Abortion Clinics Play 'Call Jane' Movie to Manipulate Patients and Glamorize Abortions

October 31st, 2022 12:39 PM

Some propaganda with your abortion?

Actor Elizabeth Banks, most commonly known from The Hunger Games, recently starred in a 1960s-set story about a mother who stumbles upon an underground abortion network called “The Janes.” The film is set to partner with local and national abortion providers to play the film inside clinics for “educational” purposes, as The Hollywood Reporter indicated

The movie, Call Jane was released Friday after premiering at the 2022 Sundance Film Festival in January. Banks played a woman whose pregnancy supposedly became a threat to her own health.

In the movie, a board told Bank’s character that they would not permit her to get an abortion because there was a chance (a huge chance) that both she and the child would survive. Yet, the film portrayed the board as a group of rich, white elitists to help push the narrative that abortion restrictions are oppressive against women. Banks' character stumbles upon the underground network of abortion providers and eventually becomes a part of the operation. 

The film paints a carefree, fun, loving environment for women seeking abortions. Of course, if this film is to be played in abortion clinics, filmmakers want women to see what looks like joy, laughter, and community among women who perform and assist in abortions. 



It's good for the abortion business. If a pregnant woman is sitting in a clinic pondering whether she should go through with an abortion procedure, watching Call Jane, the flick might steel her determination. If she were watching something else, perhaps about a loving family or about the gift of a child, perhaps she wouldn't go through with it. 

But that’s what the left wants. Collectively, they want abortion to not only be encouraged and legal but celebrated too

“The screenings will serve both as an opportunity to increase awareness around direct abortion care services and serve as a thank-you to clinics’ volunteers and staff as the demand for abortion care has increased in the months following the overturning of Roe v. Wade,” The Hollywood Reporter claimed. 

The filmmakers want to push the idea that abortion shouldnt be something that women aren’t afraid of. It aims to “normalize” abortion.

But, the reality is that everyone SHOULD be afraid of abortions. This procedure is far from humane for the mother or the child involved and is a grave evil. Abortions should be feared for their completely vile nature. 

This film is just another leftist attempt to paint abortion as gospel and the fact that it's going to premiere inside clinics that provide such vile procedures is horrific.