In a stunning moment of candor from ABC host George Stephanopoulos during Sunday’s This Week, the longtime Clinton flack lamented the media coverage Hillary Clinton received during the 2016 election. During the “powerhouse roundtable” discussion analyzing the media’s role in 2016 (yes, they’re still hung up on it), he was put off how media equalized Clinton and Donald Trump when it came to their wrongdoings.

Since Stormy Daniels appeared yesterday on The View and released an artist's sketch of the man she said threatened her in 2011 over her affair with Donald Trump, numerous people have tweeted their opinion that he looks like the president's friend Tom Brady (at right in photo), quarterback of the New England Patriots. Sports Illustrated's Jimmy Traina, a liberal writer and the author of the "Extra Mustard" column, listed several tweets by media implying that Brady might have done Trump's dirty work for him.

In a jaw-dropping display that was one part a lack of self-awareness and another part hypocrisy, Wednesday’s prime-time Anderson Cooper 360 featured a panel of CNN analysts sharing their opinions about opinion shows like Hannity on Fox News. Their opinions varied but were largely against the mixing of opinion and news. And that was their opinion on the news of the day. The hypocrisy was so thick you could cut it with a knife.

If Colin Kaepernick ever rejoins the National Football League, Adidas is ready to cash in with a shoe line befitting of America’s most notorious jock/social justice warrior. The Undefeated race-baiting blog is all for it, too, because Kap is a “man of the people.”

In a Monday appearance on Fox News Channel’s The Ingraham Angle, MRC founder and president Brent Bozell ripped into the liberal tech giants for censoring conservative thought on their social media platforms. “This is emerging, the greatest censorship of free speech worldwide in the history of man,” he exclaimed, referring to the findings of the blockbuster study conducted by the MRC’s Ashley Rae Goldenberg and Dan Gainor.

Today's ESPN First Take program started with a 25-minute donnybrook on the Seattle Seahawks rescinding an invitation to Colin Kaepernick for a tryout. Max Kellerman (in photo) called it a "punk move" and charged NFL owners with trying to make their player employees parrot their political speech by standing for the national anthem.

Today the national champion Alabama Crimson Tide football team visited the White House, providing no shortage of snark from media tripping over each other to remind people of the championship teams that, for political reasons, did not celebrate with President Donald Trump.

On a news day otherwise dominated by talk of the alleged chemical attack in Syria, MSNBC’s Nicolle Wallace flipped the script on Monday and spent an uninterrupted, commercial-free hour salivating over reports that FBI had raided the office of Trump lawyer Michael Cohen.

There must be heavy London fog obscuring one Brit blogger's view of the ways things are in the National Football League. James Moore, a blogger for the UK's Independent, views the NFL as "Not For Liberals." That's news to us Yanks, who've just seen the league shell out $89 million for social justice causes and watched this liberal league headed by a very liberal commissioner threaten to withdraw the Super Bowl from states legislating for stronger religious freedom laws.

With glowing media coverage of their efforts, professional athletes in Philadelphia are pushing for the release of gangsta rapper and prison inmate Meek Mill (photographed at 76ers' game with Nicki Minaj in 2016). Today Bleacher Report and TMZ both called attention to the NBA's Philadelphia 76ers visiting Mill in prison because they believe he's being treated so unfairly by the law. During the past football season, the Super Bowl champion Eagles also made Mill's release a major priority.

Traditionally, the news media have demonstrated great interest in movies with social or political themes, but so far Chappaquiddick has been completely ignored by CBS This Morning, while NBC’s Today and ABC’s Good Morning America have each featured only a single segment about the film.

In an obnoxious and greatly misleading article published on Wednesday, CNN media reporter Brian Stelter championed former KHGI-TV producer Justin Simmons for quitting his job at a Sinclair Broadcast Group-owned ABC affiliate in Nebraska following the controversy of their scripted promise to be factual. While Stelter tried to portray Simmons as a down-the-middle journalist standing up to corrupt conservative state propaganda, his subject has a long history steeped in the leftist anti-Trump resistance movement.