Trump not believing in the global warming theory preferred by liberals was raised, the American Conservative Union's Matt Schlapp got into a heated exchange as he called out host Chris Cuomo for discounting science on the issue of when human life begins.

NPR's Weekend Edition Sunday followed the lead of the New York Times and boosted a recent article published by an ally of Pope Francis that targeted "ultra-conservative" Catholics for forming a so-called "alliance of hate with evangelicals." Host Lulu Garcia Navarro turned to Joshua McElwee of the National Catholic Reporter for his analysis of the article, but failed to mention his publication's heterodox/left-wing stances on many Church issues. McElwee contended that these "right-wing" Catholics are "operating in the exact opposite way of the Pope — which, for a Catholic, is obviously a very strange thing."

Jason Horowitz, the New York Times’ most showily left-wing political reporter, made common cause with a piece making the rounds of Catholic intellectual circles singling out “ultraconservative” Trump-supporting conservatives as dangerous, in “From the Vatican, a Warning Shot for Hard-Line Catholics in the U.S.”

Fusion has gone through many iterations and mission shifts over the course of its brief existence as an English-language Univision affiliate. Throughout, however, the network has remained consistent in one aspect: its advocacy for far-left domestic political causes. with its latest paean to Planned Parenthood being but the most recent example.

Although the third season of Hulu’s Casual has been filled with constant Trump-bashing, climate change hysteria, and other liberal propaganda, Tuesday’s season finale, “The Hermit and the Moon,” ended with a pro-life message. After a one-night stand, Rae (Maya Erskine) discovers she is pregnant with Alex’s (Tommy Dewey) baby. Surprisingly, for a show as liberal as Casual, when Alex suggests abortion, Rae is repulsed at the idea, insisting, “Nobody wants to have an abortion.” She cites “physical and psychological agony” as part of her reasoning, an argument constantly ignored by pro-abortion feminists.

The caricature of an MSNBC conservative is a commentator with a right-leaning background who -- when appearing as a panel member on the liberal news network -- either agrees with the liberal guests or fails to rebut liberal analysis while offering little actual right-leaning analysis to the discussion. Washington Post columnist and regular MSNBC guest Jennifer Rubin may have gone beyond caricature on Monday's Hardball as she actually seemed to enjoy reporting that "social conservatives" are "dying off."

As the debate over defunding Planned Parenthood rages on, some activists embedded in the film industry are taking the opportunity to push abortion into entertainment. This year, Hollywood is undertaking two new projects to highlight an underground network that aided in thousands of U.S. illegal abortions in the ’60s and ’70s: independent film Ask for Jane and Amazon movie This is Jane. And (shocker), Planned Parenthood activists are involved in the task.

The Boston Globe celebrated a liberal milestone on Saturday: The 25th anniversary of The Year of the Woman in Congress, driven by Anita Hill’s testimony alleging she was sexually harassed by Judge Clarence Thomas. Stephanie Ebbert, who covers “gender issues” for the Globe, posed the question, “25 years after ‘The Year of the Woman,’ what’s changed?” She implied Donald Trump ushered in an era of sexism by defeating Hillary Clinton, and fostered the feminist media myths around Sen. Elizabeth Warren and Sen. Kamala Harris.