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Katie Yoder works as the associate culture editor for the Media Research Center. As the Joe and Betty Anderlik Fellow, Katie's coverage has been instrumental on a variety of issues in relation to the media including family, entertainment and religion, with a special focus on feminisim, including abortion. Katie has covered life issues from the trial of abortionist Kermit Gosnell to the media coverage of the March for Life and Women's March. Her work has received attention from numerous media outlets including Fox News, The Washington Post, The Washington Times, The New York Times, EWTN, HLN, and One America News Network. Katie has spoken on these issues in both radio and TV appearances. Before her current position, Katie interned at The Heritage Foundation after graduating from the University of Virginia with a major in English and a minor in Foreign Affairs.

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The media that so often report Pope Francis’ every word (or what they think are his words) are staying quiet as the pontiff intervenes in the case of U.K. toddler Alfie Evans. On Monday, Britain's Court of Appeal refused permission for parents Tom Evans and Kate James to transport their son to Italy for medical treatment. Suffering from an unknown degenerative neurological condition, 23-month-old Alfie Evans is staying at Alder Hey Children's Hospital as his parents battle to keep him on life support.


While many in the media are asking Cecile Richards the same questions during her book tour, MSNBC co-host Joe Scarborough is breaking the trend by asking about pro-life women. On Tuesday, Planned Parenthood President Cecile Richards appeared on MSNBC’s Morning Joe to discuss her new memoir, Make Trouble. Richards’ book comes a month before she plans to step down from her position after serving for 12 years.

The president of America’s largest abortion provider is taking advantage of her book tour to target the president’s daughter, Ivanka Trump. On Monday, W magazine published a piece on the “problem of Ivanka Trump” which consisted of an interview between associate editor Stephanie Eckardt and Planned Parenthood President Cecile Richards.


One former model is stressing to young women that their beauty relies on “wholeness and holiness,” rather than what they see in the media – a media that values women as “parts” rather than human persons.

It was a tale of two protests. After a school walkout against gun violence in March, students across the country organized a pro-life walkout in support of the unborn and pregnant and parenting students. But the networks only covered one of them.

Following a national school walkout against gun violence last month, students are organizing a pro-life walkout in support of both the unborn and pregnant and parenting students. But will the media cover it?

The Women’s March, and many in the media, are worrying about “sex workers” and “women’s rights” after BackPage.com disappeared. But not all women agree with them.


Singer Cardi B is celebrating her pregnancy – even though people online and around her pressured her to opt for abortion. On Tuesday, The Breakfast Club published an interview with rapper Cardi B, where she talked about everything from her new album, Invasion of Privacy, to her baby bump. During her appearance, the singer disclosed she “didn’t want to deal” with abortion regret and added that being told to choose between a career and a baby “disgusts me.”


One late-night host is smearing pregnancy centers for “dubious information.” But he’s one to talk. On Sunday, during Last Week Tonight, HBO host John Oliver spent more than 20 minutes bashing crisis pregnancy centers (CPCs) or “facilities whose primary purpose is to talk women out of terminating a pregnancy.” (Not, of course, a baby.)

Even the president of America’s largest abortion provider admits that media aren’t impartial when it comes abortion. According to her, Donald Trump’s 2016 description of “ripping the baby out of the womb” perturbed some journalists. “Katie was clearly disturbed,” she recalled, and that left her “worried that she and other reporters were getting used to this level of discourse.”

The president of America’s largest abortion provider is accusing Ivanka Trump of “bartering” and “almost” bribing her to halt abortion. After all, it’s only 3% of what Planned Parenthood does, right? (Wrong.)


CBS co-anchor Gayle King has no shortage of political candidates in mind for America's upcoming elections, from Oprah to now Planned Parenthood Cecile Richards. On Monday, CBS This Morning fill-in co-anchor Bianna Golodryga introduced Planned Parenthood president Cecile Richards on-air to discuss her new memoir, Making Trouble.

As Easter approaches, one Christian family is praying for a miracle: the return of their kidnapped daughter who refuses to renounce her faith. It’s a story the networks aren’t telling. Last month, terrorist group Boko Haram captured an estimated 110 schoolgirls in Dapchi, Nigeria.


Moms no longer need to turn around the cover of Cosmopolitan as they check out at Walmart with their kids. The magazine with its signature cover filled with sex tips and shocking headlines has been removed.

If a newly released excerpt is any indication, the president of America’s largest abortion provider is donning a pro-life mask for her memoir.

Talk about out of touch. Planned Parenthood recently discovered that Americans aren’t the biggest fans of a Disney princess ending the life of her unborn baby. On Tuesday, Planned Parenthood Keystone, located in Pennsylvania, mixed Disney with politics in a horrific way. 

Two different marches claim to voice America’s youth and boast youthful crowds – but that doesn’t mean they’re treated the same by the liberal media.


Pregnancy centers are routinely attacked by both the abortion industry and the media. But one man involved in an upcoming Supreme Court case concerning pregnancy centers is encouraging the media to “really look at this case carefully.”

In reaction to media support for abortion based on Down syndrome, parents are speaking up about the beauty of their children with Down syndrome. On Friday, The Washington Post published an opinion piece with the headline, “I would’ve aborted a fetus with Down syndrome.

While the Oscars and Top Chef celebrate Planned Parenthood, a former star of ABC’s The Bachelor is going against the grain – and taking a stand for the unborn because “God loved us when we were in our mothers’ wombs.”