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Celebrities love being affirmed and validated. So while Hollywood is being rocked with its own sex abuse scandals around its brightest stars, plenty of has-beens are celebrating Manafort’s indictment. All of Hillary’s biggest celebrity supporters, acting as circling sharks since November 9, 2016, spent October 30 on Twitter wildly celebrating the indictment of a former campaign manager for President Donald Trump. Singer Cher stated today: “WHY DO ALL “TRUMP” ROADS LEAD TO RUSSIA.”


What’s a more important story: an actor most people suspected to be gay coming out and confirming it, or an accusation of pedophilic harassment aimed at the same actor? In the aftermath of Harvey Weinstein allegations, several male figures in Hollywood have been accused of being sexual predators. Actor Anthony Rapp, in an interview with BuzzFeed on October 29, accused actor Kevin Spacey of making sexual advances on Rapp when he was 14 and Spacey was 26.

Some people are living in ultimate liberal denial: there’s no way their beloved Hillary could be mixed up in a Russian scandal.

The news reported on by the Hill last week, that Russian nuclear officials sent millions of dollars to the Clinton Foundation during the Obama administration, has finally reached some outskirts of liberal Hollywood. Actress Patricia Arquette (Medium) tweeted on October 27 her belief that Clinton was in no way involved with Russia.


Hollywood is one of the greatest cesspools of hypocrisy in America. So of course, hypocrites gonna …, well, you know.

On October 25, Jane Fonda and Gloria Steinem were guests on All In With Chris Hayes on MSNBC to discuss sexual predator Harvey Weinstein, as well as their own foundation, the Women’s Media Center. But the two geriatric feminists couldn’t resist enforcing the race narrative and slamming conservatives and President Donald Trump in the same breath.


When you play the national anthem just to protest it, you must be woke.

So Stevie Wonder gets points for doing both. At a concert, the singer both sang the national anthem and got down on both knees to make a political statement, according to the Daily Caller. “Let’s all be free,” he told the audience.


Someone is still suffering from snowflake syndrome, so it seems. In an interview with W magazine, Rosie O’Donnell couldn’t keep Trump out of the discussion, focusing on politics and how she feels about the administration. News flash: she thinks America won’t last. O’Donnell stated: “I seriously worry whether I personally will be able to live through [his presidency] and whether the nation will be able to live through it and survive.”

When Meathead isn’t pushing Russian conspiracy theories on news networks, he spends his free time … complaining about Donald Trump.

So in an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, the actor, director, and liberal megaphone tried to link his latest film, LBJ, to his feelings on Trump and conservatives. When Ashley Lee asked him if he would ever direct a Trump movie, Reiner responded, “No, I don’t think I would be interested in that. I just want him to go away. This is a satire that you can’t make it up. It’s like you don’t have to change anything.”


Some people express their controversial support for others in bizarre ways.

Girls’ Lena Dunham was apparently thrilled to discover that ESPN’s Jemele Hill was following her on Twitter, and announced to her followers: “Holy shit @jemelehill following me is like finding out definitively that God is here and she reads your blog. Fan dance.”


The left enjoys discord on the right -- Never Trumpers vs. MAGAs, congress vs. the president, etc. But grab some popcorn and have a quick look at how things are playing out on the liberal side.


Harry Belafonte once called Colin Powell and Condoleeza Rice house slaves and called for Obama’s opponents to be jailed. So if October 20th really was the singer and activist’s “last public appearance,” our national discourse should be getting a whole lot healthier.

There is no such thing as culture or greatness in modern society. It’s all based on wealth and power. The New York Times Style magazine, T, released it’s list of “The Greats” on October 22. While it makes sense to list lyricist Stephen Sondheim and other artists and novelists, at least in some way, there seemed to be no rhyme or reason for honoring rapper Nicki Minaj in the same list.

Who better to tell America how to deal with racism than a white, highly paid, Hollywood actor?


Most people tend to stop and think a bit before making an overstatement.

But not Tom Hanks. At the National Archives Foundation Gala this weekend, he told his audience that Trump’s call to Sgt. La David Johnson’s widow was “one of the biggest cock-ups on the planet earth.” Ironically, Hanks’ previous statements were about history and its importance. Would Hanks rank Trump’s statements with the Holocaust or with Russian dictator Stalin’s steady elimination of 17 million people?


Another one bites the dust in corrupt old Hollywood. This time, director James Toback is getting his comeuppance.


Awards are no longer recognition for the work of an artist. They are an excuse to give celebrities a pulpit to preach from about how the peasants should live.


There’s no such thing as a participation trophy for the left. So they have to make something up. The Women’s Media Center (WMC), founded by lefties Gloria Steinem and Jane Fonda, created an award this year for the sole purpose of having something to give to Hillary Clinton: the Wonder Woman Award

While the media covered up the breaking news put out by The Hill that the FBI discovered Russia’s alleged monetary involvement with the Clinton Foundation in an uranium deal with the Obama administration, libs and journalists on Twitter are trying to find a way to spin the story in their direction.


It’s rare to find a conservative in Hollywood. It’s even more rare to find one that isn’t completely shunned for their beliefs.


To the liberal media, talking to conservatives is like speaking a foreign language. Even they admit it. Never fear, Newsweek has the solution to the liberal media’s issues with the NRA: Get Taylor Swift to talk to conservatives. Emily Gaudette wrote on October 18, “If Everytown [anti-gun non-profit organization] wants to force difficult conservations among those who oppose gun laws, they need to recruit the celebrities those people love: Taylor Swift, Keith Urban, and Sam Hunt.”


The media is quick to forget scandals about their favorites. They ignored Harvey Weinstein for decades, even after his accusers went to the police. And now they are downplaying former talk show host David Letterman’s sex scandal as he’s up for a big award.