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Freeform’s comedy grown-ish, a spinoff of ABC’s black-ish, surprisingly poked a little fun at gender identity and queer performance art on Wednesday’s episode, “Body Count,” with one character remarking, “I have no idea what you people are saying,” as his lesbian friend tries to insult him by calling him privileged, cisgendered, and heteronormative.

TBS’s new comedy Miracle Workers sank even lower in its anti-religious bigotry in just its second episode Tuesday night, “13 Days.” The episode features clips of comedian Bill Maher mocking religion and God, as he so often does, which leads God (Steve Buscemi) to pretend it doesn’t hurt His feelings. But He still wants Maher killed. More specifically, He wants to “explode his penis.” You can’t tell at all that this was written by the typically immature, sex-obsessed, faith-bashing leftist Hollywood, can you? /sarcasm. But don't worry, the creator insists the episode carries "more meaning" than just "one big, elaborate dick joke."

If the approximately 5,892,643 other attempts by Hollywood to mock and criticize God, TBS’s new comedy Miracle Workers has just given us one more vehicle that does just that. Though there is no mention of Jesus yet, the Christian/Jewish God of The Bible is definitely the target, according to a Vanity Fair article titled, “How Miracle Workers Turns Heaven into a Corporate Hell.”

CBS’s hit cop drama Blue Bloods does it again! And wow, did they do it powerfully! Friday’s episode, “My Brother’s Keeper,” once again depicted the risks that police officers face on the job and the trauma it can cause them off the job, especially with a liberal press and anti-police sentiment adding to their trauma. This episode is one of the most powerful ones I have ever seen from this show, as it went in-depth into the private pain of a hero in blue who accidentally kills a little girl while in the line of duty. As he becomes consumed with guilt and grief, a bullying leftist media only add to his pain as he spirals downward to the point of suicide.

TV Land’s comedy Teachers took on the issue of gender-neutral bathrooms in Tuesday’s episode, “Sidelined.” There were some funny moments as the show poked fun at how over-the-top and stereotypical its most liberal teacher, Ms. Cecilia Cannon (Caitlin Barlow), can be, but of course, being a typical Hollywood show, the storyline turned out to be pro-gender-neutral bathrooms. Bear in mind that the show takes place at an elementary school, and Ms. Cannon’s class is made up of special-needs students.

ABC’s The Conners, a spinoff from the cancelled show Roseanne, spun a story meant to create sympathy for illegal immigrants in their season finale on Tuesday, “We Continue to Truck,” claiming, “These people are just trying to have a better life.” Never mind how many illegal immigrants have brought in drugs, committed crimes (in addition to being in the country illegally), and added to the numbers of violent attacks by gangs such as MS-13.

Freeform’s spin-off comedy Grown-ish, which originated from ABC's Black-ish and follows the Johnson family’s oldest daughter Zoey (Yara Shahidi) as she explores adult life in college, took a shot at controversial rapper Kanye West and his support for President Trump on Wednesday’s episode, “In My Feelings.”


TV Land’s comedy Teachers decided to compare apples to oranges (actually, guns to bears), and mock gun owners and Second Amendment advocates in Tuesday’s episode, “Thoughts and Bears.”

CBS’s hit police drama Blue Bloods rang in the new year with another excellent episode that tackled anti-police sentiment head-on and this time, they took leftist social justice activists to task for their new tendency to use aggressive public shaming as a protest tactic, as well.

Netflix released season 3 of the self-proclaimed “raunchy” comedy F is for Family on November 30 and after watching all ten episodes, I can honestly say that raunchy is an understatement. Ideally, the show should be titled F is for FBI since its creators should be investigated for their graphic depiction of animated child porn.

At a time when police officers are facing harsh scrutiny in the media, and when border patrol officers are risking their lives while protecting our country and being criticized for defending themselves, it was a nice change of pace to see CBS’s police drama Blue Bloods actually depict a strong, Trump-like defense of officers after they were harassed and bullied while on assignment in a dangerous inner city.

TBS’s comedy The Guestbook decided to take a jab at Christianity, specifically the existence of Jesus, in Tuesday’s episode, “Tonight You Become a Man.”

ABC’s comedy blackish is known for taking on the issue of racism, but Tuesday’s episode was particularly heavy on the topic, celebrating controversial former NFL quarterback Colin Kaepernick as a hero and painting white men as ignorant racists who need to be saved from themselves.

NBC’s comedy Will & Grace played on the revisionist history myth that President Abraham Lincoln was secretly gay (a myth that liberal Hollywood loves to spread) as if it were a proven fact on Thursday’s episode, “Kid ‘n Play.”

We're only one week removed from the midterms and ABC’s The Conners was already looking ahead to the 2020 campaign on Tuesday’s episode, “The Separation of Church and Dan.”

With less than a week until the midterm election, NBC’s Will & Grace saw fit to poke fun at First Lady Melania Trump, insinuating she’s being held prisoner in the basement of the White House and trying to “tunnel her way out with the heel of her Jimmy Choo.” They also had gay character Jack (Sean Hayes) get a dig in at marriage, stating that it’s “just some weird thing straight guys came up with as a way to own a woman,” adding, “we got gay marriage, but let’s make marriage gay!”

ABC’s new Roseanne spinoff comedy, The Conners, tackled the controversial topic of banning certain Halloween costumes that fall under the category of so-called “cultural appropriation” but acknowledged that cultural appropriation can actually be “cultural appreciation.”

NBC’s Will and Grace took on the issue of illegal immigration and the border wall on Thursday’s episode, “Tex and the City,” as well as painted Texas as a “homophobic” state that beats up gay kids “for sport.” A jailed illegal immigrant is also advised to “do what other immigrants do to try to get in legally, like…be white, or look white, or...marry the president.”

In a rare move for a network sitcom, ABC’s new comedy Single Parents poked fun at feminists and the Women’s March in Wednesday’s episode, “A Leash is Not a Guinea Pig.” The show focuses on a group of single parents whose kids are all in the same class as the parents lean on each other for support through the challenges of raising their children.

Well, can’t say we didn’t see this coming. After a season filled with anti-conservative politics in almost every episode, the season finale of HBO’s dramedy Ballers Sunday night, “There’s No Place Like Home, Baby,” went out with a liberal bang. This time, the infamous Mr. Liberal T-Shirt character TTD (Carl McDowell) wore a “Make My President Black Again” hat, Sarah Huckabee was called a liar, as was President Trump, who was also called a “moron” who “bullshitted his way into the Oval Office by doing nothing more than lying and doubling down.”