Planned Parenthood celebrates its 100th anniversary this Sunday, October 16. Over the years, the organization, which has aborted 7 million babies since 1970 (according to pro-life organizations), has never been short of support from its star-studded fan base. From actress Kerry Washington to comedian Amy Poehler, here are 100 of the most famous celebrities who support Planned Parenthood through a myriad platforms:

Celebrities are literally doing everything they can to aid Hillary in her fight for the presidency. So, on Tuesday, before the Democratic nominee stepped onto the stage, they appeared on the big screen in an a cappella version of “Fight Song” – a tune Hillary has used throughout her campaign. 

Pitch Perfect actress Elizabeth Banks, who directed the video, was the first to appear. Smiling complacently, she proudly adjusted the Clinton pin on her blazer and declared: "This is for Hillary." 

At the Daily Beast, radical feminist Amanda Marcotte is upset that someone would name a new Elizabeth Banks movie “Walk of Shame.” There should be no such thing, she insists. Ban it from the English language! No one should ever feel bad for a bar-night bump-and-run.

She rejects the spin phrase “stride of pride,” but then goes on to make it worse: “Instead of acting like they’re regrettable mistakes, why not start thinking of one-night stands as one-off adventures, or, at worst, important learning experiences?”

... the bellowing voice of liberal belligerence outdoes himself again.

Managers at radio stations that carry Ed Schultz's radio show were surely rethinking the rationale for that after his rage-filled and bizarre remarks on Friday, clear evidence of desperation on the left at the specter of Mitt Romney defeating President Obama (audio clips after page break).

Actress Elizabeth Banks made a campaign video for Obama-Biden 2012 – just barely. Almost the entire 75 seconds is a defense of Planned Parenthood and their “essential services,” which is the euphemism feminists use to describe America’s leading provider of abortions.

In fact, Banks could not bring herself to even mention the word or the concept of abortions, except indirectly as “that little five percent” of controversial things PPFA does that judgmental Mitt Romney dislikes. This is quite shocking in its discretion, considering Banks unloads TMI and talks about her massive menstrual flow:


Did you happen to see a shirtless man masturbating an ax in front of thousands of people June 2? If so, you probably also saw President Obama’s first campaign ad of the season. Both were featured during the 2012 MTV Movie Awards.

Once again, the MTV Movie Awards strewn with crass sex jokes and innuendo. Host Russell Brand began the program talking about having an orgasm to Justin Bieber, his desire for a sex tape between Kanye West and Kim Kardashian, and the size of Michael Fassbender’s genitalia or, as he referred to it his “pink pipe of acting wonder.”  Rarely did he make an appearance on stage where he refrained from alluding to some sort of sexual act. 

These people never learn. Other than some diehard BDS sufferers, who in their right mind is going to pay to see an Oliver Stone depiction of George W. Bush?