'She's Responsible!' Bila Battles Hostin About Why Clinton Lost Election

This week news broke that Hillary Clinton’s much touted memoir, that’s due for release this Fall, finally had a title: What Happened. Mockery ensued from the right and left over the groan worthy title that showed Clinton still isn’t willing to take any responsibility for losing the election. That notion was met with vehement agreement and disagreement at the table on The View, as hosts Sunny Hostin and Jedediah Bila battled over why Clinton really lost.

After making a few flippant jokes, Bila blasted the title, saying this didn’t help the Democrat party. She stressed all the ways Clinton missed the mark, adding, “I want to hear her say the primary reason that I lost this election was because of me.”

They don't need her to put most of the blame on Russia. What they do need is for her to acknowledge she was a bad candidate. I don't think she would have been the candidate if the DNC hadn't worked so hard to push Bernie Sanders out of the way and put her in. She wasn't charismatic. She skipped a whole bunch of states, she skipped the ground game in important states, she didn't have a solid, cohesive message and many Democrats have come forth and said we need you to acknowledge these things so that we can fix them within the party so next time it doesn't happen. I want to hear her say the primary reason that I lost this election was because of me.

“She takes responsibility in one of the interviews,” Behar defended Clinton.

“No. She said Russia, Comey, the kitchen sink, and then herself!” Bila argued.

Liberal host Sunny Hostin vehemently disagreed with Bila, of course. Like Clinton, she put the blame on everything but Clinton:

“The bottom line is I know how you feel about that she lacks charisma and the e-mails, the e-mails, the e-mails, the e-mails. But the bottom line is she was defeated by some forces that were outside of her control,” she stressed.

“There was the Comey letter sent out October 28th, a week before the election--” Hostin started to say, as the audience applauded in agreement.

She continued to further blame all the bigots in America for voting for Trump:

You also have the factors that there were many voters afraid and they were tired of diversification of America. You have the tide of sexism. There are all of these factors and then her opponent is someone who had sexual harassment claims, who talks about grabbing women by the you know what, who refuses to release his tax returns and you're concerned she used the wrong e-mail address? [applause]



Afterwards Joy Behar asked guest Republican strategist Tara Setmayer what she thought about why Clinton lost. Though Setmayer said she agreed with Hostin’s assessment of Trump, she completely disagreed that Hostin lost because of Russia, Comey, or sexism.

Hillary Clinton was a god awful candidate who people knew very well. People were sick and tired of the same old same old. She had no message whatsoever. Even Bill Clinton told her, ‘Look you have to cater to the white middle class,’ and they told him to go sit down somewhere, and look what happened. He understood. ‘I feel your pain.’ That's why people like Bill Clinton.

“But do you agree there were other forces that were outside of her control?” Hostin asked Setmayer.

Setmayer forcefully responded:

“No! BS. Hillary Clinton has been around forever. She is responsible for the reason why she lost.”

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