Just When You Thought Ed Schultz Couldn't Get More Deranged ...

October 22nd, 2012 3:25 PM

... the bellowing voice of liberal belligerence outdoes himself again.

Managers at radio stations that carry Ed Schultz's radio show were surely rethinking the rationale for that after his rage-filled and bizarre remarks on Friday, clear evidence of desperation on the left at the specter of Mitt Romney defeating President Obama (audio clips after page break).

First, here's Schultz's vitriolic take on Republican opposition to abortion and the HHS mandate for contraception coverage in employer-based health insurance (h/t for audio, Brian Maloney at MRCTV) --

I'm getting more burned up the more I think about this! All right, now this is the locker room today. If this is too much for you, don't listen to the radio show, I'm warning you. Women! Are you awake?! Do you know what this radical outfit wants to do to your rights in the workplace?!  Do you want them managing your vagina? Do you want them rolling back women's rights 50 years? I don't know! I'm just asking the question! There's so many questions that we have to ask today!

Schultz actually returned to the alleged issue of "vaginal management" later in the show when he spoke with actress Elizabeth Banks about her support for Obama (go figure), with Schultz inaccurately introducing Banks as one of the stars of "The Hungry Games" (audio) --

SCHULTZ: Actress Elizabeth Banks, one of the stars of the blockbuster movie "The Hungry Games" is now with us on the Ed Schultz radio show. Elizabeth, great to have you with us.

BANKS (after initial pause, as if taken slightly aback): Thanks Ed, great to be with you.

SCHULTZ: You bet. You, you like Obama!

BANKS: I'm a big Obama supporter, yes sir. I really feel that especially right now in this election and with the choice put in front of me between Obama and Mitt Romney, I'm Obama all the way, I couldn't feel more strongly about it.

SCHULTZ: What's your reaction to the debate that unfolded on Tuesday night when all these women's issues came up, brought up by Mitt Romney, everything from binders to equal pay to vaginal management. Wow! Here comes the tornado!

BANKS (taken aback again): Wow. Vaginal management. Ed, you, you surprise me.

Even in Hollywood I'm not used to hearing anything quite so warped ...

Schultz was hardly finished, also melting down during the same show over Romney's work at Bain and Tagg Romney telling a North Carolina radio host that he wanted to take a swing at Obama during the second presidential debate, a remark clearly made in jest (audio) --

What is your definition of fairness? What is your defin-, what is your moral code, Mr. Mormon? Ooooh, how could I say that? You know, I understand there's business. But I also understand there's people! And there's America! Romney doesn't believe in America! Romney doesn't believe in America, he doesn't believe in people. He's BS! Look at how he treats people that he could have an influence on. He could save the Freeport plant. He could make the phone call today and say bring those machines back. I've made enough money in my lifetime. He could do that, think about that! You conservatives! Tell, tell me what the answer is! C'mon! C'mon, Tagg, take a swing at me!

Just a question of whether the inevitable fistfight to erupt on the set of a cable news show involves Schultz or his MSNBC colleague Lawrence O'Donnell.