Far-Left Wacko Alec Baldwin: Trump Might Use Military to Stop Election

July 21st, 2020 9:00 AM

Long-time Trump hater Alec Baldwin came up with his zaniest conspiracy theory yet on Friday, when the actor accused the President of planning to use the nation’s military to “stop the election” in November if he fails to win a second term in the White House. Baldwin made the ridiculous claim while referring to the situation in Portland, Oregon, where unidentified federal agents have been…

Lefty Celeb Baldwin Promotes Mail-in Voting Ahead of 2020 Election

June 23rd, 2020 12:37 PM

Dems are continuing to double down on this absurd mail-in voting scheme for the November presidential elections. Recently they enlisted the help of big Hollywood actor Alec Baldwin to tell you, the true American, to reject Trump’s claims that voting by mail will allow for massive voter fraud. Remember, citizens, “Mail-in voting is patriotic.”


Baldwin: Trump Only Cares He and ‘Republican Contributors’ ‘Don’t Die’

March 27th, 2020 8:31 AM
President Trump isn’t worried about the Chinese coronavirus as long as he and his wealthy Republican donors “don’t die,” thinks Hollywood lefty Alec Baldwin. He said as much to radio shock jock Howard Stern while doing his Saturday Night Live impression of Trump.

Alec Baldwin: Trump Voters Caused ‘Colossal Destruction’ of US

January 13th, 2020 5:18 PM
Paparazzo-beating actor Alec Baldwin had the nerve to accuse President Donald Trump and his supporters of causing the “moral collapse” of America on Monday, January 13. The 61-year-old actor, known for his Donald Trump impersonation on NBC sketch series Saturday Night Live, dropped the satire for a more direct and aggressive condemnation of the Hollywood-hated president and his…

Claim: SNL Hired Comic Who Made Racist Remarks to Appeal to the Right

September 20th, 2019 10:24 AM
It’s no surprise that people in the “mainstream media” in news and entertainment are tilted so far to the left that they very likely could not be much more liberal. Nevertheless, in a ridiculous effort to bring more conservative viewers to NBC’s Saturday Night Live program, producer Lorne Michaels saw his clumsy strategy blow up in his face after it was discovered newly…

Alec Baldwin Horrified Trump 'Fooled All These Flyover Americans'

May 1st, 2019 5:35 PM
On Monday night's Amanpour & Co. on PBS, former Time Managing Editor Walter Isaacson interviewed Alec Baldwin about, among other things, his Donald Trump impression on Saturday Night Live. Baldwin admitted he didn't understand Trump, and that his impression is a "caricature....we're doing like an essence of Trump. His corrupt, amoral, Machiavellian nature is at the fore.…

Alec Baldwin Contemplates Ending ‘Mediocre’ SNL Trump Impression

April 4th, 2019 4:45 PM
Good for literally every sound-minded person on the planet: Alec Baldwin says he’s going to start winding down his terrible impression of Donald Trump. Sitting down with Jimmy Fallon on The Tonight Show, Baldwin intimated that he might be starting to grow tired of the role, and that it’s the SNL producers who “keep pulling me back in.” Sad!

Baldwin Dismisses Trump’s SNL Criticism, Laments Recent ‘Dark History’

April 1st, 2019 11:36 AM
Appearing on Monday’s Today show to promote a new movie, Alec Baldwin dismissed President Trump’s criticism of how the actor portrays him on Saturday Night Live. Baldwin claimed that he “can’t care” what Trump thinks and lamented the “dark history” that has supposedly occurred since the President took office.

Get This: Even Dems Admit Beloved Late-Night Comedy Hosts Are Lefties

March 19th, 2019 10:59 PM
Given the ongoing anti-Trump onslaught in late-night television, it should come as no surprise that Republicans and Democrats have very different perspectives on how political content is used in those  “comedy” shows, whether they’re on the mainstream networks or cable TV. According to a recent survey, 54 percent of Democrats said they watch late-night talk shows, compared…

They Knew (Again): Media Hid Alec Baldwin’s Hate

November 10th, 2018 1:30 PM
Conservative street artist Sabo struck a nerve earlier this year when he plastered the words, “We All Knew” across Hollywood. Sabo’s message? Entertainment insiders clearly knew something about mega producer Harvey Weinstein’s alleged reign of sexual abuse terror. How could so many women come forward about abuse accusations without someone in Savethe industry hearing about…

Cecile Richards on ABC: Planned Parenthood 'More Popular Than Ever'

November 5th, 2018 1:08 AM
Fortunately for any conservatives tuning into The Alec Baldwin Show on ABC, the interview time with Planned Parenthood’s former president Cecile Richards was quite short, especially compared to the other guest, comedian, and actor, Mike Myers. The Richards interview only lasted about ten minutes of the hour-long show.

De Niro on New Alec Baldwin Show on ABC: 'I'm So Offended' By Trump

October 15th, 2018 1:08 AM
The Alec Baldwin Show premiered on ABC Sunday night and it went about as I expected. The first guest on the talk show was the actor/liberal political activist, Robert De Niro. About half-way through the interview, Baldwin and De Niro launched into an attack on President Trump and Republicans in general, too.

Comedian on Seinfeld Show: 'Nothing Liberal About Shutting Someone Up'

July 10th, 2018 7:00 AM
One might expect Jerry Seinfeld's latest edition of Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee, "2018: Freshly Brewed," on Netflix to get political, since comedians just can't seem to help themselves right now in jumping on the Trump bashing train, so I was pleasantly surprised to find the focus on funny instead of on politics. In fact, when guests tried to get political,…

First Oprah, Now Baldwin: Hollywood’s Presidential Ambitions

June 12th, 2018 2:37 PM
Much of the damage people on both left and right feared President Donald Trump would do hasn’t come to pass. But he may leave us something infinitely worse than high taxes or bruised international feelings: President Baldwin..