Paramount+ Drama: GOP Will ‘Trash Everything' if They Win

September 30th, 2022 5:11 PM

The extremely liberal Paramount+ drama The Good Fight is unfortunately back for a 6th season, and they’ve continued to vomit liberal ideology all over the screen, as per usual. 

Antifa rallies and destroys everything in its path

Oops: Antifa Accidentally Attacks Pro-Abortion Center During Riots

June 28th, 2022 2:44 PM

The left’s rage about the inability to murder children is such that they have begun to attack their own. The leftist militant groups are willing to burn and destroy anything that stands in their way, even if the building’s on their side! 

Pro-life center nationwide have been the victims of terrorist attacks

Antifa Celebrates Bombing of Pregnancy Centers

June 22nd, 2022 3:09 PM

In light of the leaked Supreme Court decision that could overturn Roe v. Wade, the pro-aborts have been taking all measures to protect their cherished baby sacrifices. Numerous groups have been engaging in domestic terrorist attacks against pro-life centers, including the left’s…

After Portland Riots, NYTimes Finds FBI Surveillance a Bad Thing Again

December 26th, 2021 10:18 PM

Portland, Oregon has endured rioting, vandalism, and assaults in its downtown area for months on end. So, after uncovering evidence that federal agents tried to track and punish such activity, the New York Times came down hard -- not on the rioters, but the FBI itself, on Thursday’s front page, co-written by Seattle bureau chief Mike Baker.

Joyce Vance MSNBC MTP Daily 11-19-21

MSNBC Analyst: Rittenhouse Like A Bank Robber Shooting His Way Out

November 19th, 2021 2:18 PM

On MTP Daily on MSNBC, Joyce Vance, an MSNBC legal analyst and former Obama appointee as a US Attorney, commenting on Kyle Rittenouse's acquittal, says: " this strikes me as an odd situation for self-defense. It's something akin to saying that if you go in a bank and rob it and people are trying to apprehend you, you can shoot your way out and claim self-defense. That's a little bit…

Brianna Keilar Robert Hirschhorn CNN New Day 11-16-21

Rittenhouse: On CNN, Lawyer Claims Skateboard Can't Be Lethal Weapon

November 17th, 2021 10:08 AM

On CNN's New Day, Robert Hirschhorn, a jury-selection consultant, trying to refute Kyle Rittenhouse's claim of self-defense, says: "I’m sorry, no one ever died as a result of being hit by a skateboard. Now, you point a gun at somebody, you have the right to defend yourself. But being kicked or being hit, you don’t bring a gun to a fistfight. You don’t bring a gun when somebody is hitting you…

Tiffany Cross Brittany Packnett Cunningham MSNBCThe Cross Connection 11-13-21

LOL: MSNBC Regular Claims Liberal Media Going Too Easy on Rittenhouse!

November 14th, 2021 8:50 AM

Yeah, that's the problem: the MSM has gone too easy on Kyle Rittenhouse! Incredibly, Brittany Packnett Cunningham claimed exactly that this morning on Tiffany Cross's MSNBC show, where's Cunningham's a frequent guest. Of all outlets, Cunningham amazingly singled out the New York Times as taking it too easy on Rittenhouse. Yeah, that dastardly, conservative-controlled, Gray Lady!


CNN: Rittenhouse ‘Ultimate' Case of ‘White Wannabe Vigilantism'

November 12th, 2021 11:45 AM

Was CNN watching the same trial the rest of America was? Apparently not, because the “Facts First” network abandoned truth for their politically convenient narrative on Friday, calling the Kyle Rittenhouse case an ultimate example of “white vigilantism.”

Joe Scarborough Claire McCaskill MSNBC Morning Joe 11-12-21

MSNBC on Rittenhouse: 'Extraordinarily Difficult' for Prosecution

November 12th, 2021 10:55 AM

On Morning Joe, former prosecutor Charles Coleman, and host Joe Scarborough admit that the prosecution is facing an "uphill battle" in attempting to convict Kyle Rittenhouse. Scarborough added that things were "going to be extraordinarily difficult for the prosecution."


Cruel Joy Behar Mocks Rittenhouse Tears: ‘Worst Acting I've Ever Seen'

November 11th, 2021 6:07 PM

Joy Behar has praised murderous communist dictators, yet she has no sympathy for a teenager who’s on trial for murder because he shot people attacking him. On today’s The View, the co-host and her peers cruelly mocked Kyle Rittenhouse’s tearful testimony that he acted in self-defense, with Behar scoffing it was the “worst acting” she’d ever seen and Ana Navarro sneering the teen would…

NYT’s Huge Kenosha Riot Story Dwells on Rittenhouse, ‘Paramilitaries'

October 26th, 2021 10:48 PM

New York Times story editor Charles Homans unloaded 10,000-words of ideologically charged pot-stirring in the form of an upcoming Sunday Magazine piece “Kyle Rittenhouse and the New Era of Political Violence -- What brought the teenager and so many others to the streets of Kenosha, Wis., equipped for war?” Rittenhouse was the 17-year-old who shot three people at a riot, two fatally,…


Don Lemon Sees 'Racism' in Comparing BLM to January 6 Capitol Rioters

October 5th, 2021 9:19 PM

Appearing on Tuesday's New Day on CNN, Don Lemon defended the liberal double standard of obsessing over the 1/6 Capitol Hill riots while defending the often violent left-wing protesters who rioted after the death of George Floyd.

Media Give Zero Seconds to Antifa’s Domestic Terror Plot

September 14th, 2021 10:26 AM

It’s been nearly a week since a former field organizer for Washington State Democrats was found guilty of terrorist attacks and violence against a railroad carrier; and so far, the liberal TV networks have not given the story a solitary second of airtime.

Column: Enhancing the Aura of Antifa

September 1st, 2021 5:43 AM

On August 25, Reuters investigative journalist Aram Roston profiled Nicole Armbruster, a self-proclaimed “anti-fascist” who is putting her “body on the line” against fascism and racism. They call this “rare insight” into this movement, but instead, it’s just letting a violent radical activist explain herself. The headline under Armbuster’s picture was “American Antifa: A woman's journey from…