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Father’s Day is no longer just a recognition of male dads who have loved and sacrificed for their kids.

In the wake of 2015, the year of the transgenders, Father’s Day 2016 will celebrate the fraction of a percent of dads who decided they are women, sometimes leaving their families in order to “experiment.” Other modern dads are not even male.

Even a consistently dishonest politician will do to represent women in the government, according to top women in Hollywood.

Hillary Clinton has become the standard bearer for women in the world of politics, despite the many unresolved controversies surrounding her rise. 

The major news networks have a double standard on what qualifies as a “war on women.”

On Thursday rioters at Donald Trump’s San Jose, Calif. rally cornered a female Trump supporter pelting her with eggs and other objects screaming “F**k Trump” at her and waving Mexican flags in her face.

The real victim of last summer’s Planned Parenthood videos was StemExpress, according to a new story by the Washington Post. Not, say, the aborted babies picked apart in a dish with tweezers.

Oh myyyyy, but this is silly.

Gay actor George Takei, known to most as the original Star Trek’s Helmsman Sulu has long been outspoken about his support of LGBT rights. 

Captain America, a symbol of American patriotism for 75 years, is actually just an undercover Nazi with Hydra, the organization he has been fighting against for decades, says Marvel Comics. “Steve Rogers: Captain America #1” dropped a bomb on the comic book world on Wednesday (just before Memorial Day) with a shocking and rather tasteless plot twist planned since late 2014.

It took less than five seconds of animation in the latest trailer for Pixar’s Finding Dory to convince Twitter and some media outlets that Disney will finally feature a lesbian couple.

Around the one-minute mark, two women are shown with a little girl in a stroller during a fast-paced escape scene for Dory, the beloved forgetful fish. 

In the wake of the #GiveElseAGirlfriend campaign Twitter erupted last night with calls to turn one of  America’s most manly superheroes gay.

Many were excited by the idea of #GiveCaptainAmericaABoyfriend, and The Wrap, The Independent, Mirror, E!Online, The Los Angeles Times, and others quickly publicized the trend. 

Salon almost every day makes sure to give its readers their daily dose of sex advice and anti-Christianity.

A Sunday feature announced that the scientific method is the “antithesis of the Bible.” 

Everyone from Fred Astaire to Miley Cyrus is an offender when it comes to accidentally mocking other cultures, sometimes just by referencing them. “Cultural appropriation” is the newest sin against political correctness.

Outrage over culture caricatures spiked this year over everything from supermodels in Native American headdresses to sports team names. Movies and music were a popular battleground for the blame game.

It is not enough for a Huffington Post contributor to write a hit piece on someone who challenges the  Equal Rights Amendment. She made sure to throw in a slur.

On Monday, HuffPo’s Kimberley A. Johnson urged feminists of all stripes to embrace and push for the Equal Rights Amendment (ERA). She blamed its failure to pass in the 1970s on a “toxic gender traitor by the name of Phyllis Schlafly.”

Hell’s glory days could be over, according to National Geographic. The idea of eternal punishment is not as chic as it was in olden days.

In a NatGeo story published last week, senior science correspondent Mark Strauss explained a “campaign to eliminate hell” headed by a “new generation of evangelical scholars” who take issue with the idea that sinners are doomed forever.

ABC decided yesterday that anti-Catholic shows are worth keeping afloat a little longer even when ratings continue to drag.

Despite pushback from conservative and Catholic groups, ABC renewed its new sitcom The Real O’Neals for a second season, Deadline reports.

Western civilization and its philosophical underpinning are overrated, according to leftist university students and faculty and many members of the media. Each year they try their best to take Western philosophy courses down more than a few pegs in academic importance and sometimes even replace them. The New York Times’ opinion page featured a column Wednesday undermining the value of Western thought and suggesting that it is no more relevant than the philosophical traditions of other cultures.

Ever since the first Muslim Miss USA, former darling of the major news networks converted to Christianity last month, the liberal media cannot care less about her.

Rima Fakih made waves in 2010 when she was crowned Miss America -- the first Muslim to win. At the time CBS, NBC, and ABC all expressed their delight over the pageant results.

Even to liberals who call for more activism and daily journalism on diversity issues the Black Lives Matter movement seems aimless.

Journalist Leonard Pitts remarked on Black Lives Matter’s lack of specific goals during a panel of Pulitzer Prize-winning black journalists hosted by the Poynter Institute at the University of South Florida. The journalists weighed in on race and gender issues and how the media treats diversity news.

There’s no love story like a presidential love story -- as long as it’s a liberal president. The Sundance Film Festival feature “Southside With You,” chronicling Barack and Michelle Obama’s first date released a trailer today ahead of its Aug. 19 debut this summer.

The film is the “inspiring true story” of the Obamas as forward-thinking 20-somethings who dream of making a meaningful impact on civil rights. Luckily for the movie, although it foreshadows Barack’s presidency many times, it steers clear of his two terms in office. The depressing reality of that would have been much less romantic than the ideals cherished by the characters.

It turns out Alzheimer's Disease is not funny, not even when it happened to a U.S. president the left loves to bash. Reagan, a movie “comedy” being developed about former president Ronald Reagan’s supposed descent into dementia at the start of his second term received so much backlash that the lead actor has backed out.

Will Ferrell was set to play Reagan in the new “dementia comedy,” but dropped out after Reagan’s daughter Patti Davis wrote an open letter to the actor asking him to quit.

The Real O’Neals, ABC’s new anti-Catholic sitcom scored at least 18 big name sponsors in spite of repeated poor ratings, reports the Catholic League. But the show is still losing one major advertiser.

Goya originally sponsored but backed out and promised not to advertise on the show after the Catholic League met with the company. “We have had productive conversations with several sponsors lately,” said the League in a press release. has a penchant for misinterpreting the news. A Monday article accused conservative lawyer Anita Staver of threatening to use a gun to deter transgenders who enter the Target ladies’ room.

Target’s new policy to allow transgenders to use the bathroom of their choice in stores has spurred controversy, including a boycott petition by the American Family Association (AFA) garnering almost one million signatures.