Corden to Gore: Is Trump ‘Trying to Undo’ Everything Obama Accomplished?

Al Gore is still making his rounds on the late night shows to promote his new climate change movie, An Inconvenient Sequel, but all the media wants to talk to him about is Donald Trump. He appeared on James Corden’s The Late Late Show early Thursday morning, where Corden tried to bait Gore into bashing Trump. This came after Corden did an anti-Trump musical number, bashing the president for the transgender military ban.

After talking with fellow guest Laura Linney about ghosts, Corden segwayed into asking Gore Gore if Trump “haunted him” and was “keeping” him up at night:

JAMES CORDEN: I'm interested to know if there is any sort of political figure right now who’s perhaps haunting you and keeping you up at night? [laughter]

AL GORE: A lot of people are scared of what they see occasionally in the Oval Office.

CORDEN: Yes, for sure.


Corden then asked Gore a series of questions playing to liberal conspiracy theories. Corden wondered if Trump’s only goal was to “undo” everything Obama had accomplished:

CORDEN: I’m so interested to know what you think about this. Because being an outsider that’s moved here recently it seems like Trump is only trying to just undo everything that the previous administration has done. Do you think that's all he's trying to accomplish? Like affordable health care, LGBT rights. He came out today. Is this him just pandering to his base or do you think he actually believes it?



Gore and Corden then wondered if the transgender military ban tweet was just “a distraction from the Russia story:”

GORE: I have no idea what is going on in his mind. There are a lot of distractions constantly. Look over here, look over there.

CORDEN: Do you think that is what it is. Do you think what, today, today's tweet about the transgender community in the military, do you think that that would just be a distraction from the Russia story, that because it’s like, this is getting a bit hot here. I should probably distract them over here.

Linney then joined the conversation to ask Gore why there hasn’t been “one Republican” who’s stood up to the president. “There is a place for someone to really step in and sort of be a hero to that party,” Linney gushed. “Do you think it will happen?” she asked Gore.

Gore replied that many were “scared of the base” but that he anticipated many congressmen would be uniting against Trump after how he has treated Jeff Sessions.

LINNEY: I have question for you given your experience in Washington. I am wondering why there hasn't been one Republican who has really stepped forward and said, like, this is not the Republican party, that is not the Republican party . That’s not the Republican party, I know, that I believe in. Because it seems like there is a place for someone to really step in and sort of be a hero to that party. And I'm sort of wondering why hasn't that happened. Do you think it will happen?

GORE: Well, I think a lot of them are scared of the base, so called base voters, that are still a lot of them enthusiastic about Donald Trump. But it's interesting. His recent ongoing humiliating attacks on Jeff Sessions, his own Attorney General who served in the Senate with the Republican caucus, that has caused a change. Now they're beginning to think “wow, if he can do that to him, then--[points to himself]



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