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Fox’s The Mick finally got to the much-anticipated scene of a little boy wearing a dress saying it "breezes on his vagina," and the resulting episode is somehow even worse than the trailer implied, with the poor child having sexuality confusion as a result of being made to act transgender.

Having finally watched an episode of HBO’s Girls, I can now honestly say how inane, self-righteous, raunchy, and, quite honestly, stupid the show is first-hand. This is not something I say proudly, especially when it regards a topic something that should never be covered by Lena Dunham: women’s accusations of rape.

This week ABC’s Blackish takes on the judicial system and how it relates to black people. If you think that’s a recipe for disaster…you have really good instincts. Perhaps you should spend the half-hour buying lottery tickets rather than watching another weekly lecture on the show - you’ll have a better chance of getting something good.

After the outrageous season trailer promo for Fox’s The Mick went viral, I almost thought they would be shamed into cutting the image of a 7-year-old boy wearing a dress, but apparently that image is still alive and well in this most recent episode, albeit in a different dress.

This week ABC’s The Real O’Neals focused on the often-overlooked Catholic sacrament of Confirmation. As Kenny (Noah Galvin) states, it’s an act that “strengthens our bond with the Church.” Sounds like a nice little episode, right? Nope! That connection with the Church apparently extends to seeing God as whatever you want, even a woman. Yeah, nobody shows the bond to Catholic Church stronger than The Real O’Neals.

Showtime’s Homeland is really working on trying to get back on the good side of liberals this season, even after empathizing with terrorist sympathizers and demeaning Israeli settlers. But if they want a medal for that, they’ll have to wait a lot longer than six seasons. Until then, we have to deal with their next appeasement to the liberal crowds: an Alex Jones parody.

Despite the fact that I’m a Millennial myself, I’m always surprised by the things my generation is apparently doing. CBS’s The Great Indoors adds a new shock with Millennials definition of open relationships and hookup culture. 

Hulu’s original series The Path is halfway through its second season, but fortunately for us, they still managed to squeeze in a little questionable behavior for us to cover. This time, the show took time to briefly discuss the hardly-discussed topic of systemic racism in prison. They’re so considerate.

I've always considered CW’s Arrow the more conservative show of the DC universe (which means almost nothing) since it follows a physically tough man using his hard-earned abilities to defend himself and the city where he lives. That being said, if Supergirl couldn’t even handle the subject of gun control, what makes them think that a show where literally every character uses a weapon would be a better platform?

What a pleasant thing to end another Valentine’s Day: minors possibly having a threesome. Forget the flowers. Forget the chocolates. Forget all that sentimental notion of finding that special person who can love and cherish you. No, The Mick’s implication of two underage boys in a bathtub waiting for an older girl is something that will stick with me, whether I like it or not. 

IIn Chicago, there is a 1 in 33 chance that you could become a victim of a crime. Sounds to me like owning a gun would almost be a no-brainer to defend yourself. However, in the Chicago of CBS's Superior Donuts, gun ownership is still treated as a controversial event despite the hundreds of murders that occur yearly in that city.

Liberals love to brag about how tolerant they can be as they arrogantly shove their beliefs down our throats. The only thing really shocking about the process anymore is how they still find ways to push the boundaries of society, and Modern Family still aims to the trendsetter with the newest concept: raising kids to be gay.

On Thursday's episode of ABC's Scandal, “Fates Worse Than Death,” we learn the background of Cyrus Beene’s (Jeff Perry) involvement in the assassination of President-elect Frankie Vargas (Ricardo Chavira). What starts as the show's typical dubious behavior dissolves into every questionable act in the book, but nothing quite as in-your-face as the ongoing gay agenda push.

ABC's show Blackish likes to focus on black issues as if it has authority to speak for every single black person in America. But every so often, they like to touch on other social issues, like gay wedding cakes. How lucky we are to have Blackish to show us these important views!

I’ll never understand why slamming white people and only white people is considered a joke. Furthermore, I can’t understand how liberals seem to do it so easily despite their claim “love trumps hate.” Both those things are on full display from just one line in the most recent episode of Fresh Off The Boat.

The new CBS series Superior Donuts premiered on Thursday night with a surprisingly free-wheeling, non-PC attitude. Within the first few scenes it’s mocking a millennial in a gender studies course and a businessman from Iraq. However, to exist in this country, I guess you have to make one offensive joke for every decent one, and demonizing cops is as insulting as it gets.

Apparently defending an Islamic terrorist sympathizer was not enough for Showtime's Homeland. For good measure, they have to demonize Israeli settlers for their mere existence on the West Bank.

After a long delay, ABC's Scandal returned for its sixth season premiere on Thursday night, fast-forwarding to election night after ending season five in the middle of a presidential campaign between "Republican" First Lady Mellie Grant (Bellamy Young) and Democrat Francisco "Frankie" Vargas (Ricardo Chavira).

One can be forgiven for considering reality stranger than fiction these days, but nothing will remind you how ridiculous political shows can be like the 6th season premiere of Showtime’s Homeland. If this episode is any indication, get ready for a new season of political correctness, terrorism edition.

I suppose none of us will ever forget where we were on November 8, 2016, because liberals will never stop grumbling about it. Beyond the Golden Globes, the tip of liberal Hollywood outcry would have to be Wednesday night’s episode of Black-ish on ABC. Get ready for all of your favorite liberal cliches in a convenient and obnoxious thirty-minute package.