'Just Google It': Rep. Waltz Shreds CNN's Fact-Check Of His RNC Speech

July 20th, 2024 10:07 AM

Florida Rep. Mike Waltz joined CNN News Central host Boris Sanchez on Thursday to recap his speech to the Republican National Convention and gave Sanchez more than he bargained for as he ripped apart Sanchez's fact-checking colleague Daniel Dale’s from the previous night.

GROSS: Politico, NYT Exploit Inhofe's Death to Attack Climate Views

July 9th, 2024 2:30 PM

The eco-fanatics at Politico and The New York Times exploited a Republican Senator’s death to grave-stomp over his climate change skepticism. 


NBC News Inadvertently Exposes Big Government Climate Folly

July 9th, 2024 1:19 AM

An NBC News item on lost solar energy inadvertently exposes the folly of big-government climate policies such as the Green New Deal, and building mandates. The report also exposes the extent to which the market does not actually support an electrification agenda.


MSNBC's Ana Cabrera Lets Doom-Pushing Author Hype Current Heat Wave

June 25th, 2024 10:16 PM

On Monday morning, MSNBC host Ana Cabrera let New York Times writer David Wallace-Wells have a segment to hype the current heat wave and push for the elimination of fossil fuel use.


Give Up This Kitchen Item… to ‘Help the Planet,’ Claims GMA

June 20th, 2024 12:43 PM

The climate change cult is alive and well in legacy media. ABC News’s Good Morning America wants Americans to give up paper towels to “help the planet.” 


CNN's Gloomy Climate Expert: 'There Is No Economy on a Dead Planet'

June 19th, 2024 9:59 PM

On Tuesday morning, CNN host Jim Acosta gave a forum to global warming alarmist Michael Mann to hype the current heat wave hitting the U.S. The liberal climate scientist went so far a to predict a "dead planet" where there is no economy if the world continues to use fossil fuels.


Joy Reid Justifies Climate Crazies’ Run-In At Congressional Ball Game

June 14th, 2024 12:56 AM

MSNBC’s Joy Reid opened her nightly hourlong cavalcade of hateful ramblings with a justification of the climate extinctionists that very briefly interrupted the Congressional Baseball game at Nationals Park before getting swiftly speared into oblivion by the U.S. Capitol Police.

Meta AI Excuses Degrowth Communism as Tool to Fight Climate Change

June 13th, 2024 9:57 AM

It’s bad enough when prominent leftist media outlets try to rationalize insane communist ideas in the name of fighting climate change. But it’s downright terrifying when artificial intelligence does it on its own.


CBS Admits EV Complications, Says Customers Don't Want to Be 'Forced'

June 10th, 2024 4:06 PM

Monday’s episode of CBS Mornings included a segment on declining interest in electric vehicles. CBS admitted the complications, with correspondent Ben Tracy citing customers’ desire not to feel “forced” in their car purchases.

WashPost Throws Eco Temper Tantrum Over Air Conditioning at Olympics

June 8th, 2024 11:00 AM

The list of everyday necessities the climate fanatics at The Washington Post choose to complain about as enemies of Gaia continues to grow at an exponential rate.

The Atlantic Justified ‘Degrowth Communism’ to Fight Climate Change

June 4th, 2024 11:03 AM

Leftist outlets like The Atlantic seem to have a bad habit of yanking the most insane political ideas out of the ether to make them sound less nutty than they are. Its recent treatment of “degrowth communism” to fight climate change is no exception.


Michael Knowles Mocks Pete Buttigieg’s Failed Electric Vehicle Rollout

May 30th, 2024 6:25 PM

Daily Wire host Michael Knowles applauded CBS Face the Nation moderator Margaret Brennan for laying bare the absurdity of a Biden administration initiative. When questioned on CBS, Biden Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg had no good defense for the absurdly slow and expensive rollout of electric vehicle (EV) chargers across the country.

Load of Crap: Krugman Dry Heaves Over Stench of Climate Change Denial

May 29th, 2024 9:22 AM

The New York Times Bidenomics apologist Paul Krugman took a detour from regurgitating his usual awful economic takes — AGAIN — to throw another fit over climate change “denial.”

The Bee-pocalypse: Another Scare Story the Media Got Wrong

May 24th, 2024 5:08 PM

Have you heard about the “bee-pocalypse?” My new video explains. Honeybees are dying! It’s another environmental crisis we’re supposed to worry about. The media call it “bee-pocalypse” and “bee-mageddon!” A YouTube video with 15 million views says bee-mageddon “could lead to millions of people starving!”