Happy New Year! The Top 10 Most Outrageously Liberal TV Scenes of 2018

January 2nd, 2019 7:00 AM

Another year, another opportunity for TV writers to express their liberal bias and deeply-rooted Trump Derangement Syndrome. Unless you’re a fan of bashing conservatives, stroking racial tensions, and sexualizing children, 2018 was not a great year for television. As I feared, things have definitely gotten worse

Check out the top ten worst liberal tv scenes of 2018:

1. Murphy Brown - Reporter Beaten at Trump Rally, Attacked by 'Sea of Red Hats'

CBS’s recent revival of Murphy Brown has been episode after episode of bashing Trump, hating conservatives, and endorsing liberal policies (or even liberal figures). One perfect example of all three comes from the November 29 episode titled “Beat the Press.” When reporter Frank (Joe Regalbuto) is called out by Trump as “Fibbin’ Frank Fontana” at a rally, he finds himself the victim of assault by “a sea of red hats” and ends up in the hospital.



2. Law and Order: Special Victims Unit - ‘SVU’ Depicts Brutal Rape of Female Conservative Commentator

NBC’s Law & Order: Special Victims Unit sadly has only gotten worse as the year continued. On top of episodes on euthanizing babies and school shootings, we’ve suffered through propaganda pieces on border separations and the rape allegations against Justice Kavanaugh. The worst of the worst, however, remains the February episode titled “Info Wars” where an Ann Coulter-like female right-wing pundit is raped with an ANTIFA sign. Even after this shameful crime against her, the SVU team struggles to find any sympathy because she supports "closing down Planned Parenthood or deporting the Dreamers."



3. I Love You, America - 'Pansexual' Jesus Votes and Curses on Sarah Silverman's Hulu Show

Probably any episode of Hulu’s I Love You, America with Sarah Silverman could have fit on this list. From climate change fear-mongering to two episodes decrying Brett Kavanaugh, the second half of the season was somehow even worse than the first. More unfortunately, it features another depiction of the liberal and now "pansexual" Jesus Christ, this time at the polls for the midterm elections.



4. This Is Us - 10-Year-Old Girl Comes Out as Gay on Hit NBC Drama

This year, NBC’s This Is Us provided more shocking material than usual. The episode “Six Thanksgivings” features the shocking scene of a 10-year-old girl coming out as gay. Sadly, outing children seems to be all the rage these days.



5. Will & Grace - Bakery Won't Make MAGA Cake: Conservatives are 'Terrible People' with 'Horrible Beliefs'

Just like the recent reboot of Murphy Brown, NBC’s Will & Grace has remained a reliable source of conservative hatred in its revival. In the closing half of the year, the show has hiked up the liberal bias with revisionist history and claims that marriage is a “weird thing” invented by straight men. However, nothing beats the play on the real-life Masterpiece Cake Shop v. Colorado Civil Rights Commission court case with a bakery refusing to bake a MAGA cake for "terrible people."



6. How To Get Away With Murder - ABC Drama Claims 'Racism is Built Into the DNA of America'


Although her political drama Scandal has recently finished, producer Shonda Rhimes continues to push her agenda with shows like How to Get Away With Murder. In the big crossover event between both shows in March, black female attorney Annalise Keating (Viola Davis) argues that Jim Crow is still "alive and kicking" in America during a big class-action judicial reform case.



7. Our Cartoon President - 'How Do Grown Adults Still Worship Jesus?' Colbert's Trump Cartoon Mocks Christians on Easter

Stephen Colbert’s entire Showtime series Our Cartoon President is truly a low point when it comes to Trump Derangement Syndrome on television. On top of being an embarrassing and crude smear on the president, no other series this year had the gall to outright mock Christianity on Easter Sunday.



8. Blackish - Episode Teaches Black Kids 'America Hates You'

ABC’s Blackish has always been the go-to show for lecturing viewers on racism. Among such hits as hailing Colin Kaepernick as a civil rights leader, who could forget the time they told black children to remember that “America hates you”?



9. Ballers - Season 4 Finale Wishes 'Make My President Black Again'

HBO’s Ballers really took a downturn this year with a nearly season-long tirade against Donald Trump and conservatives. It’s truly a sign when not even regular viewers enjoy this shift. The season finale topped off the decline with conservative-bashing material including insulting Sarah Huckabee Sanders and plugging a “Make My President Black Again” hat. Then there is the scene where main character Joe (Rob Corddry) talks with brothers Julian (Steven Weber) and Brett Anderson (Richard Schiff) as the latter are portrayed as rich, racist caricatures. Joe tells them, "A moron bullshitted his way into the Oval Office by doing nothing more than lying and doubling down."



10. The Good Fight: 'We Need to Assassinate the President' 

Earlier this year, television broached the subject of ousting a president not once, not twice, but three times in one week. CBS All-Access’s The Good Fight took this obvious propaganda one step further with an outright assassination fantasy. Lawyer Diane Lockhart (Christine Baranski) advocates for it herself when she defends her friend after he is arrested for rioting.

She warns him not to say anything radical to which he replies, “Oh, like, we need to assassinate the President?” Diane then finds a gun in his bag and demands to know if he was joking. Tully responds, “Why? You don’t believe in regime change?” When she hands him back the gun after unloading it, he tells her, “This won’t slow us down.” 



BONUS: Madam Secretary - Hillary Clinton Advises CBS's 'Madam Secretary' on White Nationalist Threat

CBS’s Madam Secretary was not the only show that featured a cameo from infamous non-president Hillary Clinton this year, but her appearance in the season 5 premiere was still a doozy. The episode “E Pluribus Unum” follows an attack on the White House from a white nationalist group, and Secretary of State Elizabeth McCord (Téa Leoni) struggles to reassure the nation. She then turns to the advice of past secretaries, including Hillary Clinton, to unite the people. Only this show can make Hillary Clinton seem unifying.



Here’s to 2019 hopefully being a better year for conservatives and decency on tv.