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In the wake of the sexual harassment scandals of the week, it’s easy to make sweeping statements. But should the media be allowed a free pass to say what they want?


If one is a washed up celebrity with no hope for furthering an acting career, there is only one option for redemption available: Self-promotion, with a wildly healthy dose of hatred for conservatives. But that hatred can now count as a philosophy. 


In the world of music, it’s the year of hip-hop, rap and Bernie Sanders -- at least according to the Grammy nominations. Nominations for the 60th annual Grammy Awards were released on November 28. Among the pop stars and rappers, the Recording Academy nominated  Vermont senator and 2016 presidential candidate Bernie Sanders. No, Sanders didn’t drop a rap album about socialism, but he did release an audio book of “Our Revolution: A Future to Believe In,” with liberal actor Mark Ruffalo (best known for playing the Hulk).


The media love to push sexuality onto audiences, using entertainment to make it seem attractive. But what if those in entertainment don’t want to play into a progressive narrative?

How did the NFL kneeling protests become the hip, edgy thing to do in entertainment?

It seems to be the way most award show hosts want to kick things off, just to keep things stale and old. At the Soul Train Awards, on November 26, host Erykah Badu decided to ignore the usual musical intro number and instead simply took a knee on the stage, “for Kaep,” she told the audience.


Why do people who identify as feminist betray themselves when men aligned with them are accused of the worst?

The women of Saturday Night Live released a statement “Offer[ing] Solidarity in Support of Al Franken.” In their statement, assistants, writers, photographers, and cast members stated that they “are moved to quickly and directly affirm that after years of working with him, we would like to acknowledge that not one of us ever experienced any inappropriate behavior; and mention our sincere appreciation that he treated each of us with the utmost respect and regard.”

Some people really like adhering to the letter of the law, even if that law is actually an imaginary law with no actual legal grounding. TheCollegeFix reported that two students who hosted a radio show, “Deplorable Radio,” have been threatened with cancellation after saying the word “tranny” on the air.


It’s that time of year again; one can smell the pumpkin pies, the turkeys, and the celebrities signaling their virtue at the expense of American traditions.


Meathead has returned again (does he ever really go away?) to tell the people all about President Trump.

As part of his major interview tour to raise publicity for his new film, LBJ, director Rob Reiner made an appearance on November 14 on The Jim Jefferies Show on Comedy Central to add two more cents to his stance on Trump, All in the Family, and sex harassment scandals. As if people needed to know more than what he’s already said.

Can a news outlet claim to be fair and unbiased if it partners with a lefty feminist site? Short answer: no. CBS This Morning announced on Nov. 14 that it is “partnering” with Refinery29 for a new series for millennials, “M[Y] Generation.” In a segment on Nov.15, co-founder and executive creative director of Refinery29, Piera Gelardi, told the CBS roundtable that “Refinery29 is a platform that’s really meant to celebrate and empower all women.” But the published history of Refinery29 articles indicates otherwise.

“The media are trying to craft a narrative so it makes Trump look bad,” according to MRC Vice President of Business and Culture Dan Gainor. He spoke to Fox Business anchor Trish Regan on The Intelligence Report Nov. 14, about a recent exposé published by The Atlantic accusing Donald Trump Jr. of corresponding with Wikileaks a total of three times.


In the end, the only rational response to self-righteous political correctness may a simple, declarative: “Oh, get over yourself.” Is there any other way to answer Avi Selk’s Washington Post article titled: “Roy Moore says he’s a ‘witch hunt’ victim. Tell that to thousands of women killed in real ones.”


Timing is not George Takei’s strength, apparently.

When a model accused the Star Trek actor of groping him in 1981, Takei denied  the allegations.. Less than a week later, on Tuesday, he focused his attention on lobbying for transgender bathroom rights instead, wearing a T-shirt with the statement: “You can pee next to me.” On social media, he posted an image of him wearing the shirt for Transgender Awareness Week.


Award shows have now become recruiting grounds for liberals. At the Glamour Women of the Year Awards, on November 13, people like Rep. Maxine Waters (D-California) and Samantha Bee got to tell the “hundreds of high school girls” in the audience just how they felt about Trump and his administration. Waters tried to tell the audience to “join progressive organizations” and ended her awards acceptance speech with an attempt to start an “Impeach him” chant.


Mr. Sulu’s brain seems to have gone warp speed -- with an emphasis on warp. After a bombshell report from Scott R. Bruton accusing Star Trek’s George Takei of groping him thirty years ago was released on November 11, Takei said these allegations were fake. He tweeted that “The events [Bruton] describes back in the 1980s simply did not occur, and I do not know why he has claimed them now.”

Hollywood is full of insane political conspiracy theories running wild. While President Trump visited Asia, Jim Carrey used the visit as a jumping point to air his ideas on Twitter. Sharing a photoshopped image of Russian president Vladimir Putin holding a miniature version of Trump, Carrey tweeted: “1968 they backed the enemy. 2016 they put their stooge in the WH. Benedict Trump and his Russian pimp in Vietnam on Veterans Day. #ohsaywhenwillyousee.”


Celebrities who don’t understand the meaning of political debates should stop alienating their audiences and keep to themselves. While the majority of country singers practice this, two of the biggest country stars have decided to throw caution to the wind when it comes to the gun control debate. Faith Hill and Tim McGraw announced in an interview with Billboard: “They both support gun control.”

At first blush, it would seem like politically alienating half the potential audience for your new movie is box-office madness. But when you think about it, a liberal actress talking to a left-wing host on a taxpayer-financed liberal network more or less founded by the liberal president who is the subject of your movie doesn’t have much to fear. The chances of a conservative watching Tavis Smiley are pretty much nil.


The media has always given President Trump too much negative coverage. Now one journalist is ready to admit: it’s been profitable for them.


In this day and age you don’t actually have to win anything to be considered a winner. People who self-identify as winners can get just as much praise without having to work too hard.