Breaking News: People Like the Government Giving Them Other People’s Money

December 4th, 2012 8:40 AM

To paraphrase the estimable Yogi Berra - it’s like deja vu all over, and over, and over, and over again.

The Jurassic Press media is enraptured with a certain story.

Chevrolet Volt tops Consumer Reports Owner-Satisfaction Survey for the 2nd straight year

Chevy Volt tops Owner-Satisfaction Survey

Chevy Volt tops Consumer Reports annual owner satisfaction survey

Everywhere you turn, there is an incessantly recurring Media theme.

Chevy Volt Tops Consumer Reports Survey, Again

Survey Finds Chevy Volt Best for Owner Satisfaction 2 Years in a Row

Chevy Volt tops Consumer Reports most-loved car survey again

It seems the Chevrolet Volt has for the second year in a row topped a Consumer Reports satisfaction survey.

Chevy Volt again tops Consumer Reports Owner-Satisfaction Survey

Chevy Volt Wins Again Consumer Reports' Ranking

Chevy Volt tops most-loved car survey again

And the Press can’t get enough of issuing General Motors (GM) press releases.

Survey Finds Chevy Volt Best for Owner Satisfaction 2 Years in a Row

Chevy Volt named most satisfying car in Consumer Reports survey

Chevy Volt owners are most satisfied, says Consumer Reports

You may also have seen this incessantly run Chevy Volt television advertisement featuring "satisfied" Volt owners.

“I go to the gas station such a small amount that I forget how to put gas in my car.”

Left out of all of these “news” items - and the ad - is the gi-normous Chevy Volt government money back story. 

A story which sounds a lot like the Obama Phone.  Or Obama Bucks

Or liking President Barack Obama “because he gives me stuff.”  Or because (you think) “I won't have to worry about putting gas in my car. I won't have to worry about paying my mortgage. You know, if I help (Obama), he's going to help me.”

Here’s a shocking news flash: People like government klepto-conduits giving them Other People’s Money.

And the Chevy Volt is a rolling, multi-billion dollar Obama Bucks-mobile.

There’s the more-than-$3 billion-in-federal-government-subsidies-alone spent thus far on the Volt. 

And the $7,500 federal bribe - I mean incentive check - given to each Chevy Volt buyer.  Which President Obama - in his last unanimously rejected budget - wanted to up to $10,000.

And the purchase bribes several states are kicking in.

Behold another bribe: The Volt costs GM $89,000 to manufacture - but they charge all these happy handout recipients only $40,000.  And that’s before the $7,500 federal payola - and the various state palm greasers.

And GM is cutting even more, more absurd deals.

GM Counts $159 Leases for an $89,000 Car

Speaking of the manufacturer: There is perhaps no bigger government money handout recipient than GM.  They received $50+ billion of We the Taxpayers’ money - in the $83 billion auto bailout.  A bailout on which we are losing more than $42 billion

And GM has since become:

Another Crony Socialist Welfare Office

$26.5 billion of the ($42+ billion auto bailout) loss was a straight payoff to the...United Auto Workers (UAW) union....

President Obama illegally carried forward through the bankruptcy the ridiculously exorbitant UAW contracts....

During the bankruptcy process, President Obama illegally paid off the UAW first and in full....

90+% of GM auto loans are now of the Freddie Mac-Fannie Mae-esque subprime variety - made to people whom GM and everyone else know can’t pay them back.

GM in 2010 launched a venture capital division which is investing in fabulously successful things panel companies.

(N)o company registered more (non-)green (non-)energy patents in 2010 than GM.

80% of (Department of Energy) green energy loans went to Obama donors....

I would imagine all of these folks are “satisfied” too.

Other People’s Money - conscripted by government and given to you - is sadly all too satisfying for far too many Americans these days.