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NBC’s The Blacklist has already shown us its view of how little facts matter in the world today. I guess it’s no surprise then that they fill in the gaps with their own narrative. The latest example is appealing to illegal immigrant supporters by literally pandering to them in action.

Well, we can’t say we weren’t warned. Freeform’s mermaid series Siren finally made good on its promise to create a polyamorous relationship between its three main characters, one man, one woman and one mermaid. In the latest episode, we witness the start of the actual interspecies threesome on Valentine's Day.

CW’s sci-fi alien drama Roswell, New Mexico continues to push its narrative that illegal immigrants are marginalized victims while legal immigration is pushed by bigots. In the meantime, however, the show also manages to throw digs at Trump and apparent “fake news.” Let the record show that these jabs make even less sense and are even more annoying.

Fox’s X-Men series The Gifted has unfortunately been a reliable source for left-wing propaganda lately. This week makes matters worse by dragging down the show's right-wing pundit even further than before. Make no mistake, this is definitely how the series views the right.

Siren, Freeform’s sci-fi fantasy series about mermaids, is really the last show that should be trying to make any commentary on politics or culture. Sadly, it’s trying to do both. In case the second season premiere's episode painting oil companies as an ongoing threat wasn’t enough, this week confirms without a doubt that they are “tearing the ecosystem apart.”

CW’s Roswell, New Mexico got off to a terrible start with its outright propaganda for illegal immigration in the premiere. Now, it seems to be doubling the effort. The most recent episode is so pro-illegal immigration that legal immigration is practically bigotry.

Despite terrible storylines and a notable, real-life #MeToo-type scandal, Showtime’s SMILF has somehow returned for a second season. In an effort to prove how grossly insane that decision was, the latest episode goes full throttle with the disgusting and sacrilegious “humor.” Sadly, last week's fairly tame season two premiere seems to have only been a fluke.

CW’s Supergirl has promised to debut the first transgender superhero on television, and now we’ve reached the cusp of that character's origin story. To absolutely no one’s surprise, it’s deluded, self-righteous, and more than a little confusing. But that’s what you get when pretending a man has the superpower to transform into a woman.

Netflix and Marvel’s The Punisher has returned for a second season despite a massive purge of Marvel shows in the previous year. The demand for ultra-violence and pseudo-politics were apparently enough to prevent its cancellation, so far. Rest assured, all of that returns for another thirteen episodes.

CW’s Roswell, New Mexico is the latest example of television constantly rebooting its past shows. Unfortunately, it’s also another example of television constantly shoving a leftist agenda down our throats. This newest series does its part by propping up more propaganda on behalf of illegal immigrants.

It’s clear by now that CBS’s Madam Secretary has a pretty warped view of reality. It perceives white nationalists as a national threat, promotes fake news as a dangerous epidemic, and still believes the U.S. rips children away from their parents at the border. Now they have a new delusion with corporate greed somehow threatening foreign stability.

The latest episode of NBC’s The Blacklist proves that nothing takes you more out of a story than referencing the current political environment. For a drama about the FBI’s dealings with a federal criminal, it really should be the last place to discuss the value of “facts” and “the truth” in today’s world.

It unfortunately didn’t take long for Fox’s X-Men series The Gifted to come back with another liberal pet issue. Last week's new year premiere gave us a Fox News-esque bad guy after the fall season's premiere provided a scene it thinks resembles an ICE raid. Now we’ve opened the “cop shooting an unarmed citizen” narrative with a bonus slam at “stand your ground” laws.

CBS’s Madam Secretary already conspired to spoil the holiday season by basing its 100th episode on family separations at the border. Now it returns to ruin the new year with another episode on the same subject. Somehow, it ends up more sanctimonious than a Golden Globes award winner.

Another year, another opportunity for TV writers to express their liberal bias and deeply-rooted Trump Derangement Syndrome. Unless you’re a fan of bashing conservatives, stroking racial tensions, and sexualizing children, 2018 was not a great year for television. As I feared, things have definitely gotten worse. 

Fox’s The Gifted has just returned for 2019, and it looks like it’s going back to making cheap parallels to “real-life” politics. While the X-Men series has already made the comparison between mutants and illegal immigrants, this story goes further by inserting Fox News-type opponents who fear the “murderers and rapists” among the mutants and spew fake news.

Remember how the previous episode of Midnight, Texas was a gore fest? Well the NBC show’s series finale is a gorefest with a political joke. It’s times like this someone really does need to make TV great again.

CBS’s Madam Secretary is proving to be the real Grinch this holiday season. In addition to premiering its 100th episode less than 48 hours before Christmas, it proceeds to feature a plot on family separations at the border. Somehow, I doubt anyone’s heart will grow three sizes after this day.

NBC’s supernatural drama Midnight, Texas is about to wrap up its second season, whether people notice or not. Despite coming at the most wonderful time of the year, this fantasy series is doubling down on its bloodiest and most questionable moments with beheadings of heroes and incestuous villains. Here I thought you had to watch Game of Thrones for that garbage.

CBS’s Madam Secretary is closing in on its 100th episode, so it’s bound to get crazier and crazier from here on out. Case in point, the latest episode reignites “the war on fake news” with more Russia conspiracies. Are there any other kinds anymore?