Jonathan Van Ness, one of the hosts of the Netflix cable channel’s Queer Eye television series, learned the hard way this week what happens to people who dare to disagree with their fellow liberal Democrats in public. The clash started after candidates from the GOP won primary elections across the country the previous day, but his reward for stating that not all Republicans are evil and racist was to be slammed by other posters online.

A pesar de que el presentador de CNN en Español, Juan Carlos López, afirmó que la prohibición de la terapia de conversión en Inglaterra era un tema controvertido, la audiencia de Directo USA tuvo un único punto de vista al respecto, el del Dr. Elmer Huerta, un hematólogo con sede en Washington, DC, quien elogió la decisión del país de no permitir que las personas reciban la terapia.

Despite CNN en Español’s anchor Juan Carlos López affirmation that the ban of conversion therapy in England was a controversial issue, viewers of Directo USA were treated to one sole point of view on the matter, that of Dr. Elmer Huerta, a hematologist based in Washington, D.C., who hailed the country’s decision to disallow individuals from receiving the therapy.

It’s been a long time coming, but Disney finally committed to unveiling it’s very first official gay character. Exciting times, right? Well, for some, not quite. The news hasn’t been as exciting for the lefties against whitewashing and all things cultural appropriation, because actor Jack Whitehall is not gay.

CW strikes again to defeat the bigots and the homophobes. After just recently casting transgender activist Nicole Maines as a transgender superhero, the broadcasting company has made another statement by casting openly lesbian Ruby Rose as Batwoman.

On Sunday, panelists on MSNBC’s AM Joy attacked Attorney General Jeff Sessions and his defense of religious liberty in the United States. Without question or dissent, Sessions was condemned in the harshest of terms. Host Joy Reid asked Minister Jonathan Wilson-Hartgrove about his position that defending religious liberty is really only defending conservative Christians. He claimed: “I think this way that religious freedom is being framed is rooted in the history of slave holder religion and the way in the 20th century that it tried to justify discrimination.” 

If PC can make 100-year-old statues disappear, it certainly can erase rock n’ roll songs. This summer’s deluxe re-issue of rock band Guns N’ Roses’ 1987 album, Appetite for Destruction, was packaged without an original song due to homophobic and racist content.

You know the Emmys. You know the Oscars. You always hear about -- but honestly, never pay attention to -- the Golden Globes. But have you heard about the new lefty-run awards show, “The Golden Probes?” If your initial thought was, “Hmm, that sounds kind of dirty,” you’re right. Innuendos aside, the premise of the event is pretty foul.

Hollywood hypocrisy is the gift that keeps on giving. Various identity groups like GLAAD have been hammering the entertainment media industry to putting more and more “marginalized” groups on screen, and now there’s a liberal university study railing for better quota fulfillment.

One can make a strong case that the only reason Jaelene Hinkle was invited last week to the U.S. national women's soccer team training camp was to avoid accusations of blackballing a Christian player. But the invite appears to be a sham; she was cut just five days after the call-up, amid hateful LGBT rants against her. Eric Adelson, columnist for Yahoo! Sports, examined how this controversy represents a collision of Christianity and the LGBT movement at the intersection of sports.

What better way to squash a young, woke bisexual woman’s enthusiasm for being a spokesperson for a skin care company than to tell her that the company’s CEO contributed money to the Family Research Center? That is exactly what happened in the July 24 episode of Freeform’s The Bold Type titled “Plan B,” when the FRC is called one of those "racist, anti-LGBTQ groups."

The Trans Moment is here, with less than one percent of the population is now calling the cultural shots for the entertainment industry. Pressured by LGBTQ groups and their allies, Scarlett Johansson recently stepped down from her role as a trans person in the film Rub & Tug.