Daily Beast Writer: Alabama Pro-Life Laws Are the South’s New Slave Laws

May 16th, 2019 4:01 PM

When lefties get upset, accusation of, or allusions to, racism can start flying. The left is very upset about states passing laws restricting abortion. On cue, Daily Beast writer Barrett Holmes Pitner composed a piece claiming that Alabama’s recent pro-life legislation is borrowed from old pro-slavery America and Jim Crow. The point, ladies, is that the South’s gonna do it again, and this time they’re gonna put “‘y’all back” in chains (hat tip Joe Biden).

For non-hyperventilating Americans, this idea is utterly bogus. But if you can convince mentally-addled lefties that Alabama is currently doing to women what they did to African Americans way back when, you’ll probably create some loyal anti-life footsoldiers.

In the piece titled, “The Alabamification of America: From Jim Crow to Jane Doe,” Pitner wrote, “Southern Republican states [are] taking away women’s rights now by using the same tactics they once developed to disenfranchise and discriminate against black Americans.”

Pitner employed the trick of associating the actually regressive policies of segregation and slavery with “regressive” pro-life laws. Now if defending the rights of the unborn was a primitive and regressive idea maybe there would be some weight to it. But it’s not. So on that note primarily the whole piece is a wash.

Still, Pitner was intent on selling this hackneyed connection. He explained that, in terms of selling racial discrimination, “the ideology of the South, and their state legislatures, finally set the tune the nation danced to.” And now “the same thing is happening today. You could call it the Alabamafication of America.” He claimed that conservatives are “applying the methods developed over prolonged and incremental attacks on communities of color to take on all sorts of progressive causes.”

So what? If this is an article about decrying how southern states play politics and influence the Supreme Court, argue you don’t like it and leave it there. If Alabama is going to make a stand for life and use effective political maneuvers in doing so, then by all means, let the “Alabamification” happen.

Pitner’s hysterical and hypocritical. Which puts him squarely in the mainstream of modern progressivism -- you know, the kind of folks who think you can find religion without God, or that Obama should have definitely taken our guns away? And yet we’re to believe that he cares about infringement of American rights?