So Much for Childhood: 30 Kids Shows, Toys Push LGBTQ Agenda Over A Year

June 16th, 2021 10:32 AM

Once upon a time, parents could feel okay about letting their children watch cartoons or ogle the shelves of toy stores. Chances were good they’d come away with their innocence intact. No more. Progressive LGBT etc. propaganda now litters the cartoons, commercials and even the toy aisles. 

Don’t believe it? MRC Culture found that within the last year, from June 2020 to June 2021, at least 30 different pieces of mainstream media and consumer products – many of them children’s TV episodes – assaulted kids with extreme lefty propaganda, mostly focused on promoting the LGBTQ agenda.



Nickelodeon’s Blue’s Clues for example -- a show for toddlers -- featured a colorfully-animated gay pride march complete with transgender beavers. A new Captain America comicbook series featured the iconic hero re-imagined as a gay man. A PBS station actually broadcast a drag queen performance to kids in the “3-8” age range living in New York City, and LEGO is now making its “first LGBTQ-themed set.” 

And if you think that was bad, Nickelodeon opened Pride month 2021 with a video of RuPaul’s Drag Race star drag queen Nina West singing about pride to kids. And since this was the 2021 version of Pride, West educated young viewers about being proud of “transgender people of color,” singing while a BLM fist showed up onscreen in front of the LGBTQ flag. 

Also a reboot of early-2000s Disney Channel classic, The Proud Family, was announced this year. The new show will feature new woke characters, like interracial gay fathers, who have a “non-binary” activist child. Teen Vogue also pimped out “pronoun”-themed jewelry to its young readers this year, encouraging them to think trans ideology is cool and stylish. 

Included in this number are also bits of media, which although may not be aimed at children’s consumption directly, featured kids in homosexual situations or other radical roles, which of course normalize this weird behavior in the public consciousness. One NBC program featured two 13 year-old lesbians engaging in intimate behavior, for example.

And of course, who could forget Netflix’s Cuties, a 2020 movie which put underage female actresses in problematic situations, like being scantily clad on camera while performing erotic dances. Of course the film’s apologists said it was making a point about the dangers of sexualizing children, but did they really need to sexualize children in order to do that?

In addition, HBO took a sympathetic look at trans children with a documentary titled Transhood. One of the stories in the film featured a “trans” four year-old named Phoenix who is shown being taken to a woke Christian church, where the community fawns over him wearing girls’ clothing and wanting to be a princess.

This number also includes some programming directed at parents to help them deal with kids who are radically LGBTQ, or to help them make sure their kids turn out that way. A Time magazine article offered a guide to “Gender Creative Parenting.” The Washington Post featured social justice books and toys for toddlers as well. 

In addition to the 30 instances of entertainment/media pushing for the destruction of childhood innocence, several main children’s programming networks shared a total of 89 social media posts over Instagram and Twitter over the course of that year, which demonstrated their commitment to far-left, LGBTQ ideology. Nickelodeon, Cartoon Network, and Disney each shared many social media posts promoting Pride Month and other LGBTQ causes.

This is what children’s programming is doing, and time will only tell what the real damage to society is. Seeing the transgender beavers in Blue’s Clues makes us fear it will be worse than we could imagine.