Globe Actually Slams Private Citizen Mitt Romney For Taking Vacation

The Boston Globe tried to be clever(?) this morning by tweeting a snarky comment about Mitt Romney taking vacation while the GOP’s health care bill was being debated. But Twitter users weren’t impressed by the pointless and completely inappropriate slam of the former Republican presidential candidate, who's no longer in political office. Users responded by mocking the Globe instead.

This is what the paper tweeted July 26, clearly meant to shame the former candidate who is now a private citizen:

While Republicans were debating the health bill in Washington, Mitt Romney was...waterskiing?

Twitter responded with some pretty funny mockery of its own.

One person reminded the paper that our actual former president, not just a candidate, took vacation earlier this year at the height of the media’s fascination with the Russia investigation. Not only that, but the media highly approved of and kept gushing over his “athleticism:”

Others responded with more blunt sarcasm of the inane tweet:

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