Hollywood celebrities exuberantly celebrated President Obama’s recent declaration of support for gay marriage. But Hollywood did not have to come out of the closet and support homosexuality – it has long used its influence to purposely swing public opinion in favor of homosexuality. 

For several decades, Hollywood has shown its overt support for homosexuality. Brokeback Mountain was nominated for Best Picture for its unabashedly sympathetic portrayal of a doomed gay relationship. Newt Gingrich’s half-sister officiated at a gay wedding on “Friends” in the 1990s. More recently, late night talk show host Conan O’Brian officiated at an actual gay wedding.

Tuesday's "game-changing" episode of Glee was all the talk of the entertainment world this week as Gleeks and the media alike were eagerly anticipating the episode in which Rachel and Finn and Kurt and Blaine would finally get it on. Yes, the media were applauding the "progressive" displays of gay sex between high school boys in the "milestone" episode titled, "The First Time."

The highly anticipated episode, slated to feature sex scenes between gay characters Kurt and Blaine and also Rachel and Finn, was nothing more than a 55-minute hype about the possibility of four high school students losing their virginity. The last few minutes of the show didn't give viewers quite the flesh fest they were so eagerly awaiting. But that didn't matter to the media - they had nothing but praise for the "groundbreaking" episode that "advocated loving and responsible sex," even if showing sex between two high school boys during primetime is a bit "controversial."

From its inception, popular TV musical comedy Glee has waged a relentless campaign of liberal propaganda and pushing the boundaries of what's acceptable on broadcast TV. The show is now stepping up its campaign of homosexual promotion. The latest episode of Glee (airing on Nov. 8) titled "The First Time," will feature a gay couple having sex on TV.

Billed by Entertainment Weekly as an 'over-the-top thrill ride about a haunted house,' free cable network FX's new drama 'American Horror Story' is painted as the latest fun and scary show to appear on free cable. 'Covering our eyes and screaming has never been this much fun!' But with the show's numerous depictions of graphic violence, explicit and inappropriate sexual encounters, along with the verbal abuse of a special needs child, you have to wonder at some people's idea of fun. [Ad for the show can be seen here.]