Stephen Moore: ‘Toll This Virus Has Taken on Our Economy Cannot Be Neglected Any Longer’

May 12th, 2020 10:05 AM

Economist and member of the Save Our Country Task Force Stephen Moore came out swinging against neglecting the economy further amidst the ongoing pandemic.

After noting that over 200,000 people worldwide, and over 70,000 Americans, have died from the coronavirus, Moore began his exclusive video for MRCTV by asking a question. He asked: “[W]hat’s the most effective way to combat this horrible threat against humanity?” Moore then pivoted for a moment to blast the media’s handling of the pandemic: “We sure can’t count on the liberal media to provide us with objective information.”

Moore said: “Certainly doctors and health experts have much to say, and their advice needs to be listened to, but the terrible toll this virus has taken on our economy cannot be neglected any longer.” [Emphasis added.]



Moore broke down the urgency of the matter:

Keeping our economy locked down is destroying our businesses, impoverishing our citizens and doing great damage to the health of the American people. We need to immediately find a way to open the economy safely and smartly. Not in the months to come. Not next week. We need to do so immediately.

Moore also brought up the important point that we’ve seen “30 million Americans put in unemployment lines.” Moore said that “we have seen millions of small businesses file for bankruptcy. We have spent trillions of dollars in Washington in a way that could bankrupt our great country. Americans want to get back to work. We can do this in a way that continues to put saving lives first.”

Well said, Mr. Moore.