Texas Businessman Says Bank Tried to Coerce Him to Promote ESG

December 23rd, 2022 12:00 PM

A bank tried to use his loan application as leverage to coerce him into publicly expressing support for Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) ideology, businessman Bud Brigham alleged in testimony at a Texas Senate Committee on State Affairs hearing.


Jennings CRUSHES CNN for Defending Credit Cards Tracking Gun Buys

September 12th, 2022 11:22 PM

Sparks flew on Monday night's episode of CNN Tonight when CNN political analyst Scott Jennings landed body blow after body blow against the leftists on the panel with him. The topic at hand was the news that Visa MasterCard and American Express will begin tracking gun purchases used with their credit card coding systems. As the only person with a lick of common sense on CNN, Jennings…

Raba Carbon Bank CEO Barbara Baarsma

ECO-DYSTOPIA: Major Bank Executive Advocates Personal Carbon Wallets

August 8th, 2022 4:45 PM

A powerful Dutch banking executive signaled support for personal carbon wallets that would give citizens — and perhaps even a government regulator — the ability to track carbon emissions on a micro scale. Is this an early look at what the U.S. has in store if it doesn’t stop woke environmental, social and governance policies?


PayPal Unfreezes Account After DeSantis Crackdown on WOKEISM

August 4th, 2022 10:18 AM

PayPal has reportedly unfrozen Moms for Liberty’s account funds after Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis announced his state would crack down on woke banking.


Former Fed Chair Bernanke Runs Cover for Biden on Inflation Crisis

June 14th, 2022 5:04 PM

A former Federal Reserve chairman who dismissed concerns about the 2000s housing bubble attempted to squash fears of a 1970s-style inflation crisis under President Joe Biden.


EXCLUSIVE: Utah State Treasurer Says ESGs ‘Greatest Threat’ to Freedom

May 6th, 2022 11:05 AM

Utah State Treasurer Marlo Oaks outlined the dangers of so-called environmental, social and governance standards in an exclusive interview with MRC Business.

Freezing Bank Accounts Violates Freedom

March 14th, 2022 1:05 PM

Russia's invasion revealed big differences in how politicians deal with threats. The president of Ukraine, when offered evacuation, said, “I need ammunition, not a ride.” He's a leader. By contrast, in Canada a few weeks before, when truckers staged a protest against COVID-19 rules, the cowardly Prime Minister Justin Trudeau felt so threatened by the peaceful protesters that he went to “a…

Charles Payne

Fox Business’s Charles Payne: ‘They Want to Hit the Restart Button’

February 23rd, 2022 5:17 PM

Fox Business host Charles Payne demolished global elites like founder and World Economic Forum Executive Director Klaus Schwab and former Bank of Canada and Bank of England Governor Mark Carney for abject hypocrisy around issues including climate change and wealth disparity.

Neil Young on Spotify CEO

‘Climate Chaos!’ Neil Young Tells 'Baby Boomers' to 'Ditch' Big Banks

February 10th, 2022 5:07 PM

Neil Young sent out the proverbial Bat-Signal and petitioned aging progressives across the U.S. to “ditch the companies” he alleged are “contributing to the mass fossil fuel destruction of Earth.” Young followed a typical conspiracy path — he attacked banks. He called out Chase, Citigroup Inc., Bank of America Corp. and Wells Fargo & Co as particularly egregious contributors to the climate…


Priorities: CNN Spends Almost 3x More on January 6 Than Inflation News

January 13th, 2022 2:30 PM

On Wednesday afternoon, the House Select Committee on January 6 requested cooperation from House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-CA). Naturally, CNN returned January 6 to its prime position as, from 3:00 p.m. to 12:00 a.m. Eastern, the Jeff Zucker-led network spent 97 minutes obsessing over what it (and other developments) meant for the probe. In contrast to the 97 minutes and 19 seconds on…


Economic Dunce Ruhle Spins Millions Leaving Jobs As 'Sign of Strength'

January 4th, 2022 8:49 PM

On the heels of a new jobs report out on Tuesday morning which showed a record 4.5 million workers quit their jobs in November, NBC Nightly News went into damage control mode Tuesday evening by trying to spin for the Biden Administration.

NYT Avoids Radical Posture of Biden Nominee, Hints at GOP McCarthyism

December 9th, 2021 1:23 PM

Even in defeat, the New York Times coverage of the Biden Administration’s nomination of Saule Omorova for Comptroller of the Currency (which charters, regulates, and supervises national banks) whitewashed the nominee’s radicalism. Her admiration of aspects of her native land, the totalitarian USSR, and her ideas about federalizing bank accounts were virtually ignored in the Times…

St. Louis Fed Says to Eat Tofurkey to Combat Thanksgiving Inflation

November 24th, 2021 11:18 AM

The St. Louis Federal Reserve saw fit to patronize Americans about the inflated price tag of this year’s Thanksgiving dinners by telling them to just eat soy instead.


Doocy Stuffs Psaki's Gobbles Over Biden Vacation, Rittenhouse, Turkeys

November 23rd, 2021 9:39 PM

In the final episode of The Psaki Show before Thanksgiving, Fox White House correspondent Peter Doocy went into the break with a bang as he grilled Jen Psaki over far-left Democratic Congresswoman Rashida Tlaib’s proposal to abolish prisons, pressing for answers on whether President Biden will apologize for impugning Kyle Rittenhouse’s character, the record costs for Thanksgiving dinner, and…