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After seven seasons, ABC’s Scandal has finally aired its last episode. Over the course of 124 episodes, the Shonda Rhimes-produced series has pretty much covered every aspect of the liberal agenda. However, as the finale proves, there’s always time to squeeze in a little more, especially when it comes to knocking white male privilege and promoting gun control. I guess it’s better to go out with an insufferable bang than with an annoying whimper.

Yes, it's happening again for the third time this week: ABC’s Designated Survivor joined the growing number of shows focusing on ousting a president from office. Ladies and gentlemen, I think we have a trend. The April 18 episode “Kirkman Agonistes” follows the public leak of audio notes from President Tom Kirkman’s (Kiefer Sutherland) private therapy sessions after the death of his wife. Because of the leaks, the press and even D.C. bureaucrats begin questioning Kirkman’s fitness to lead the nation.

CW’s Black Lightning finally comes to the close of a mostly uneventful yet still obnoxiously SJW first season. The latest comic-book series decides to end on a low note with a "Make America Great Again" reference from the bad guy. I guess the only real supervillain in media nowadays is Trump.

After a lengthy hiatus, CW’s Supergirl has finally returned to fight for truth, justice, and the social justice way. Sure enough, the most recent episode does not disappoint with a reminder on how hard black men have it in America. At least we’re back on schedule.

Showtime’s Homeland has already shown how they're relating the show to the Trump administration this season. Now they've show their true colors by finally reaching the end goal: invoking the 25th Amendment. Yes, I’m sure that forcibly removing the first female president will definitely show President Trump a thing or two.

NBC’s new comedy Champions already had a swing and a miss regarding feminism. Now it’s back trying to deal with the topic of diversity. And by talking about diversity, I am of course referring to the shaming of white people. Unfortunately to some liberals, that’s the same thing.

NBC’s Law & Order: Special Victims Unit has been particularly biased for this season, and the latest episode is no exception. Not only do we experience some full-on propaganda for transgenders in the military but a Twitter jab at the president as well. It’s about time I suppose.

April 10 is recognized as Equal Pay Day by online feminists, despite the fact that equal pay was achieved in the United States more than five decades ago. No matter, since logic and reason hasn’t stopped feminism yet. The season 7 premiere of Fox’s New Girl emphasizes that perfectly by throwing a empowering women-themed birthday party…for a three-year-old.  

Lifetime’s Mary Kills People has been a nonstop parade of worshipping death over life. Now that we’ve reached the second season finale, it seems they’ve saved the worst for last. Death might be a party according to these people, but there is nothing joyful that comes from this latest killing.

Everyone remember the infamous Iran Deal? Well, just like Hillary Clinton, it’s rearing its unsightly head back in the mainstream through the latest episode of CBS’s Madam Secretary. And don’t even think about questioning it, or you just might end up on the wrong side of patriotism.

It's 2018 and everything is offensive again. Even the once outrageous The Simpsons is debating the merits of politically correct insight into stories, starting with its own character Apu.

Syfy’s new series Krypton tells the story of Superman’s grandfather Seg-El (Cameron Cuffe) on his home planet of Krypton. It takes place approximately 200 years before that planet's destruction and follows their alien culture. That being said, the show apparently still has the time to shoe-horn a police brutality scene for us present-day Earthlings, as if any of us were begging for it.

ABC’s new drama For The People is back once again to teach us how to practice law SJW-style. We’ve seen them tackle racism not once but twice, so now they’re taking on a new opponent: evil corporations.

Rarely is there a show that seems to revel in its backwards, borderline evil logic. The latest episode of the Lifetime series Mary Kills People only dives deeper into its awful nature by highlighting death as - get this - a party.

DC's Legends of Tomorrow features heroes that can fly, control the forces of nature, and do all kinds of fantastical things. The latest episode, however, took some time to highlight a different kind of hero. Namely, President Barack Obama. And here I thought the story couldn’t get any more ridiculous.

Man, ABC’s Scandal really does not like guns, or "semiautomatic killing machines," as they're called. It also really does not understand guns, gun owners or the Republican Party, but none of that is really news at this point. The latest episode just reinforces that fact with this one critique of the "most progressive Republican" in the White House: The woman just loves her guns too much.

Who else has been keeping up with NBC’s Champions? Likely none of you, and after the latest episode, I don’t blame you. When the show isn’t being an uninteresting romp about two gym-owning brothers taking care of the elder brother’s biracial gay son (already a mouthful), it’s dropping liberal bombs like this one. It’s always the white woman’s fault.

ABC’s newest show For The People is quickly working its way through the Social Justice Warrior checklist. We’re only on the third episode, and already they're discussing both racial bias and illegal immigration at the same time. Here I thought we'd only have to deal with items on the liberal agenda one at a time. This might be too much even for a Shonda Rhimes show!

Fox’s new show LA to Vegas usually takes the unfortunate middle ground between the mostly harmless Brooklyn Nine-Nine and the obnoxious The Mick. The latest episode, however, breaks the curve with a commercialized smack against Christianity. What a time to celebrate the Resurrection of Jesus Christ.

CBS’s Madam Secretary would like to interrupt its usual liberal pandering for ... even more liberal pandering. While this season has hammered down on refugees, government employees, and even removing the president from office, now the show is super serious on the subject of a new character’s sexuality.