HBO’s ‘Ballers’ Season 4 Finale Wishes 'Make My President Black Again'

Well, can’t say we didn’t see this coming. After a season filled with anti-conservative politics in almost every episode, the season finale of HBO’s dramedy Ballers Sunday night, “There’s No Place Like Home, Baby,” went out with a liberal bang. This time, the infamous Mr. Liberal T-Shirt character TTD (Carl McDowell) wore a “Make My President Black Again” hat, Sarah Huckabee was called a liar, as was President Trump, who was also called a “moron” who “bullshitted his way into the Oval Office by doing nothing more than lying and doubling down.”

So, let’s break it all down, shall we? The “Make My President Black Again,” hat really came as no surprise, after TTD wore several t-shirts all season with liberal messages. (We get it, TTD. You don’t want a conservative or white president. The former is understandable given your liberal bent. The latter is just downright racist, however.)

And, just in case it wasn’t already clear, Ballers made sure it was even more apparent that they do not care about losing conservative viewers with two other liberal scenes. During a press conference, L.A. Rams’ General Manager Charles (Omar Benson Miller) arrives a bit late and jokes with the audience, “Sorry for those of you expecting Sarah Huckabee-- she was busy... Searchin' for the truth.” #eyeroll

Then there was this exchange between main character Joe (Rob Corddry) and investor brothers Julian (Steven Weber) and Brett Anderson (Richard Schiff), in which the rich, white and apparently conservative brothers are made into typical racist caricatures. Because, of course.


Joe: Let me ask you this question. What side of history do you guys want to be on, the greedy white men robbing young urban superstars of their futures?

Julian: It's the foundation upon which this country was built.

Joe: Or do you want to fight for equality and get rich in the process?

Brett: You're living in a dream world, Joe. Those two things don't go together.

Joe: In this case, they do, Brett. Twelve-year-old tech geniuses in Palo Alto could buy and sell your asses a hundred times over. A moron bullshitted his way into the Oval Office by doing nothing more than lying and doubling down.

Brett: Careful.

It’s really a shame because this show could be epic without all the hate towards conservatives dripping from every episode. At least the music is good? *shrug*

Thankfully, this season is over. We’ll have to wait to see if they’ll respond to all the outraged viewers and lighten up on the anti-conservative storylines in season 5.

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