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Katie Yoder works as the associate culture editor for the Media Research Center. As the Joe and Betty Anderlik Fellow, Katie's coverage has been instrumental on a variety of issues in relation to the media including family, feminism, entertainment and religion, with a special focus on abortion. Katie has covered life issues from the March for Life and the trial of abortionist Kermit Gosnell to the videos exposing Planned Parenthood's harvesting of baby parts. Her work has received attention from numerous media outlets including Fox News, The Washington Times, EWTN, HLN, and One America News Network. Katie has spoken on these issues in both radio and TV appearances. Before her current position, Katie interned at The Heritage Foundation after graduating from the University of Virginia with a major in English and a minor in Foreign Affairs.

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The broadcast networks regularly shy away from the word “genocide” when reporting on Christian persecution around the world. But that doesn’t mean one isn’t happening. Roughly 215 million Christians “experience high levels of persecution” in 50 countries for their beliefs, according to the 2018 World Watch List recently released by the non-profit Open Doors USA.

Women shouldn’t hesitate to call themselves feminists, according to one popular actress.On Tuesday, the Los Angeles Times republished an interview with Israeli actress Gal Gadot conducted by WWD. While the piece centered on the Wonder Woman star serving as the new global ambassador for Revlon cosmetics, it also touched on Gadot’s take on feminism.

While many in the media have given embarrassingly small coverage to the largest annual march in Washington, D.C. in years past, the growing list of big name speakers makes the 2018 event increasingly difficult to censor. On Wednesday, the March for Life announced that House Speaker Paul Ryan would address the 45th annual March for Life on January 19.

Even though he supports America’s largest abortion provider, singer John Legend recently described his model wife’s pregnancy as a “baby in there.” On Saturday, E! News correspondent Sibley Scoles interviewed Legend in California on the red carpet at The Art of Elysium's 11th Annual Gala.

Oprah Winfrey is a formidable opponent to President Trump, according to one co-host on The View. On Sunday night, the 75th Annual Golden Globes Awards recognized talk show host Oprah Winfrey with the 2018 Cecil B. de Mille Award for lifetime achievement. Like others in the media, The View took the opportunity to discuss Oprah’s potential run for president in 2020 – something that would be President Trump’s “worst nightmare,” according to co-host Joy Behar.

Planned Parenthood and Hollywood have long joined forces. And now, the abortion giant is using its latest annual report to boast of the entertainment industry’s support. According to America’s largest abortion provider, “entertainment stands with Planned Parenthood.” As proof, Planned Parenthood’s 2016 – 2017 report listed an album to which entertainers donated various tracks.

Many in the media have long idolized “childfree” relationships. But that isn’t stopping one well-known couple from welcoming their fifth. Fixer Upper stars Chip and Joanna Gaines recently announced that they’re expecting their fifth child. On Wednesday, Joanna shared an ultrasound video showing the baby’s “little heartbeat” on Twitter and Instagram.

As the pro-life movement prepares for the 45th annual March for Life, here’s a number the liberal media are unlikely to report: Planned Parenthood has committed 7.6 million abortions since Roe vs. Wade. Over the holiday weekend, America’s largest abortion provider released its 2016 – 2017 annual report. According to that report and former ones (plus numbers supplied by pro-life groups), Planned Parenthood has been responsible for the death of more than 7.6 million babies, from 1973 through 2017.

The celebrity trend of bashing President Donald Trump is continuing in 2018 because, according to one actress, his win means that women “cannot do or be anything we want to be.” The UK’s February 2018 issue of Harper’s Bazaar featured Michelle Williams (The Greatest Showman) on its cover. Besides talking feminism and Hollywood scandal, editor Erica Wagner spoke with the 37-year-old star about the president.


Christmas concerts aren’t supposed to be all about Christmas. And if they are, well, they’re just too predictable -- at least according to one entertainment critic, who’s complaining that a concert was exactly what it said it would be.

The War on Christmas exists only in the president’s brain, according to The ViewThe View ladies recently discussed the “War on Christmas” – by going after President Donald Trump. Co-host Whoopi Goldberg introduced the Thursday segment by criticizing the president for calling on stores to say “Merry Christmas again” while his daughter, Ivanka, tweeted out “Happy Holidays.”

We all know we should “turn the other cheek.” Few of us ever do. That’s why the reaction of one pro-life teenager to a woman who punched her in the face outside an abortion clinic is extraordinary. On Monday, Students for Life of America published a video of 15-year-old Purity Thomas recalling how a woman punched her as she stood holding a pro-life sign outside a Planned Parenthood clinic.

It’s called ironic. Big name celebrities are preparing to celebrate Baby Jesus’ birth by fundraising for America’s largest producer of aborted babies.

Moms who have suffered miscarriages are slamming Planned Parenthood for its tweet comparing miscarriage to abortion. The liberal media have yet to cover it – but that’s not stopping more women from chiming in.

Taxpayer-funded Planned Parenthood is under federal investigation after videos exposed its trafficking of aborted baby parts. But Americans wouldn’t know that by watching the broadcast networks.

Network health experts reported on a finding that contraception was associated with a 20% increased risk of breast cancer – by reassuring women that they needn’t stop their birth control. On Wednesday night, a study out of Denmark broke headlines for finding that the “risk of breast cancer was higher among women who currently or recently used contemporary hormonal contraceptives” than women who had never used them.

You wouldn’t expect the president of Ford to talk up Chrysler models, so you can’t expect the head of America’s largest abortion provider (and contraception distributor) to give the nod to “Natural Family Planning” -- or, rather, what she thinks is Natural Family Planning.


The media are mischaracterizing a Supreme Court case by reporting a “false image,” according to the sponsor of a SCOTUS rally supporting Christian baker Jack Phillips. On Tuesday, the United States Supreme Court heard the oral arguments in the Masterpiece Cakeshop v. Colorado Civil Rights Commission case. The case surrounds Jack Phillips, a Christian cake designer in Colorado, who refused to create a wedding reception cake for a gay couple, David Mullins and Charlie Craig, in 2012.

CBS and NBC are heralding today’s Supreme Court arguments as representing “one of the biggest cases of its term.” And while the coverage wasn’t perfect, at least they covered it. ABC didn’t. On Tuesday, Dec. 5, the United States Supreme Court heard the oral arguments in the Masterpiece Cakeshop v. Colorado Civil Rights Commission case. The case surrounds Jack Phillips, a Christian cake designer in Colorado, who refused to create a rainbow wedding reception cake for a gay couple, David Mullins and Charlie Craig, in 2012.

A new book is remembering the legacy of an abortionist whose services were “a kind of public utility, not unlike the water or fire department.” Except for that, instead of saving lives, she was ending them.