Journalists Whine About Guns After Islamic Terrorist Mows Down Victims With Truck

November 1st, 2017 10:41 AM

The morning after a deadly terror attack in lower Manhattan, journalists in the left-wing media couldn’t get their heads around a deadly attack that didn’t involve guns. Eight people were killed and several others injured in New York City Tuesday afternoon, after an Islamic radical motivated by ISIS mowed down pedestrians in a bike path, just blocks away from the World Trade Center memorial. Liberal journalists took to Twitter, and some even used their news programs, to complain about gun control and call out President Trump for calling the act terrorism right away, which he didn’t do after Las Vegas.

Nicholas Kristof, columnist for the New York Times and CNN contributor, predictably attributed NYC’s strict gun laws to the relatively low number of deaths, (instead of the police officer with a gun, who shot and apprehended the terrorist.) Gun control advocate and former CNN host Piers Morgan attacked Trump for passing stricter immigration policies instead of more gun laws, claiming the death toll would’ve been “much higher” if the killer had been armed: MSNBC AM Joy host, Joy Reid, again took the left’s line of complaining about Vegas, instead of Islamic terrorism: CNN New Day host Chris Cuomo also hit Trump over his Vegas response: David Frum, Senior Editor for the Atlantic also used Vegas to score political points: And Mark Murray, Senior political editor for NBC News, called President Trump’s differing responses on the two tragedies, (which the media doesn’t want to acknowledge were completely different incidents), “striking”:


Similarly on Morning Joe, host Joe Scarborough repeatedly brought up gun control and blasted Trump for not immediately talking about it in the aftermath of Las Vegas:

SCARBOROUGH: I do find it fascinating, Mike, that after a man shot hundreds of people in Las Vegas, we heard for weeks because this was going to be seen as a gun debate, that it was too soon to start talking about policy. Now is not the day to talk about policy. Now is not the week to talk about policy. Now is not the month to talk about policy. Once again, within minutes of an attack, anywhere on the globe, Donald Trump immediately starts talking policy. And he starts talking about his answers through policy. The sort of things that they tell us we can never talk about after hundreds and hundreds of people are shot in Las Vegas. And, of course, you see nothing happening, not even on the bump stock compromise that actually would have made a big difference out in Las Vegas, according to a lot of people. That was something that supposedly the NRA was going to let pass but now the cowards in congress have decided not to do that. And let legal guns take on the characteristics of illegal guns and yet Donald Trump and his people still saying, again, too early to talk about guns. It's always too early to talk about guns. It's never the right time to talk about guns. Yet seconds after an act of terrorism, Donald Trump is on Twitter, not waiting for any of the facts to come in.