The 2012 MTV Movie Awards: ‘I’m Barack Obama and I Approve this Sex Joke’

June 4th, 2012 4:33 PM

Did you happen to see a shirtless man masturbating an ax in front of thousands of people June 2? If so, you probably also saw President Obama’s first campaign ad of the season. Both were featured during the 2012 MTV Movie Awards.

Once again, the MTV Movie Awards strewn with crass sex jokes and innuendo. Host Russell Brand began the program talking about having an orgasm to Justin Bieber, his desire for a sex tape between Kanye West and Kim Kardashian, and the size of Michael Fassbender’s genitalia or, as he referred to it his “pink pipe of acting wonder.”  Rarely did he make an appearance on stage where he refrained from alluding to some sort of sexual act. 

During the presentation for “Best on Screen Dirtbag,” clips of the nominees were shown amidst a montage of raccoons having sex.  

As the program continued, the crude nature of the content exponentially increased leading up to the presentation of “Best on Screen Transformation.” It was during that segment that the afore-mentioned shirtless axe-wielder appeared.  (See video below.)

What happened last night should not come as a surprise to viewers of the MTV Movie Awards. For years the program has put out the same obscene material that was once again featured last night. 

What is surprising however was the Obama campaign’s decision to run its first political ad during the show. It featured “Sex in the City” star Sarah Jessica Parker hawking a contest in which the winners to eat dinner with the President and his wife at Parker’s house. 

“Sex sells,” and the Obama camp clearly was trying to get back some of the “cool” of the 2008 campaign with an appeal to younger voters. Still, wasn’t there a way to do that without sandwiching it between penis jokes?