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Corinne Weaver works as a senior analyst for the Media Research Center. As the Joe and Betty Anderlik Fellow, her coverage on tech censorship, media bias, and pro-life issues have been cited by many in the conservative movement. Corinne’s work has been featured in Fox News, the Guardian, LifeSiteNews, and the Federalist. Before her current position, Corinne graduated from Christendom College with bachelor’s degrees in English and History.


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Instagram is testing the same model of censorship as its sister company, Facebook. Poynter, the liberal, Soros-funded fact-checking institute that verifies all fact-checking organizations for Facebook, announced May 6 that Instagram was testing shadowbanning all “disinformation” on its platform.

There are parody accounts and satire accounts on Twitter for almost every politician, red or blue. But not for Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY). Twitter removed a parody account (that clearly stated multiple times on the account page that it was a parody) for “creating fake and misleading accounts.” The account owner, Michael Morrison, was also “permanently suspended.”

Twitter supposedly allows parody and satire accounts on its platform. But those privileges seem to only apply to accounts mocking the GOP. An account that parodied Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) was suspended on May 6.


CNN is ready to push Big Tech into banning President Donald Trump -- as a “dangerous” person. Facebook and Instagram banned six individuals and all links to conspiracy website InfoWars as “dangerous” last week.

Facebook has a way of labelling and categorizing ideologies and individuals that it has banned. But how does it view other groups it hasn’t banished? On May 2, Facebook banned Minister Louis Farrakhan of the Nation of Islam, Infowars’ Alex Jones and Paul Joseph Watson, Laura Loomer, and a handful of others. These individuals and any links promoting them were banned from Facebook and Facebook’s sister company, Instagram.

After slamming at least 29 conservative outlets and websites as “unreliable,” it appears Poynter was unprepared for the negative response it caused — for publishing something incredibly unreliable. When the Washington Examiner reacted to the Poynter blacklist, which included 515 websites and at least 29 conservative sites, Poynter took the Examiner off the list. Later, on May 2, it removed a paragraph that encouraged advertisers to blacklist these websites. But after even more backlash from the conservative sites targeted, Poynter editor Barbara Allen removed the whole hit job, replacing it with a letter of apology.

Social media has been consistently banning people based on liberal complaints. But when it bans someone championed by liberal Hollywood and the Democrats, suddenly everyone becomes a free-speech advocate.

Tech execs and influencers do not want to see conservative opinions on their platforms. In an interview with Mother Jones, former Reddit CEO Ellen Pao slammed the existence of subreddits like The_Donald.

The attack on the conservative internet has reached a new low. Poynter, the journalism institute responsible for training writers and reporters, decided to promote a left-wing smear of conservative groups online. The result was a hit job written by someone who works for the anti-conservative Southern Poverty Law Center for a journalism organization funded by prominent liberal billionaires such as George Soros and Pierre Omidyar.


Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey’s many interviews in the past few months left the media wondering: where does he get his information? In an interview with podcaster Sam Harris, Dorsey dropped that he knew that journalists who leaned left were less likely to follow right-leaning journalists than right-leaning journalists were to follow left-leaning journalists.


Facebook seems to struggle with the concept of transparency, especially when it comes to how it goes about banning and censoring content. The mystery was somewhat illuminated when a journalist from the The Telegraph (U.K.)was allowed to sit in on a meeting of Facebook content moderators.

Twitter is so mired in liberal propaganda that it views opposition ideology as the equivalent of white supremacy. In an report by Vice’s Motherboard,  a Twitter executive told an employee in a meeting that Twitter could not ban white supremacists in the same way as it bans ISIS terrorists.

Ideological bias runs rampant in the search to regulate the internet. In the U.K., on the heels of the Home Secretary’s new proposals for regulating the internet, the Oxford Internet Institute announced a new commission to “safeguard democracy” from “misinformation, ‘fake news,’ and micro-targeting.” Last year, "junk news" sites included us -- NewsBusters, and MRCTV. 

Apparently it’s easier to just pay fines than it is to make active changes to a site’s privacy policies — when your Big Tech company is big enough. In the last quarter, Facebook pulled in more than $15 billion in revenue, and reported that it would set aside $5 billion for any fines “as and when necessary.”

Google has gone out of its way to attack conservatives. Americas PAC, a pro-life,conservative political action committee run by Tom Donelson, has fallen afoul of Google’s ad policies for creating and running pro-life ads. Americas PAC was permanently banned from advertising by Google on April 5.


Facebook is subtly trying to discredit conservative media as “conspiracy theories” and it’s using Wikipedia to do it. The company’s latest policy update, “Expanding Our Fact-Checking Program,” included new details on how the platform planned to combat “misinformation.”

After a meeting with President Trump on April 23, Twitter rolled out some stronger policy changes. Twitter is ready to prevent misinformation on its platform, says Twitter Safety’s new blog post. Twitter is ready to prevent misinformation on its platform, says Twitter Safety’s new blog post. The article stated that “Any attempts to undermine the process of registering to vote or engaging in the electoral process is contrary to our company’s core values.” The company created a new reporting feature that would allow users to report content more efficiently. It plans on testing it on the Indian election and the EU elections this year.

The liberal narrative is that President Donald Trump cannot accomplish anything in office. So when Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey met with Trump April 23, the general consensus from the media and various tech officials was that “we are even more fucked then we were the day before,” in the words of journalist James Kosur.

Election manipulation is something the media have typically associated with Russians. But one liberal billionaire funnelled 56 times more money into manipulating content to win elections than the Russians.

Social media platforms have pledged to rid their sites of “hate” and “terrorism.” But after the horrific bombing in Sri Lanka that killed nearly 300 Christians on Easter, they have remained strangely silent.