'Supergirl': Black Men In America Live 'Harder Existence'

April 16th, 2018 9:53 PM

After a lengthy hiatus, CW’s Supergirl has finally returned to fight for truth, justice, and the social justice way. Already in this season, we've been reminded on how America loathes Mexicans, homosexuals, and, of course, women in power right in line with liberal values. Sure enough, the most recent episode does not disappoint the pattern with a new reminder on how hard black men have it in America. At least we’re back on schedule.

The April 16 episode “Schott Through The Heart” features a plot surrounding Martian agent/shapeshifter J’onn J’onzz (David Heywood) reconnecting with his father M’yrnn (Carl Lumbly) as M’yrnn begins a new life on Earth. One way they try to do that is with a small housewarming dinner with J’onn’s partner Alex (Chyler Leigh) after a night of karaoke.

It’s perfectly innocent enough until we jump into racial issues because of J'onn's shapeshifting abilities. As one usually does at a dinner, I suppose.  



Alex: So, some of that old time rock 'N' roll, huh? That was an epic karaoke performance.

M’yrnn: Indeed. But a problematic genre.

Alex: Been on the Internet?

M’yrnn: Yes. Many of the pioneers of rock 'N' roll were humans of color who did not receive the fame or fortune their white counterparts did.

Alex: Have you faced many challenges in your human form since you've been here?

M’yrnn: No. My relative isolation has its silver linings. My son has found goodhearted friends in his time on this planet. You all treat me like family.

Alex: You've chosen to live as a black man in America, which is a harder existence, in and of itself. Why?

J’onn: You know, I was... I was forced to become Hank Henshaw out of desperation, but now I choose this face. I like it. And I wouldn't want to live in a world where I need to change the color of my skin to feel safe, to feel seen, to feel like I'm not a target. I'd rather change the world.

M’yrnn: And whatever my son's fight may be, I choose it as well.

Alex: And I have your backs.

J’onn: Let's drink to that.

Alex: Cheers.

Why do we have to insert race into it at all? Supergirl has already been ruining superheroes on television by whining about Nazis and global warming.