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If the left’s response to Chick-fil-A proves anything, it’s that the left has a clear method of attacking anyone who supports a traditional definition of marriage. Label that person a bigot and then protest everything they do.

This of course is the same plan of action applied to actor Kirk Cameron. During his 'Love Worth Fighting For' conference held in Ocean City, N.J., July 27, over 6,000 married couples showed up seeking counsel on how to better their marriages. Instead they found themselves the target of a protest launched by Ocean City's LGBT community, Ocean Grove United.

Your tax dollars are paying to teach both domestic and foreign students that the United States suppresses it’s media to the same degree as India, Pakistan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, and Uzbekistan. That’s what was insinuated on a radio program called “Youthpoints” that aired July 2nd on the Talk Station.  

“Youthpoints” is a weekly program that gives young adults the ability to express their political views. The July 2nd show discussed the Benjamin Franklin Summer Institute, a program sponsored by the Youth Programs Division, Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs, U.S. Department of State and the Public Affairs Sections of the U.S. Embassies.

He’s a guy that spews hate against Christians, Republicans, and even other gay people who think differently than he. He’s asserted that “monogamy is ridiculous” and “unnatural.” He’s remarked that the vagina is a “hole that sh**ts babies.”

And MTV thinks he’s the ideal person to teach adolescents about sex.

For 20 years, the United Nations has warned that humanity will soon face doom if it fails to adopt “sustainable development” policies and protect the earth’s environment. However, U.N. officials seem to think the rules they seek to establish for everyone else are not applicable to them, as their behavior at environmental conferences shows.

A much-hyped 1992 environmental conference in Rio produced a plan called “Agenda 21” which detailed a strategy to promote sustainability. Like many other U.N. initiatives, Agenda 21 has proven to be all talk and no action.

What do GM and President Obama have in common (besides that fact that he bought it)? They’re both catering to the gay agenda for cash. Soon after President Obama declared that “same sex couples should be allowed to marry,” government-owned GM decided that gays should also be targeted by its ad campaigns.  

While Obama’s move paid off immediately (Hollywood had lavished some $12 million on his campaign within days of his announcing that his opinion had “evolved”), the jury is still out on whether it will pay off for Chevy. 

President Barack Obama may have gotten the U.S. out of the war in Iraq, but at home he’s declared war on an entire industry, one that the whole country depends on. But unlike most wars, this one hasn’t gotten much coverage on the broadcast news networks.

During the past year ABC, CBS, and NBC have sporadically mentioned coal industry in their newscasts, but have outright ignored Obama’s war on coal. Much like in the past, the majority of the reports focused either on the danger of coal mining or climate change. Out of 13 news reports mentioning the coal industry this past year, only one sentence on CBS “Morning News” even connected Obama’s regulation to the industry.

In contrast, NY Times and WaPo report Obama’s unpopularity in ‘coal country,’ and expose industry ‘under siege.’

Did you happen to see a shirtless man masturbating an ax in front of thousands of people June 2? If so, you probably also saw President Obama’s first campaign ad of the season. Both were featured during the 2012 MTV Movie Awards.

Once again, the MTV Movie Awards strewn with crass sex jokes and innuendo. Host Russell Brand began the program talking about having an orgasm to Justin Bieber, his desire for a sex tape between Kanye West and Kim Kardashian, and the size of Michael Fassbender’s genitalia or, as he referred to it his “pink pipe of acting wonder.”  Rarely did he make an appearance on stage where he refrained from alluding to some sort of sexual act. 

Once upon a time waiting to have sex until marriage was seen as a beautiful thing, well that time has come and gone according to the liberal media.

Lolo Jones is a 29-year old Olympic track star who recently came under the left’s scrutiny after openly speaking about her virginity on HBO’s “Real Sports with Bryant Gumbel.” She said her reason for sharing something so personal was, “because she wants other girls who have made the same decision to know that they are not alone and that it’s not easy.”

Liberals highly critical of Olympic athlete Lori ‘Lolo’ Jones’ decision to remain chaste.

HuffPo has produced a slew of articles citing the positive effects of cheating, and even introduced a divorce page before creating a marriage page.  

It was probably considered a gutsy editorial decision around the offices of the Huffington Post. The house organ for the Hollywood left finally acknowledged a benefit to monogamy: not dying.