An innocent game of good guy, bad guy between a young boy and a babysitter took a potentially deadly turn in the January 30 episode of ABC’s Station 19 titled “Indoor Fireworks”. The episode ended with a Public Service Announcement (PSA) on behalf of an activist group known for promoting gun-grabbing legislation in Washington, D.C.

ABC’s How to Get Away with Murder has already so far shown to have anti-police tendencies, including when it comes to black police officers. In November 8’s episode, “I Got Played,” the Shondaland Production raised the stakes, not only against police officers, but white people and the country overall.

You may have noticed celebrities doing videos to get out the vote again this year. Actress/Director Jodie Foster stars in one produced by gun-grabbing liberal billionaire Michael Bloomberg, along with lots of Hollywood women, including Grey’s Anatomy’s star, Ellen Pompeo. This is not surprising, given all the celebrities hoping Democrats will take the majority in Congress in the midterm elections.

On Tuesday night, the writers of New Amsterdam rolled out an old liberal agenda and confirmed our suspicions that they are desperately lacking in creativity. There's no doubt the hit drama is aiming to be the Grey’s Anatomy of NBC. Not only are the writers looking to get in on the medical drama scene so many Grey’s fans love, it looks like they’re also aiming to be as liberal as show creator Shonda Rhimes, with a whole episode pushing the Black Lives Matter agenda.

Although Hollywood’s political donors’ demographics and strategies are shifting, their direction — left — certainly isn’t. The Hollywood Reporter published an in-depth look at how liberal Hollywood’s “GOP loathing” has them more involved than ever this year, even as the makeup of Tinseltown’s political givers shifts from a cadre of liberal, old, white men, to a younger and more racial diverse crowd of liberals. One source told THR this year’s Hollywood spending will “blow away” previous midterms.

The left has taken over yet another entertainment medium and made it their own.

After seven seasons, ABC’s Scandal has finally aired its last episode. Over the course of 124 episodes, the Shonda Rhimes-produced series has pretty much covered every aspect of the liberal agenda. However, as the finale proves, there’s always time to squeeze in a little more, especially when it comes to knocking white male privilege and promoting gun control. I guess it’s better to go out with an insufferable bang than with an annoying whimper.

Man, ABC’s Scandal really does not like guns, or "semiautomatic killing machines," as they're called. It also really does not understand guns, gun owners or the Republican Party, but none of that is really news at this point. The latest episode just reinforces that fact with this one critique of the "most progressive Republican" in the White House: The woman just loves her guns too much.

In the March 20 episode of ABC’s Blackish, titled “Things Were Different Then,” things weren't so different as cheap shots were thrown out at Republicans, which this is not unusual for this show. This episode even reached back to Ronald Reagan’s days as governor of California to call him a racist who would like to break black men "in half.”

ABC’s For The People is the latest series by outspokenly liberal producer Shonda Rhimes, the same woman behind ABC Thursday night powerhouses Grey's Anatomy, Scandal and How To Get Away With Murder. Because apparently we didn't have enough diverse, attractive people spewing liberal speech in our faces in settings like hospitals, D.C. and law schools, we now have this show to insert Rhimes’s moral platitudes into the mouths of lawyers arguing before the federal court. First case up, racial profiling.

What did I just watch? I mean, I know I just watched the November 2 episode of Grey's Anatomy, "Come on Down to My Boat, Baby" but, in the larger sense, what did I just watch? It is truly amazing to me that this show is still on the air and, after this episode, I'm convinced that the only ratings it has are the people who watch it out of pure schadenfreude, those who watch it just to see what kind of insanity show creator Shonda Rhimes has in store for us this week. Certainly it's not because anyone needed to be taught this week's lesson- don't carry a loaded gun in your vagina. 

This is war. Hollywood is arming themselves with the written word and preparing to do battle in politics. With the fall television season, Hollywood writers and actors bring a barrage of material aimed at portraying President Trump and his policies in the worst light possible. As of September, there are 16 scripted television shows either already airing or scheduled to air that focus on attacking Trump in their plots.