Nickelodeon’s Disturbing Drag Queen Music Video Gets Kids To Love Trans/BLM Agenda

June 8th, 2021 3:07 PM

If your children have access to a screen and the internet they are in more danger than ever of being inundated with hyper-radical sexual politics. This Pride month, children’s programming outlets are pulling out the stops to make kids okay with the trans agenda.

In a highly disturbing music video produced by kids’ cable TV network Nickelodeon, a peppy singing drag queen named Nina West educated kids about pride month and all the support they need to show to oppressed LGBTQ peoples, from the gays to the transgenders.

West, a former star of RuPaul’s Drag Race, essentially brought a virtual Drag Queen Story Hour into the homes of America’s children, singing the song titled “The Meaning of Pride.” Of course all ages from all households, whether those are pro-LGBTQ or traditional Christians, were at risk of seeing a man in flamboyant drag tell them that people of all manner of immoral sexual persuasions deserve to be “proud.”

We guess paying the cable bill counts as consent for this sexual inundation, huh?

West’s heavy propaganda began with lyrics like, “Every color on the Pride Flag is a symbol in the sky. And I’m proud to be me every time that I see that pride flag waving high.” The video featured vibrant colors and fun animations meant to enthrall youngsters. 

One of the most telling signs of this propaganda being more radical and transgressive than usual, is that the video's pride flag had trans and oppressed people of color triangle on it. So not only this about celebrating the homosexual lifestyle, it was about promoting trans lifestyle and toxic critical race theory.



Basically it has become the anti-Western Civilization flag, and Nina and Nickelodeon want kids to be proud about that.

West sang about each color of the flag in particular, and when he got to the pink and blue “pro-trans” colors, he sang, “Baby blue, pink and white represent transgender people, because every letter in LGBTQ+ is equal. And black and brown represent the queer and trans people of color.” 

The inclusion of the Black Lives Matter fist in the video was a nice touch too. Parents should really feel at ease seeing their kids raise their fists on behalf of gender confused African Americans who rationalize participating in violent Marxist protests. 

The jaunty tune continued with Nina singing, “Doesn’t it just feel you with pride, showing who you are on the inside? With the pride flag up high, be true to you.” So this is about getting kids when they’re very young and telling them whatever is going on in their heads is beautiful and valid, even though they’ve yet to mature, or are being raised in a certain, more traditional way by their parents.

Nickelodeon needs to back off. Sure they can preach tolerance, but using candy-coated messaging to influence kids with extreme leftwing agendas is abuse.