President Trump, Prime Target at D.C. 'Humor' Event Honoring Letterman

October 23rd, 2017 10:53 AM

At an awards ceremony in Washington D.C. Sunday night honoring David Letterman, President Trump was the most talked about person in the room. Liberal celebrities and politicians, including Jimmy Kimmel, Amy Schumer, Michelle Obama and Sen. Al Franken all gathered at the Kennedy Center to honor the former CBS late night host with the Mark Twain Prize for American Humor, which rewarded Letterman for his “social criticism” and “insightful” humor.

That “social criticism” must’ve included Letterman's outbursts against President Trump as “damaged” and “soulless” because Trump bashing was the theme of the night.

From the very start, the liberal guests in attendance made their partisan political viewpoints known, loudly booing after Education Secretary Betsy DeVos was announced as a supporter of the Kennedy Center. The media’s latest favorite celebrity commentator Jimmy Kimmel headlined the event and set the anti-Trump tone that was to characterize the event with multiple cheap shots at the sitting president.

"When Dave left 17 long months ago, we had no idea how much trouble we were in," Kimmel joked. "I look at what's going on now and I think this is your fault. All of it. Everything was fine until you went off the air. You abandoned us. You went out for a pack of cigarettes and left us to live with an abusive orange stepfather,” he cracked.

“You led the way for all of us with your intelligence, humor, and empathy, Especially since November, when we kicked open the portal to hell," Kimmel added.

The ABC host made several other shots at Trump, mocking his “classy” ties line, and teasing Letterman for supporting former New York City mayor Rudy Giuliani, who later became a Trump supporter.

“Well Dave, we all make mistakes sometimes,” Kimmel snarked.

Several other comedian speakers attacked the Trump Administration, quipping that the show was about to be cut off mid-way because the Kennedy Center had its funding slashed.

Sen. Al Franken and former First Lady Michelle Obama also appeared to honor Letterman. Franken praised Letterman’s support of climate change, while Obama gushed that she and the president “loved” him and were “grateful” to him, in a pre-taped video message.

“That’s what I love most about Dave: that he’s always such a knowledgeable and passionate interviewer who cares deeply about a wide range of issues,” she stated.

While accepting his award, Letterman praised Kimmel for his recent liberal activism, gushing he was “the man that got more done in Congress this year than anybody else.” He ended the night by quoting Mark Twain and taking a stand against the current administration, saying, “Patriotism is supporting your country all the time and your government when it deserves it.”