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Kristine Marsh is an analyst for the Media Research Center's News Analysis Division. She formerly was a staff writer for MRC Culture, where she started as an intern in January of 2013.  Kristine's work has been featured by media outlets such as Fox News, The Wall Street JournalThe Washington Times, The Blaze, and Breitbart, among others. She is originally from Sacramento, California where she received her B.A. in English from CSUS in 2011. She can be reached through email at

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On CBS This Morning on Tuesday, correspondent Chip Reid took notes from YouTube to find out what kids thought about the presidential election. Reid asked fifth graders at a Virginia charter school about the mechanics of the election cycle, insinuating that kids were more civil than the GOP candidates had been behaving. The series of questions focused mostly on "mean" Trump was, but Reid gave the kids opportunities to praise Muslims and expound on “women’s rights.”

On Tuesday’s The View, hosts Whoopi Goldberg, Joy Behar, Raven-Symone, Michelle Collins, and Sunny Hostin discussed Caitlyn Jenner’s foray into politics but saved their nastiest criticism for the GOP candidate Jenner had been backing. The liberal panel expressed their disbelief that a transgender person could vote Republican, as co-host Joy Behar declared to the panel’s agreement, “Transgenders for Cruz is like Jews for Hitler.”

In a segment sounding more like Access Hollywood than the evening news, NBC Nightly News anchor Lester Holt hyped that "heads [were] turning" and "the White House abuzz" with the visit of Canada's new Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau. Reporter Ron Allen continued the gushing, calling the young liberal PM "Canada's Obama" at "just 44 with a young family," and even describing the politician as "dreamy" and a "political heartthrob."

It’s not every day that you see a topic like Christian persecution covered by the network news. But CBS This Morning deserves credit for being the only network to actually do a thorough report on the troubling topic, Thursday. Foreign correspondent Seth Doane noted the horrific state of China’s “religious freedom,” from thousands of burned crosses to demolished churches and Christians arrested, simply for meeting to pray and worship.

ABC and NBC’s morning shows Thursday completely ignored Bernie Sanders being confronted about his radical viewpoints during Wednesday night’s Democratic Debate hosted by Univision. In 1985, he praised Cuba’s communist regime and justified those remarks during the debate. Only CBS This Morning played the clip with Sanders’ response and this mild criticism ("A view many Cuban exiles here don't share.”)  However, only CNN actually invited a member of the media who was an open critic of Fidel Castro, to hit Sanders hard on his extreme politics.

On Monday’s CBS This Morning former Secretary of State Colin Powell came on the program to discuss the recently passed former First Lady Nancy Reagan, and her relationship with her late husband. Powell to took the opportunity to contrast Ronald Reagan’s “optimistic” presidency with the current GOP’s “nastiness,” that was “running us into the ground.” Unexpectedly, co-anchor Gayle King then called Powell out on if he could still be considered a Republican after endorsing Obama twice.

In a discussion on Trump's chances to win the Republican nomination on CBS This Morning today, anchor Norah O'Donnell bluntly asked Republican guest and CBS contributor Rick Davis, "Does your party deserve this candidate?"

After having a meltdown last Friday, it’s been revealed that MSNBC’s most insufferable host Melissa Harris-Perry, has been let go from her four-year stint at the left-wing cable network. Since 2012, the Wake Forest University professor has “educated” her audiences in the ways of racism, evil conservatives and anti-American ideals. It was hard to pick just ten, but here’s a look back on some of Harris-Perry’s craziest rants and stunts.

A law meant to give students the right to protect themselves from dangerous criminals is now being called a threat to “free speech and safety” by the anti-gun rights media. Both CBS This Morning and The Washington Post hyped the fear that professors now faced on the University of Houston campus after a concealed-carry law goes into effect later this year.

Tuesday night, Daily Show host Trevor Noah jumped on the left-wing bandwagon bashing both Antonin Scalia and the GOP for moving to delay the nomination for the late Supreme Court Justice. Amidst his rant against the GOP, Noah raved about the “smooth” and “classy” President Obama while taking a cheap shot at Ted Cruz.

Left-wing comic Lewis Black appeared on Monday’s The View to discuss the presidential race where he admitted his favor for Bernie Sanders because of his self-admitted socialism. Black’s answer won him applause and cheers from the crowd and the panel.

CNN’s resident gem Sally Kohn was a guest on CNN Newsroom with Carol Costello February 22. The political analyst and Daily Beast writer was asked to weigh in on Clinton’s trust with voters. Of course Kohn couldn’t do that without bringing up sexism, how much Trump’s voters hated gay people, and how much the right misleads the media.

When Costello brought up that only 12 percent of Democratic voters at the Nevada caucus said that they trusted Clinton, Kohn visibly bristled and rushed in to defend Clinton by claiming that her trust issues were “smears”  and a “story” made up by the right:


The news of Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia’s death this past Saturday shocked the country. A Reagan appointee, Scalia was also Catholic, socially conservative, and brilliant; a combination that made him the left’s most-hated member of the Supreme Court. While his passing was respectfully treated by many in the media, there were still many far-left journalists who refused to show the late Justice respect, even in death. These tweets below confirm some of these writers open contempt and bias towards the Supreme Court’s leading conservative voice.

Ted Cruz is a diabolical, creepy, KKK card-carrying villain according to late-night comedians. Has there been any other presidential candidate that the media have so vigorously gone out of their way to malign? We’ve already documented how often the news media have gone out of their way to viciously attack the Senator from Texas for his strong conservative stances. The new “comedy” coming from the left attacking Cruz though is a whole new level of unprecedented vitriol.

Last night Susan Sarandon, one of Hollywood's most outspoken leftist celebrities paid a visit to Late Night with Seth Meyers – whose host almost nightly bashes conservatives – so of course Sarandon’s liberal activism was the main topic of conversation. The actress worked in plugs for Bernie Sanders and the Huffington Post while bashing the “hate rhetoric” coming from some in the GOP, all in one short interview.

The city of San Diego in California recently released an eighty-one page manual for city employees with a section forbidding certain “gender biased” language. Sure enough, just in time for President's Day, one of these offensive gendered phrases was none other than “Founding Fathers.” The story was covered by conservative media and briefly by Fox Business but the other two cable networks CNN and MSNBC completely ignored the story.

On February 9’s The View on ABC, the panel opened the show by discussing Beyonce’s Super bowl performance with its racially charged theme invoking both Black Lives Matter and the Black Panthers. Co-host  and CNN legal analyst Sunny Hostin was the first one to step up and gush over the pop star’s “extremely brave” performance.

On last night’s CNN Tonight, Don Lemon sat down with former governor of Michigan (and adamant Hillary supporter) Jennifer Granholm to discuss why younger women were supporting Bernie Sanders instead of Clinton for Democratic nominee. Lemon brought up former Sec. of State Madeleine Albright’s recent comment that young women deserved “a special place in hell” if they didn’t support Hillary for president, a comment which Lemon found condescending but Granholm said was misunderstood.


Just before the Super Bowl, pop star Beyonce released a Black Lives Matter themed music video set in New Orleans called “Formation”, in which she gives the double bird to the police, among other things. Of course, this was prime fodder for MSNBC host Melissa Harris-Perry, who finds race in everything from from Star Wars to the term “hard worker.”

While Clinton tries desperately to shed her “ice queen” image, (“Abuela,”anyone?), not everyone in the media is buying it. Immediately following MSNBC’s Democrat debate last night, Tonight Show host Jimmy Fallon already had barbs ready for the media’s top pick for Democrat candidate. The comedian even went after Bill immediately after.