If normal radical liberals in Big Tech weren’t bad enough, Twitch has named a transgender streamer who self-identifies as a deer to be on the platform’s “Safety Advisory Council.” Steph “FerociouslySteph” Loehr who is listed as a “Professional Community Leader” with the Anti Defamation League (ADL) now serves as a member on Twitch’s Safety Advisory Council. The council, according to Protocol’s May 15 newsletter is “made up of eight members: a mix of academics and professionals with online safety expertise, plus a few Twitch creators.”

A writer for the New York Post is siding with Alliance Defending Freedom (ADF) attorneys seeking the recusal of a biased judge in the lawsuit against Connecticut policy allowing boys to compete against girls in high school sports. Libby Emmons, senior editor for The Post Millennial, agrees with ADF that the judge went too far in saying its attorneys should not refer to trans athletes as biological boys.

On Ellen Degeneres’s daytime talk show Monday, the liberal comedian brought on celebrity couple, actress Gabrielle Union and retired NBA star Dwyane Wade, to praise them for their “supportive” decision to “transition” their pre-teen son into a girl. Along the way, the host and actress had some harsh words for parents who don’t share their same trendy views on parenting.

The National Basketball Association is practically a wing of the Democratic Party, but it isn't progressive enough to suit Dustin Foote, Deadspin blogger. Sure, the NBA's taken a lot of ultra-progressive stands, but its insistence on punishing players for marijuana offenses, its national anthem policy and its timid reaction to communist China last fall are stains upon its otherwise glorious progressivism.

YouTube’s fact-checking panels will now be launched in America after being tested in India. YouTube’s chief product officer Neal Mohan, was quoted in The Verge’s April 28 coverage explaining that “When users are searching on YouTube around a specific claim, we want to give an opportunity for those fact checks to show up right then and there, when our users are looking for information — especially around fast-moving[,] quickly changing topics like COVID-19.”

In the Netflix show After Life, Gervais plays Tony, a widower working for a local newspaper. There isn’t much going on in this particular town, so they end up doing stories on things like a man who got the same birthday card from five different people and a teenager who can play two recorders at once- one in each nostril. In the final episode, he is assigned a profile on a 50 year-old man who identifies as an 8 year-old girl. 

Encouraged by media supporters, this week LGBT legal guns went to court to launch legal proceedings aimed at re-defining gender. They filed suit against two new Idaho laws banning transgender males from competing on women's public school teams and from changing their gender on their birth certificates. There was little neutrality visible in media accounts of the lawsuits, particularly with the blatantly biased NBC News reporter.

Reuters’ Matthew Lavietes has his priorities in place. A plague sweeps the globe, economies fall and a fateful geopolitical realignment is imminent, and Lavietes is writing about … trans people who want to play soldier. You have to hand it to Big Trans -- they’re doing their best to remind us that, world crisis or no, they’re still the fashionable victim group.

As if “Silkworm,” the March 31 episode of FBI: Most Wanted about a rogue FBI agent who is working with the Chinese, didn’t have enough excitement and intrigue, the show added a new take on the silkworm, as a representation of transgenderism. While hunting down rogue Agent Paul Hayden (Joshua Malina), Agent Jess LaCroix (Julian McMahon) also does some digging into someone named “Silkworm." 

Do parents pay attention to the children’s TV programming their kids absorb? If not they should. If so, how do they feel about channels pushing boutique woke politics that deny human nature, biology and objective truth? Liberal parents might be okay with it. Maybe it gives them something to brag about to their lesbian neighbors.

Isn't it appropriate that the day preceding April Fool's Day is "TDoV": The International Transgender Day of Visibility? It's a magical day when people can celebrate their transcendence over biology, a day when LGBTQ folks can fool people into thinking that males can be females and females can be males. 

U.S. Attorney General William Barr is so far behind the times and the Obama-era dictates on transgenders. The Trump Administration "bigot" thinks boys are boys and girls are girls and had the audacity to lend his legal opinion to an Alliance Defending Freedom (ADF) lawsuit challenging Connecticut's policy allowing "transgender" boys to compete in girls' sports.