Column: CBS News Gushes Over Actresses for Abortion

October 28th, 2022 5:51 AM

In the closing days of the midterm campaign, liberals and Democrats remain convinced that the right to terminate babies is their, um, saving grace. Naturally, among those leading the charge are Hollywood feminists making propagandistic movies about the righteousness of destroying innocent life.

The news program CBS Mornings just performed two supinely promotional interviews with actresses Sigourney Weaver and Elizabeth Banks and their movie Call Jane, based on an underground Chicago abortion service that killed about 10,000 babies in 1968, before abortion was legal in America.

How dramatically biased was CBS? No one in either of these interviews used the word “baby” at any time. The most dehumanized Americans are the unborn.

On October 24, co-host Nate Burleson told Weaver it was “powerful” she was wearing a button that read “Bans Off Our Bodies.” Weaver explained. “We co-sponsored by Planned Parenthood at our premiere in LA, and they gave us these pins.” No one was impertinent enough to compare that logic to refusing to get a vaccine. That’s yesterday’s battle, apparently.

“I think of this as women’s health care,” insisted Weaver, claiming pro-life activists are now “criminalizing anyone who helps a woman trying to get an abortion and criminalizing the woman, too.” CBS didn’t fact-check her. She’s a liberal actress, after all.

Dokoupil told Weaver: “The polls all show that most people in the country are where you are on this issue. They support a woman’s right to some access, and yet, the issue is very divisive.”

Most people in the country are with Weaver and her Planned Parenthood pin?

On October 26, Banks boasted about “these very revolutionary women in Chicago, who pre-Roe, you know, provided really caring and safe abortion care.” Safe for who?

Worse yet, in denying the dignity and humanity of babies, Banks insisted “the fact of the matter is that abortion is safer than most dental experiences. It’s safer than a colonoscopy.”

Banks laughably claimed that in the film, “we really depoliticized abortion health care in the film as much as possible, really tried to re-center it as the health care that it is.” There’s nothing depoliticized in this movie or these interviews. The Hollywood Left would like to claim it’s “not political” to force their agenda down your throat.  

It’s political for Banks to complain “I don’t want to be in the doctor’s office talking about planning my family with my husband, my doctor, and like Lindsey Graham.”

Banks also complained that young people are scared about sex. “We are living in a society where shame and stigma surround these issues so much, that a lot of lies get told to people, I mean, especially young people. And it presents sex as like scary, and you’re going to get STDs and you’re all going to get pregnant and you should only wait until you’re married. It’s not people’s lived reality, right?"

If it’s a “lie” that girls might get pregnant, why is abortion so “vital”?

In the first of these interviews, Tony Dokoupil preposterously suggested “no one wants abortions to happen.” That’s a blatant lie. Everyone who complains about the “shame and stigma” around abortions is saying that abortions are necessary and good. Everyone who uses phrases like “abortion care” are saying abortion isn’t murder, it’s “care.”

Inside this sugary bubble of our liberal media, these actresses can bounce from studio to studio promoting the wonderful bravery of abortion and absolutely no one utters a discouraging word about killing millions of babies. No one is allowed to offer any rebuttal about the death and disease that came with that glorious “Sexual Revolution.”