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Scott Whitlock is the associate editor for the Media Research Center's website. Previously, he was a contributing editor and the MRC's senior news analyst.  Scott's work has been published in The Washington Times, National Review and other outlets. He has been cited in publications such as The Washington Post, Red State, to name a few. Scott's articles have also repeatedly been linked to on the Drudge Report.   

Scott is a graduate of George Mason University and grew up in Northern Virginia. He can be contacted at You can also follow Scott on Twitter.

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Sketchy, unreliable, and downright fake news predates the 2016 presidential election. And now, one of the most infamous examples is fully exposed in a Fox Nation documentary. Black Eye: Dan Rather and the Birth of Fake News is a 93 minute investigation of the former CBS News host and his 2004 quest to take down George W. Bush with fake documents relating to the Republican’s National Guard service during the Vietnam War. 

MSNBC’s Hallie Jackson and Ali Velshi on Thursday fulminated over Donald Trump’s move to stop Nancy Pelosi from going on her international trip, deriding it as a “sophomoric” “power play.” After insisting how common these congressional delegations visits are, Jackson complained, “What is unusual is what appears to be this tit for tat.” 

The journalists at PBS and CNN are very forgiving when it comes to accusations of bigotry and hate. Well, as long as you’re a Democrat. A tweet of now-Congresswoman Ilhan Omar has resurfaced in which she calls Israel “evil” and says the nation has “hypnotized the world.” Yet, PBS journalist Christiane Amanpour asked the Democrat to simply “put that in context.” CNN wondered “what your message” is to explain away the statements. This is not the kind of media coverage Congressman Steve King received for his disturbing remarks. 

You wouldn’t know it from the so-called mainstream media, but the far-left Women’s March on Washington is “steeped in controversy” and even the Democratic National Committee has withdrawn its support. After all three networks skipped it Tuesday night, ABC’s Good Morning America on Wednesday actually covered the “cloud of controversy” regarding the march’s connection to anti-Semitism. 

Liberal CBS host Stephen Colbert is quickly becoming the home of choice for 2020 Democrats announcing they are running for president. On Tuesday’s Late Show, Colbert went so far as to hold hands with Senator Kirsten Gillibrand as he excitedly wondered, “So I'm just curious, do you have anything you would like to announce?” There were no tough questions. Quite a contrast to when the host grilled actor Kevin Hart last week about years-old politically incorrect comments, telling the comic star “It’s my show, I’ll do whatever the f**k I want.” 

When new Democratic Representative Rashida Tlaib ranted that Congress needs to “impeach the motherf***er” Trump, all three networks covered it. But when the Michigan representative was seen posing and meeting with a pro-Hezbollah activist who thinks Israel has no right to exist, ABC, CBS and NBC were silent. As reported by the Washington Examiner’s Philip Klein, Tlaib appeared with Abbas Hamideh who tweeted, “I was honored to be at Congresswoman @RashidaTlaib swearing in ceremony in #Detroit and private dinner afterward with the entire family, friends and activists across the country. #Palestine.” 

ABC is still obsessed with potential boycotts at the Super Bowl and the treatment of Colin Kaepernick. The day after the NFL officially announced that Maroon 5 and others would be performing, Good Morning America offered a full report, hyping opposition by the liberal actress Amy Schumer. In contrast, CBS allowed just 30 seconds on the topic and NBC focused simply on this past weekend’s results. 

Here at the Media Research Center’s NewsBusters, we have hundreds of thousands of hours of liberal media bias in our archives, going all the way back to 1987. We don’t just talk about spin and fake news, we show it to you. In our new series The NewsBusters Time Machine, you can watch the worst of the worst. It wasn’t just the age of Trump that journalists have been calling Republicans racist. Back on January 6, 2012, former CNN correspondent Bob Franken was discussing the GOP presidential field. He sneered, “These seem to be appeals to the extreme white wing of the Republican Party. That is to say that there continues to be among many conservatives a real resentment against blacks.” 

Liberal Late Show host Stephen Colbert has no problem trashing conservatives and Republicans in the nastiest manner. But when hard-left Democratic Senator Kamala Harris appeared on his show, Thursday, he turned into an excited fan boy. Discussing the California politician’s new book, Colbert gushed, “What makes you happy? Where does your hope come from?” 

Committed liberal Donny Deutsch took to the Morning Joe airwaves on Thursday to warn his colleagues that Donald Trump is “winning” the government shutdown. Though no fan of the strategy, Deutsch grew frustrated at his fellow co-hosts, yelling, “He's winning here! You have to understand he's going to open the government. He's going to declare an emergency. He’s going to say, ‘The Democrats closed it.’ He's going to put the Democrats into court.” 

Who are you and what have you done with Andrea Mitchell? The usually reliably liberal MSNBC host on Wednesday pushed Senator Tim Kaine to compromise with Republicans and the President on the wall. She also indicated that liberals may simply want to deny Donald Trump a win. 

MSNBC’s angry coverage on Tuesday night of Donald Trump’s address to the nation included calling it a “scam” speech that focused on “immigrant crime stuff.” Steve Schmidt continued this trend, telling Lawrence O’Donnell that the “clown” President is a good argument “against the theory of evolution.” 

MSNBC journalists immediately derided Donald Trump’s address to the nation about the government shutdown as a “scam” speech and dismissed real-world examples of crime by illegals as “immigrant crime stuff.” Live coverage host Rachel Maddow scoffed, “The President's speech was a scare stories of immigrants being terrible criminals who are coming into the United States to rape and murder Americans, especially in the President telling, for pleasure because it's in their nature.” 

Previewing Donald Trump’s address to the nation on the government shutdown, MSNBC’s Chris Matthews on Tuesday night repeatedly and obsessively blamed the border battle on Rush Limbaugh, who the Hardball host derided as gutless. Matthews or his guests mentioned Limbaugh by name ten times in just one hour. 

Gayle King just came right out and said it. The CBS This Morning co-host on Tuesday said she views the Democratic response to Donald Trump’s nationwide speech as a “fact check” of the President. King, a Democratic donor who is best friends with possible 2020 presidential contender Oprah Winfrey, responded to John Dickerson discounting claims by Mike Pence. 

CBS This Morning co-host Gayle King put on her “big smile” to announce the network’s new president. She praised incoming “bad ass” Susan Zirinsky as someone who will “right the ship” that is “taking on water.” Why would CBS be taking on water? Could it be the sexual abuse and harassment allegations against ex-network chairman Les Moonves? Against former co-host Charlie Rose? Against ex-60 Minutes producer Jeff Fager? King didn’t say. 

Can’t New Years Eve be free from liberal swooning? No. No, it can’t. On NBC’s A Toast to 2018!, celebrities AND network journalists fawned over far-left Supreme Court justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg. As the last hours of 2018 ticked away, Dateline NBC reporter Andrea Canning gushed over the documentary and feature film on Ginsburg: “I mean, she's 85 years old and everyone's talking about her!” 

Here at the Media Research Center’s NewsBusters, we have hundreds of thousands of hours of liberal newscasts in the vault here at MRC headquarters. In a new series the NewsBusters Time Machine we’re going to pull out some of that bias and show how yesterday’s liberal spin connects with the bias of today. Nancy Pelosi is Speaker of the House... again. The New York Times hailed the returning Democrat as an “icon.” CNN ridiculously cheered the “non-partisan” “girl power” of the Speaker. But none of this is new. On January 4, 2007, CNN gushed over the first Speaker Pelosi. CNN journalist Dana Bash could hardly contain herself as she hyped: “A moment to savor.” 

CBS This Morning on Friday offered a platform to radical socialist Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, deeming the new Congresswoman’s extreme views as “interesting.” The network, which will showcase the socialist in a 60 Minutes segment on Sunday, previewed it by allowing Ocasio-Cortez to compare herself to Abraham Lincoln and Franklin D. Roosevelt. There was no objection to this. 

Since the shutdown started, the general media tone has been something like this: Unreasonable Republicans are “digging in” as Democrats try and find a solution. But CBS This Morning did something different on Thursday. Reporter Tony Dokoupil actually went back into the past and found that high profile Democrats, including Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama, supported placing big barriers on the southern border back in 2006.