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Kristine Marsh is an analyst for the Media Research Center's News Analysis Division. She formerly was a staff writer for MRC Culture, where she started as an intern in January of 2013.  Kristine's work has been featured by media outlets such as Fox News, The Wall Street JournalThe Washington Times, The Blaze, and Breitbart, among others. She is originally from Sacramento, California where she received her B.A. in English from CSUS in 2011. She can be reached through email at

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Well, the Robertson family continues to irk all the right people. The Duck Dynasty stars recently partnered up with publisher Thomas Nelson to publish a “Duck Commander Faith and Family Bible” and that gave liberals another reason to hate the famous Christian family. 

The Huffington Post led the usual suspects in deriding the project. After detailing news of the book, Religion writer Antonia Blumberg reminded readers of Phil Robertson’s past comments about gays and claimed that Robertson had not acknowledged “the context of the ancient period” when he quoted the Bible in his “anti-gay rants.” Because, you know, conservatives are too stupid to get nuance. 

If the mainstream media is talking about a religious book, you can bet it’s either about “Jesus’ wife” or how Mary wasn’t a virgin or something else entirely off base from traditional Christianity. Well a new book which claims the Bible actually supports homosexuality is getting heavy press from the liberal media. Of course because it’s praising progressive outlier Christianity,it’s exactly the kind of religion the media want to promote as “mainstream.”

Over the past few weeks the media has been gushing over 24-year-old Matthew Vines’ “God and the Gay Christian: The Biblical Case in Support of Same-Sex Relationships.” The book has prompted the media to question endlessly, will Christians finally accept homosexuality into the church? The Daily Beast’s Jay Michaelson pondered, “The marriage equality fight is all but won. Will the future of marriage be boring as hell, or a Bible-thumper’s idea of Sodom and Gomorrah?” 

Editor’s Note: This article contains language that might be offensive to some readers.

You know left-wing propaganda has gotten out of hand when even “The Daily Show” calls it out. In a video segment June 2, correspondent Samantha Bee went on a quest to find out who is causing the outbreak of infectious diseases such as measles in the U.S. She initially assumed the outbreaks were caused by “right-wing nutjobs,” opening the segment by saying, “Conservatives are fighting the good fight against something they think threatens us all. Science. This right-wing science denial has tragic real-world consequences.”

But then Bee realized the cases were being found in far-left states like California, New York and Oregon. “Because of these right-wing nutjobs outbreaks of preventable diseases are occurring in the red states of California, New York, and Oregon, wait, what the f*** is going on here?!”

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‘War on Women’ baloney gets Biblical.

LGBTers unhappy band used superhero actor to ‘chide the religious right.’

PornHub has even enticed viewers with donations to charity for more video views.

The Left hasn’t got tired of the “War on Women” theme from the 2012 election cycle, just yet. In a May 15 episode of “AcronymTv” a left-wing internet broadcast part of The Young Turks Network, entitled, “The Catholic War on Women” and featured on The Huffington Post, show host Dennis Trainor Jr. brought on two radical feminists to discuss how to “take back the morality of abortion from the right-wing.”

Trainor asked guests Katie Klabusich and Kelly Carlin, “When do we get to a place where women cannot apologize for this [having an abortion], and be proud of this, be proud of the choice that they make?” Klabusich responded, “I think we have to retake the morality of the issue, back from the right-wing.” The feminist activists went on to bash the pro-life movement’s efforts to restrict abortions. “The abortion rate doesn’t go down when you make it illegal, women just die … “I don’t apologize when I say it, It [abortion] should be apart of basic healthcare,” Klabusich asserted. “We have to take back the morality of the issue, the idea that it isn’t just about my controlling my body but it’s really just about my fundamental right to life, and the same options as everyone around me.”

Pity the pro-abortion crowd – they just can’t get a fair shake from the media. Stop laughing.

Now that a crowdfunding film detailing the horrific crimes of abortionist Kermit Gosnell surpassed it’s $2 million dollar goal (with zero coverage on the broadcast networks), we’re  apparently to be reminded that the mainstream media didn’t detail the horrors of “race, class and gender injustice” that let Gosnell “prey on vulnerable women” with “cheap, unsafe and illegal services.”

Jon Stewart and Rush Limbaugh couldn’t be more polar opposite politically and that was never more evident on Monday’s episode of “The Daily Show” when Stewart attacked the conservative talk radio host for criticizing Michelle Obama’s “hashtag activism.”  How did Stewart propose viewers could join in his disdain for Limbaugh? With another hashtag, "#F*@KYouRush."

 On Monday, Limbaugh called Michelle Obama’s photo with the hashtag “#Bringbackourgirls” “pathetic” and dismissed the use of social media as having any real effect on international politics. This offended Stewart who went on to wonder who could support Limbaugh in his viewpoints, dismissing the talk show host as, “Oh yeah, that f***in guy,” and called him a “quivering rage heap” with no humanity but only the remains of a “superfund cleanup site that was his soul." Continues after video.

Liberal media and Twitter users try to get vulgar hashtag ‘trending.’

ABC, CBS and NBC rely on engineering group that benefits from infrastructure spending.

Allowing a brief prayer to be said at the beginning of a court case is akin to stoning and beheading people for not following your religion, according to liberal comedian John Fugelsang.  On MSNBC’s “The Ed Show” May 6, Fugelsang actually compared the recent Supreme Court decision in Greece v. Galloway to allow prayer in government as reminiscent to Muslim Sharia Law. Really?

Fugelsang called this case “not really about Christianity, it’s about Christian supremacy. This is about a whole different thing: establishing Christianity as the dominant religion.” The commentator went on to say, “The irony is, these are the guys that are praying for a separation of mosque and state over there, erasing the wall of church and state over here. And it’s interesting, with government in religion, Scalia law is a lot like Sharia law.” Get it? They rhyme. And Scalia is a conservative justice. And conservatives are the same as Islamic fundamentalists. Clever, clever, liberals!

Who’s the victim here: A man who beat, sodomized, shot and buried alive a 19-year-old girl or the deceased girl? What about her family? 

To judge by ABC, NBC and CBS, the victim is Clayton Lockett, who brutally killed Stephanie Neiman, kidnapped three more people and committed multiple other crimes, because his execution was botched. The lethal injection drug cocktail administered by the State of Oklahoma didn’t kill him immediately but took 40 minutes to do so. 

Newscasts ignore Lockett’s victims.

When Los Angeles Clippers owner Donald Sterling’s much publicized comments were released Sunday, the media, celebrities, NBA players and even the White House were quick to attack Sterling and call on NBA commissioner Adam Silver to ban him from the league, which he did April 29. But that wasn’t the end of it. Now the Left is going after Orlando Magic owner, Rich DeVos because he’s a Christian and has defended traditional marriage.

MSNBC host Toure used the Clippers controversy to wonder if the NBA would  “dig into the personal beliefs of other NBA owners.” On April 28’s “The Cycle” Toure argued, “Some of them are not the most savory folks. Some of them are bank rolling anti-gay marriage initiatives.” Just a day later, on PBS’ “NewsHour,” Charlie Pierce of Esquire Magazine posed the question, “What does Adam Silver now do, for example, with the DeVos family in Orlando, which funds anti-gay candidates and anti-gay issue ads all over the country, as well as owning the Orlando Magic? Does he talk to them?” Pierce proposed this could be a new strategy of making sure all NBA owners’ had personal views inline with the left. He said, “This is an entirely new world, and if we’re going to step into it, let’s step all the way into it.” Cue the leftist mob mentality.

In game show appearance, reporter calls GOP’s Issa as ‘Annoyer-in-Chief.’

Are “right-wing” extremists more dangerous than Al-Qaeda terrorists? According to CNN’s National Security Analyst Peter Bergen, they are. In a CNN commentary posted yesterday Bergen wrote, “U.S. right wing extremists [are] more deadly than jihadists.” He also also happens to be a director for the George Soros-funded liberal New America Foundation. What a coincidence.

 Bergen claimed that “white supremacists, anti-abortion extremists and anti-government militants have killed more people in the United States than have extremists motivated by al Qaeda’s ideology.” He cited a New America study which counted 34 people killed by right-wing extremist acts and just 23 people killed by Al Qaeda-linked terrorism, after 9/11. Why start there? Wouldn’t the 2,977 people killed that day by jihadists skew those findings somewhat?

There’s a certain delicious irony in the global warming industry – the one that’s always screaming about climate change “deniers” not “believing in science” – trying to make a religious appeal to Christians.

The Huffington Post on April 5 published “Climate Change Threats To ‘The Least of These’ Compel Evangelical Christians to Act,” in which writer Lynne Peeples interviewed Katharine Hayhoe, a “leading climate scientist,.” Hayhoe will be featured in the first episode of a new Showtime series directed by James Cameron called “Years of Living Dangerously.” The celebrity-studded documentary series will address “the entanglement of politics, faith and science that impedes acceptance and action on climate change.” Basically, it’s a bunch of left-wing secularists blaming religion for mucking up the climate change movement.

Oh the irony. On CNN March 30, openly gay ESPN journalist LZ Granderson asked  “Will Christians condemn persecution of gays?” in an article that’s whole point seemed to be a condemnation of Christians’ views on homosexualty.

While Granderson asks why Christians don’t condemn gay persecution (they do), it’s funny how the gay community is never asked to defend the open persecution and slaughter of thousands of Christians in places like Egypt and Syria.

Given how many young people say they get all or most of their news from Jon Stewart and “The Daily Show,” it’s too bad Stewart’s not more scrupulous about the truth of his comedy. Case in point: A six-minute segment Wednesday night in which Stewart mocked the family-owned Christian business Hobby Lobby, calling it “Jesus Christ Superstore.”

In the segment, Stewart misrepresented the case, saying Hobby Lobby was “denying its workers contraception.” Stewart also mischaracterized Hobby Lobby’s position, claiming that it’s owners, the Greens, believed any type of contraception was tantamount to abortion. “Contraception is not the same thing as abortion. That’s a scientific fact,” Stewart condescended.