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Katie Yoder works as the associate culture editor for the Media Research Center. As the Joe and Betty Anderlik Fellow, Katie's coverage has been instrumental on a variety of issues in relation to the media including family, entertainment and religion, with a special focus on feminisim, including abortion. Katie has covered life issues from the trial of abortionist Kermit Gosnell to the media coverage of the March for Life and Women's March. Her work has received attention from numerous media outlets including Fox News, The Washington Post, The Washington Times, The New York Times, EWTN, HLN, and One America News Network. Katie has spoken on these issues in both radio and TV appearances. Before her current position, Katie interned at The Heritage Foundation after graduating from the University of Virginia with a major in English and a minor in Foreign Affairs.

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Women matter, but only if they’re already born – at least according to the networks on Ireland’s recent abortion vote. On Friday, May 25th, Ireland voted to repeal the country’s Eighth Amendment that banned abortion. In many of their segments, the broadcast networks (ABC, CBS, NBC) framed the repeal as a win for “women’s rights” against a “highly restrictive” law.


While most celebrities readily declare themselves feminists, one famous TV judge is challenging the movement in a groundbreaking move. On Tuesday, Judge Judy Sheindlin appeared as a guest on Megyn Kelly Today. Host Megyn Kelly reminded viewers that the famous TV judge is in the 22nd season of her syndicated show that premiered in 1996. During their exchange, Judge Judy refused the feminist label.


Hollywood is rallying for the abortion industry once again – this time in support of taxpayer funding. On Tuesday night, President Trump announced a proposal at the Susan B. Anthony List gala that would prohibit Title X federal funding from organizations that provide or promote abortion. In reaction to the proposal, several celebrities, like Jane Fonda and Jessica Biel, expressed fury that abortion giant Planned Parenthood might lose funding and tweeted out “#NoGagRule.”

Women’s freedom relies on being able to legally end the life of another person, according to former Planned Parenthood President Cecile Richards. Even if that other person is another woman – in the womb. Former Daily Show correspondent Jessica Williams recently interviewed Richards during a 92nd Street Y event. While the interview took place in May, the unlisted YouTube video currently has only 15 views.

While the networks scrutinize the president’s every word (and tweet), their news programming skipped past his recent comments declaring that “every life is sacred.” On Tuesday evening, President Trump served as the keynote speaker at the annual Campaign for Life Gala hosted by pro-life group Susan B. Anthony List in Washington, D.C.

Actress Michelle Williams will star in an upcoming abortion film – one the media are already applauding. After films like I Feel Pretty and Brokeback Mountain, Williams is setting her sights on abortion drama This Is Jane.

Feminist Gloria Steinem is thrilled about a new play about herself – and, presumably, her progressive stances on issues like abortion. On Wednesday, Deadline broke the news that a play about feminist Gloria Steinem will officially open October 18.

Planned Parenthood might not want you pregnant and barefoot, but it does want you in the kitchen. On Wednesday, food and culture magazine Bon Appétit interviewed former Planned Parenthood President Cecile Richards. Associate editor Hilary Cadigan interviewed Richards as she talked about everything from pie-baking contests to women’s “futures” and “destinies.”


Women’s basketball is teaming up with Planned Parenthood in the name of “women” – even though millions of women are missing today because of the abortion giant. On Wednesday, the Women’s National Basketball Association (WNBA) announced a “new women and girls empowerment program” for the 2018 season called, “Take a Seat, Take a Stand.”

A new feminist book introduces babies to politics. Yes, babies. And while it claims show children their value (a good thing!), the pages aren’t exactly welcoming to pro-lifers or conservatives. On Tuesday, Buzzfeed contributor Loryn Brantz published her new children’s book titled Feminist Baby Finds Her Voice! Feminist media, from Teen Vogue’s Lauren Duca to feminist author Roxane Gay, praised the book that teaches youngsters how to protest.

While several news outlets covered a recent speech by Black Panther star Chadwick Boseman, their headlines ignored his comments acknowledging God. And in an entertainment world that’s often hostile to Christianity, that’s no small feat. On May 12, Boseman delivered the 2018 commencement speech at his alma mater, Howard University. During his remarks at the historically black college, he cited the Bible multiple times and told the Class of 2018 to “find purpose” that God has “predestined inside of you.”

Christianity points to the cross as the epitome of love: a total gift of self-sacrifice in order to save others. But a new magazine op-ed is arguing the opposite: that love is about looking out for me, myself, and I. For Mother’s Day, Glamour published a May 11 opinion piece with the headline, “How Motherhood Made Me a Better Abortion Provider.” Abortionist Ghazaleh Moayedi, an OB/GYN and Physicians for Reproductive Health fellow, argued that motherhood brought her to the conclusion that abortion is an “act of love.”

In today’s media climate, applauding mothers of kids with Down syndrome is revolutionary. In 2018, writer after writer has supported aborting babies with the diagnosis. But just in time for Mother’s Day, The View is celebrating the lives of children with Down syndrome – and their moms.

Would there be an uproar if celebrities chomped down on Islamic prayer beads? We’ll likely never find out. But if they’re Catholic, it’s cause for celebration. In anticipation of the 2018 Met Gala, Vogue’s senior fashion news writer Brooke Bobb covered the “most worship-worthy work” of Sweet Saba candy designer Maayan Zilberman. That work consisted of “champagne-flavored rosary necklaces and rings” created by Zilberman in honor of the Catholic-themed event.

If the former president of Planned Parenthood wasn’t thinking of running for office, she is now – thanks to the media.

April 30 marked the last day Cecile Richards served as president of America’s largest abortion provider, Planned Parenthood. Richards stepped down after 12 years – shortly after publishing her new memoir, Make Trouble. Both during and after her time at Planned Parenthood, six anchors and hosts have taken the opportunity on air to ask Richards if she’ll run for office.


The broadcast networks are finally covering the case of Alfie Evans – but only after his death.

On April 28, British toddler Alfie Evans passed away days before his second birthday. Doctors removed his ventilator against his parents’ wishes April 23, which marked the same day the new royal baby was born. While the networks understandably and rightfully celebrated Prince Louis’ birth, they skipped over the other British child. In total, the networks covered the royal birth 10 times more than they did little Alfie.


It’s not everyday the media tell stories like this, but PBS just did: Rehana, a pregnant girl refugee, is refusing abortion despite her husband abandoning her. On April 25, PBS NewsHour continued its coverage of the Rohingya “crisis,” which others say amounts to genocide.

Life begins at different times, depending “on the pregnancy,” according to the president of America’s largest abortion provider. On Monday, Playboy magazine published an interview with Planned Parenthood President Cecile Richards in the wake of her new memoir, Make Trouble and as she prepares to step down from her position in May after serving for 12 years. During the interview, when asked about when life begins, Richards cited doctors as saying “there is no specific moment when life begins.” Or, she said, “It depends on the pregnancy.”

If the networks can spend nearly a half hour on the birth of one baby, why can’t they spare one second for a dying toddler? Duchess of Cambridge Catherine (Kate) Middleton gave birth to her third child with Prince William on April 23. News programming on ABC, CBS and NBC devoted more than 28 minutes to the joyous news. That’s wonderful. What wasn’t so wonderful was that the very same programs ignored another U.K. baby as a hospital removed life support against his parents’ wishes.

ABC anchor George Stephanopoulos and singer Beyoncé are competitors, according to Ali Wentworth. It’s a rivalry worth crying over. On Monday, comedian and actress Wentworth, who also happens to be the wife of George Stephanopoulos, appeared on The Late Show to promote her new book, Go Ask Ali.