Ex-Biden Lackey on CNBC: Ditch Oil and Coal to Fix Inflation

July 15th, 2024 5:07 PM

Heritage Foundation economist E. J. Antoni quickly set a former Biden official straight after she tried to promote spending on green energy as a solution to economic woes.


Kevin O’Leary Celebrates Major Company Abandoning DEI: ‘Good for Them’

July 2nd, 2024 3:28 PM

Shark Tank star Kevin O’Leary, aka “Mr. Wonderful,” offered a passionate defense of Tractor Supply’s decision to put customers over ESG ratings.


CNBC, Ex-Senator Imply Video of Biden Wandering at G-7 Is a 'Deepfake'

June 18th, 2024 2:42 PM

On the CNBC afternoon show The Exchange on Monday, anchor Kelly Evans and current CNBC contributor (and ex-Democrat Senator) Heidi Heitkamp implied that embarrassing video of Joe Biden turning around and wandering a few steps during a skydiving exhibition was a "deepfake," and not just a question of getting a different impression depending on camera angles. 


CNBC’s Kernen Warns of ‘Stagflation’ in Biden’s America

May 20th, 2024 4:26 PM

A restaurant owner minced no words on the immense costs that are devastating his business as inflation continues to harm both owners and customers under President Joe Biden. 


This Is Really Bad: Soros Comrade Openly Rebukes Bidenomics

May 8th, 2024 9:48 AM

The former managing director at Soros Fund Management panned President Joe Biden’s management of the economy during a CNBC appearance. 

FLASHBACK: Media Seized on Elián Saga to Vilify Anti-Communists

April 21st, 2024 10:11 AM

24 years ago, gun-toting immigration officers snatched six-year-old Elian Gonzalez from his Miami home, in preparation to send him back to Cuba. Throughout the five-month saga, liberal journalists insisted there was nothing superior about living in the United States and slammed Florida's anti-communist Cuban community as a “banana republic.”


Telemundo Was ONLY Newscast to Cover the End of Disney vs. DeSantis

March 28th, 2024 12:39 AM

The corporate media placed themselves on the side of the sexualization of our children in schools and in opposition to Florida’s Parental Rights in Education Act, referring to the statute not by its name but by the term coined by the rainbow mafia- “Don’t Say Gay”. They then fawned over Disney’s decision to sue the state over revocation of its exclusive government entity. But only Telemundo…


Bongino CALLS OUT Major ESG Entity Exploiting Americans

March 22nd, 2024 5:29 PM

Syndicated radio host Dan Bongino called out a major financial advisory group for promoting Environmental, Social and Governance-related (ESG) investing after the group was confronted about it on national television. 

Tone Deaf? Google Drops Elections-Focused Announcement in Europe

March 22nd, 2024 4:33 PM

Google continues its efforts to control online information and counter "misinformation", according to a blog post from MRC Free Speech America. Google is funding the Elections24Check project, aiming to use a database of articles for fact-checking political claims made in Europe. The project includes partnerships with fact-checking organizations and media literacy initiatives. Critics, such as…


WATCH: SEC Chair Looked Really Foolish Defending ESG Push on CNBC

March 7th, 2024 3:10 PM

Gary Gensler, the eco-obsessed Securities and Exchange Commission chair, went on CNBC to make a pathetic attempt to defend a recent, outrageous decision forcing American businesses make climate change-related disclosures.

News Flash: Politicians Excel at Lying

March 5th, 2024 5:32 PM

Politicians aren’t good at much, but they do excel at one thing – lying. They lie about the border. Both parties refuse to acknowledge the danger of a growing and unsustainable debt (CNBC reports it’s increasing by $1 trillion about every 100 days). Consider. President Biden had his annual physical exam last week. When asked if a cognitive test was part of it, White House Press Secretary…


Meta Exec Confesses Major 2024 Election Interference Plan Live on Air

February 19th, 2024 5:22 PM

A top Meta executive admitted on live television that the majority of his company’s employees are involved in censoring speech.


NYU Social Psychologist: Antisemitism the ‘Inevitable Outcome’ of DEI

February 13th, 2024 10:15 AM

Social psychologist Jonathan Haidt rebuked Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) during a Feb. 8 speech at the University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill, directly blaming the leftist ideology for growing anti-Semitism.


FLASHBACK: Media Slammed Clinton’s ’99 Trial as a ‘Stalinist’ ‘Coup’

February 11th, 2024 10:17 AM

25 years ago, the U.S. Senate voted to acquit President Bill Clinton at his impeachment trial. At the time, journalists sneered that the trial of was a pointless waste of the Senate’s valuable time, while viewers heard it was an attempted “coup,” something “Stalinist” that evoked memories of Nazi Germany. Republicans were like KKK “night riders,” motivated by racism in their vendetta against a…